Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Our 'By Invitation' subject this month is ' The Thing That You Most Want To Do That You've Never Done before ..... Reality or Fantasy, Money no Object '........... what a question !!!!

After a bit of consideration, my first thought was that, whatever I choose, someone will think " is that all she could think of ", money no object and all.

 I could travel to strange and unusual places.....  

..... learn to Tango in Argentina .....

..... drive a Bugatti Veyron Supersport : 
0 - 60 mph in 2.6 seconds
top speed: 268 mph
Price: $2.5 million !!!!

..... or, maybe cross a glacier on foot ..... even find the solution to World Peace and poverty .....
the list is endless, but today, being in a light-minded, flippant and frivolous kind of mood, I am thinking that I would love to join the Cirque du Soleil bungee ballet in their show 'Saltimbanco'. We have seen many Cirque du Soleil shows and, I have seen 'Saltimbanco' quite a few times.

Here's a little taster .....

Four ( .... or, make that five if I was to join them !! ) weightless creatures float, tumble and fly through the air accompanied by an operatic aria, ' Il Sogno Di Volare '..... their serene aerial dance conjuring up images of fantastic white birds reaching towards the sky. 

Wouldn't you just love to fly ? ( ..... hopefully missing that parked car !!!! )

Please pop over to Marsha and see what the other 'By Invitation' participants would do .

Have a great week ..... must fly !!


image 1: via la bonne vie, image 2: via fleaing france, image 3:via yargb, image 4: via sprichie, image 5: via i like to waste my time, image 6: via BBC, image 7: via YouTube, image 8: via pittsburgcross currents, image 9: via freeweb, image 10: via night tattoo



  1. right now....I'd go live in Paris and learn to speak French properly.....but that is quite doable and may well be done.......so, apart from solving world poverty & peace & all the other good things maybe go stay in a few 5 star hotels in the south of France...New York.....Rome.... cos luxary has always been a bit thin on the ground!!

  2. I'll come flying with you! I try no to miss any Cirque du Soleil shows , it is such an extraordinary visual treat. Please, will you take me on a ride in your Bugatti, meaning could i ride in the driver seat? i am a rather fast driver which has gotten me in very deep trouble... but in a Bugatti, that would be well worth it.

  3. Darling, I haven't seen this Cirque performance, but now it's a must! I can only imagine the sheer visual beauty. Bugatti? I'm in. World peace, I think we could achieve this. "Young at Heart" had a great idea: staying in 5-star hotels around the world...not a shabby dream at all is it? Beautiful, J, as always. Love you X10...

  4. You're a treat Jackie, you always make me smile!
    I'd love to go to see Saltimbanco, it gives me goosebumps.

    And I'm definitely with you on learning to do the Tango!

    Hugs Jane

  5. I am very happy that one day I was invited into your world . . . I met . . . creative . . . colorful . . . design . . . and much more . . . seriously, you are a delight . . .

    On a whim . . . I would soar to each place in my dreams . . . paying no heed to time, money, space . . .

  6. Fabulous post Jackie...love the thought of you in that beautiful Bugatti...I love the Cirque du Soleil we have seen it many times too...what they can do with their bodies defies belief ;-)
    Have a Happy Week...had to opt out of this one...just back...have had computer problems :(

  7. So creative Jackie.
    I love that last visual image- how did you do that?
    The flying gig sounds amazing - beats sitting in traffic every time!
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  8. Oh Jackie, who wouldn't love to fly? That was brilliant! And this is fun but a looooong time ago when I was a young actress in NYC, I actually made the call-backs (the second round of auditions) for Cirque du Soleil! I am still so proud of that--even if I didn't get the job!! Wow, they put their performers through so much physically and emotionally--and yes, it is as if they can do anything!
    PS. I have dreams where I can fly--do you? :)

  9. I'll come with you to the glacier. Awesome. We'll need well insulated boots though...

  10. I am having such fun reading everyones inner most fantasies! May we all get to see these dreams realized in some form. Fun read Jackie!

  11. I fly on my fb page today.....hahahaaha....lovely week darling.....fly !!...love Ria...xxx..

  12. Hi Jackie, my daughter wants to see Cirque so badly. That last moving image is neat. I have started a tumblr blog and am enjoying adding images with movement there. xoxo, olive

  13. That is quite a question Jackie ~ I honestly do not know what I would pick. You picked some great things ~ I have never seen a cirque show but next time they are here ~ I am going!!

  14. I would sing like Kiri Te Kanawa.
    All the time.

  15. I like fantasies,I can't live without !!! I dreamed all this with you,the tranfer looks amazing.Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thank you for you lovely encouraging comment today. And to fly...oh yes, what a wonderful Impossible Dream. I often wonder if we want to fly so much because we can't (well, not without mechanical help, I mean) and therein lies the appeal. That last image is quite mesmerising.

  17. Would love to dance - the tango, driving a Bugatti in high speed and would certainly love to fly! All of it together with YOU - and believe me, as "clever" as we are we would not touch that parking car - ha-ha! So, I've made up my wish!
    Great post, dear Jackie!
    My comment might be a bit late - but I love to keep the best to the end; and your post is - again - simply the best for me!
    Warmest greetings from the Périgord to the UK,

    P.S. Love all your previous posts as well! Just not enough time for commenting due to a spring "tabularasa" here, in the house, around the house, the garden etc....

  18. Fantastic post Jackie and images are splendid, especially tango couple - an eruption of passion and expression. It was my favorite when I was figure skating and dancing on ice in duet. Tango in Argentina always dreamt and still do... Bugatti - sans doute, anytime.

  19. Wow, I like the way you think Jackie! I have seen many Cirque shows but not this one - it sounds totally amazing! xxoo

  20. I say go for it Jackie...you only live once!!! It would just take a little training and maybe some stretching every now and then to keep limbered up...wouldn't even cost much, and you could spend the left over monies on all the other great stuff you listed, the best of all worlds!
    I'll be watching for your name in the CdS programs... ;)
    xoxo J~

    PS Ginger thinks you should go for it too...she might even join you now that she's feeling so good...a graceful, flying sausage dog, I think she'd love it!

  21. I would have no idea what my fantasy would be. You, however, captured some thought provoking ideas!

  22. Jackie you make me smile, great post.
    I just did a post that no one will smile.
    Bet I won't get any comments.
    It's just about Elepants.
    I always have to speak my mind.

  23. Thanks so much for your lovely words this morning Jackie. I keep hoping as soon as Spring arrives properly I'll turn a corner, I'm crossing everything!

    I think I'd love to be able to fly too!

    Hugs Jane,xx

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  25. Thank you for your comment this morning.... I was in London at the time of the bombing and your mentioning it brought me back to an evening more than 30 years ago in a very fancy restaurant. My boyfriend was treating me to a very special dinner...I cannot remember the name of the restaurant but it was, at the time, the place to be seen at! We had a very romantic evening, left happy , walked a few steps and .... the restaurant blew up!!! that was my first encounter with a terrifying act of terrorism.