Friday, 22 March 2013


I'm not one to moan about the weather ......... I really do love all of the seasons but, somehow, Spring seems to be leaving it a little bit late this year to say the least !!!!!

Have there been any signs of birds nesting yet ? 

I don't think so .....

" The Spring has sprung,
The grass is rizz,
I wonder where them birdies is ? "
- Pooh Bear !!

Are there any Spring lambs frolicking in the lush green fields ? I haven't seen any !!

 No warm Spring days on the horizon, for driving the roadster with the top down .....

 No Spring outfits have been taken out of the wardrobe .....

At the moment, I have no inclination to venture out into the garden to plant seeds .....

Spring cleaning hasn't even entered my mind .....

..... and drying clothes outside is not an option at the moment !!

If anyone has organised an early Spring wedding, they are going to be disappointed with the weather .....

All that we have been promised is rain, sleet  .....

..... and more snow !!!!!

Here's hoping that warmer days, spring bulbs and country walks are on the horizon.

Keep warm, pour yourselves another cup of coffee and have a listen to the Beach Boys !!

images 1 & 16: via an exquisite waste of time, images 2 & 18: via envers du decor, images 3 & 11: via picture perfect, image 4: via present from me, image 5: via umla, image 6: via crush cul de sac, image 7: via la bonne vie, image 8: via 5.mercedesbenz, image 9: via dianabaabaz, images 10 & 12: via fleaing france, images 13, 14 & 15: via zsa zsa bellagio, image 17: via goodfon



  1. Oh, what a woooooonderful post dear Jackie.....I love every picture!!! Here in Bavaria we have a lot of sun every day, it´s spring (but a little bit cold). But my son told my today, that it is snowing in England.........brrrr.......I hope you will have spring soon!!! Have a lovely weekend,

    Hugs Jade

  2. beautiful, luscious post which mare longing for spring even more intense....

  3. Great images Jackie, I am bracing myself for snow this week-end!! I have the heating up, snuggly socks on and have been hugging a mug of coffee all day!!

    I was mesmerised by the driving clip above, I wanted to yell "mind the trees!!"

    Roll on spring, absolutely.

    Hope you're well XX

  4. I always think of that Pooh Bear poem - when its spring! I love all of your images, and I hope you get your spring soon! We are having some nice weather out here, come on out! xxoo

  5. Hi Jackie,
    Love all of your images, and agree with all of your words!
    I believe we have another bit of winter on its way this weekend - enough already!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  6. Well if delaying spring means I can see you put together such a beautiful post about it being elusive then so be it Jackie! How did you know how much I love those Beach Boys???
    I am looking out my window right this minute as I type this and nothing but snow coming down where the garden should be :)but I know it HAS to be getting closer.
    big hugs from me...

  7. Loved to see all the beautiful images you chose to show us while your waiting for spring.You were spoilt this time last year, having had really good weather. Our spring is teasing us this year, last week I thought it was here to stay then we had a flurry of snow and cold winds with rain but today was glorious sunshine 18 deg C.and the birds have taken possession of my vacant-bird-house-to-let. and are nesting in it. But it seems the warm spell isn't here to last, the forecast is temp. dropping again. So it will be arriving for you soon. Thank you for a lovely post.

  8. Oh I'm with you Jackie. I've so had enough of it.
    But your wonderful images still made me smile... maybe in April?

  9. Oh Jackie ~ I love this and I love the Beach Boys too!! We had a little tease of spring then it was snatched away just as quickly ~ I did not even have time to give myself a pedicure! Honestly we do not even look for real spring weather until April but it is so nice to dream that it may arrive when the calendar says it is here. Happy weekend my friend. xo

  10. Hermosa entrada, preciosas todas las imágenes! Por aquí ya ha comenzado el otoño y el clima ya es más fresco. Que disfrutes pronto de los días de primavera!
    Abrazos desde Argentina y feliz fin de semana.

  11. delightful . . . lacking in springtime . . . YET. . . . postetter . . . you are . . .
    this was delightful . . . . best lamb and birdie photos ever . . .

  12. Love this post, Jackie! I can wait for spring a bit more if you keep sending out messages like this! We are so cold here in the Midwest, not much snow, but cold, cold, cold! And my daughter is getting married in May, keep your fingers crossed for lush fields and baby lambs!


  13. Hi Jackie, thank you for your kind words.

  14. Lovely images. Love the Pooh. Can you believe my hubs has never read Winnie the Pooh? I am going to fix that. Back to the weather which is psycho here-I mowed grass in short sleeves Wednesday and today am huddled over a fire and it is cold and pouring rain. Tomorrow thunderstorms and perhaps tornadoes are predicted and my kiddo will be driving in that mess. Stay warm dear Jacqueline. xo, Olive

  15. Ha I always travel with my feet up like that in hot weather... I must just say only when I am a passenger though lol ha ha . Are you buried under the white stuff too....flip its cold...but your lovely pictures have made me smile xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  16. I am transported back to being a teenager again everytime I hear this song; one of my all time favourites. Great collection of pictures, as always.

  17. Have a nice weekend darling !!! we have no spring is verry cold !!! sad.....enjoy sunday Pooh bear !!!

  18. nice's windy here in New Mexico but we have clear blue skies with a slight chill in the air. you won't catch me doing any spring cleaning just yet....have a great weekend.

  19. yeah it's really not on is that knitted thing in the first definately feeling the urge to go find some sun somewhere in fact we should all go.....last one out turn off the light!!

  20. Oh, how I would love to find that blue teacup with the little would make this long, drawn-out winter almost seem bearable!

  21. Hi Jackie, your posts always managed to cheer me up, even when they are about the bad weather!!!!! Here's to sun, blue skies, ice-cream and flip flops :-)!!

    Have a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  22. Hi sweet you.
    Such a lovely collage of pictures with a spring feeling.
    I think we all want to have spring now, we are ready weathermen, let´s give us some sun!
    Have a nice evening.
    Hugs Gerda

  23. I am forcing spring, brought in branches and my forthiaia and appleblossems are in Bloom. I love that roadster, is it an old Cord? Beautiful post, Downton Abbey is coming on, got to run Love Yvonne

  24. I see you are getting snow in Spring... wish I could give you some of our warm Spring weather.

  25. I forgot to ask... are you on facebook?

  26. missed a few posts...sillly me cause as I have said since following you(usually much more faithfully than as of late)
    you do have the best blag out there...sheer beauty, information and on the cutting edge of what’s happening...
    love it all J....job well done.

  27. I am glad to find your impressive post on Photographs and Pictures of Sun. Now it's become easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Thanks for sharing the post.

  28. I'm in Oklahoma City and I've seen precious little spring lambs and a few flowers, but today it is 24 degrees outside. Go figure...


  29. Spring is truly in hiding Jackie... but I am ready... coming or not...:)

  30. I'm actually thankful for these beautifully, winter-y photos Jackie! It's so humid in Sydney at the moment that it's just one bad hair day after another:) We did watch with horror however at the poor people caught in snow drifts on the motorway somewhere in England over the weekend. Brrrrr....

    I hope you are at least keeping warm and toasty until spring decides to come out of hiding. Much love to you, as always.. Meredy xo

  31. Dear Jackie, Happy Easter to you and your Family, hugs, Mira!

  32. Oh, mylanta..... I'm sitting here freezing! Yes, I am! The sun is out. But the temps don't even begin to reflect warmer weather. Why, oh, why is it taking so long to be springtime here? Maybe so that when it does happen we will get our fancy fairy duds on and leap around with joy... not giving a darn what others think of our crazy behaviour!!! :-)

  33. So sorry that spring has decided to drag her heels in visiting you, I hope she decides very soon to show up and that she'll linger beautifully for a long while...straight into summer!
    Hope you're having a lovely Easter despite the chill...
    xo J~

  34. HAPPY EASTER, dear Jackie and have a wonderful springtime!!!

    Hugs, Jade

  35. Happy Easter Jackie! I wish I could send some warm weather to you! I'm glad my sunflowers brought a little sunshine to you!

    Take care,