Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Our By Invitation subject this month is: Who was the most inspirational person in your life and why ?


What inspires you the most today ?

I suppose that I could say that it was my parents, a family member, teacher, an artist or musician , world leader or one of the many motivating people that are out there but, I think that it's the more simple things that inspire me.

Look at this wonderful lady .......... she doesn't have to say a word but you just know that she has lived a VERY full and interesting life and would be a joy to sit down with and to listen to..... she would inspire me, I'm sure.

Inspirational paralympians and people who live with major challenges everyday, who overcome them with a ' never quit ' attitude when the odds are stacked against them .....

Travel, sunsets, nature in all of it's powerful forms .....

Fashion .....

Art and sculpture .....

and music ..... all of the above are sources of inspiration for me.

..... and, I certainly hope that I shall be laughing with such enthusiasm when I am her age ( and I'm not a million miles away either !!!! )

.......... and, finally, I can honestly say that all of you inspire me in so many ways. 

Please go and see what inspires all of the other By Invitation contributors by popping over to Marsha @ Splenderosa , and find some inspiration !

image 1: via greta tuckute, image 2: via prettie-sweet, image 3: via tumblr, image 4 & 7: via the gifts of life, image 5: via the telegraph: image 6: via yan zhang, image 8: via rastaschas, image 9 & 10: via night tattoo,image 11: via hearts of glass, image 12: via me, image 13: matthew hotton, image 14: via wishful thinking



  1. Hello Jackie:
    This entire post is an inspiration in itself. You have selected wonderful, and very varied, images but those which most strike a chord with us, as we suspect with you, are those of the people, particularly the two older women. Marvellous.

    We were given by friends the book 'Paralympic Heroes' by Cathy Wood. We were, and are, inspired.

  2. Hello Jackie

    You exude joy and happiness in all you do. I suggest this post be made into the classic text book case for happiness. I so agree with you when you say it is the brave people who rise above their challenges who are the stars. When can we meet that wonderful older woman?

    Helen xx

  3. Your posts are always inspiring and filled with amazing pictures! I so look forward to hearing from you. And yes, we WILL be that sweet old woman!

    Have a great week, Jacqueline!


  4. Lovely . . . Lovely . . . Lovely . . .
    Inspirational . . .

  5. You inspire Jackie...a stunning selection of images...a beautiful post.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Jacqueline, you are so right it is in the simple joys of life that I find inspiration. Sitting with the cat and puppy for one minute of peace is wonderful today. hugs, olive

  7. It is the simple things in life that are so inspiring! A perfect post, Jackie! xxoo

  8. Such a nice way of sharing your inspirations Jackie. And so true that it is often the 'smaller' moments that affect us the most.
    Have a lovely week.
    Amanda x

  9. You inspire me darling !!!...what a post !!!...love from me...xxx...

  10. Totally inspiring, Jackie... and wonderful images... xv

  11. Oh, Jackie,

    Absolutely beautiful, as always. You are a joy. (We do need to catch up one of these days.)

    Oh, yes, Happy, Happy Un-birthday as Alice would say.


  12. SO inspirational images....Thank you so much for a very warm feelings by,Jackie!

    Wish you fantastic,creative week ahead:-)*


  13. Your photographs are such a beautiful tribute to your inspiration, your creative side.You do lead an inspired life!

  14. How, how, how do you find these beautiful descriptive images? Isn't it wonderful to be able to open your arms wide and let all the inspiration in...to embrace it as you do...and just sit back and see what happens?
    Brilliance, that's all there is to it !!

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  16. Beautifully said. I loved your words paired so perfectly with the images.....wonderful job!

  17. Wonderful images Jackie, you have just inspired me. xx Coty

  18. What a wonderful experience to be able to share in your ispiration Jackie with sooo many amazing images!!! I particularly like the one of people who live with physical challenges to overcome. Such a lesson for me that, such a lesson!

    thank you.


  19. well, you cracked me up on the top photo.
    Jackie you inspire me as do so many of my blogger friends.
    Marsha always has such a style and fashion post. Love her.

  20. What a wonderful tribute to our monthly 'event', dear Jackie!
    YOU are certainly inspire me - all the time - with your special posts. And now I like to get 100 years old - at least :-)....!
    Thank you for this very joyful post!!!
    xxx karin

    sorry for belated comment but we had permanent electricity-cut-offs every so often.....grrh

  21. This post is so inspirational! I love the photographs of the older ladies with so much joy and wisdom. I would have to say my mother has been the most influential in my life but there have been many others too. My 3D design instructor in college had a great influence on me as an artist. Thanks for this post Jackie!

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  23. Ooohhh Jackie you ispire soooo much! As always another wonderful post!!!
    Warm warm hugs from South Italy!

  24. I love your list of inspirations, Jackie! I always feel like people who laugh easily and love deeply are my biggest inspirations, as well as nature. It's always such a treat--and an inspiration--to visit you here. I've been away too long!!! Loved your note about Old Town. Everything they do is so gorgeous. xoxo Gigi

  25. wow, those photos are stunning! soo inspiering!

  26. Beautiful, beautiful post Jackie! I am sure you will be laughing that way. No doubt about it :-)! You are so positive and full of fun.

    Happy weekend, enjoy!

    Madelief x

  27. Great post, Jackie! Finding inspiration... hmmmm.... Well, after reading your birthday post (and my leaving a comment) I would say I find inspiration in women as we celebrate one more birthday. There's a blogger who's blog is Advanced Style and I love visiting him! The women that he shoots photos of really are great examples of what the future holds for us... a lot!!! My great-aunt Florence would fall into this category. So full of spunk and life up until she passed. And I'm sure in heaven she has been shaking things up!!

  28. Hello Jackie ,

    So Nice you visited my blog , thank you for the compliments !

    I also like your blog very much , sucha wonderful pictures of the Things and persons
    that inspire you . The lof lady with the piercings is my favourite ....

    See you next time , warm regards from Gea

  29. Hi, Jackie.
    I've just joined your fabulous blog via Francine Gardner's L'Art de Vivre.
    Please visit me at http://jewelyettofind.blogspot.ca.


  30. The old lady with the earrings is amazing!!

  31. Hi sweet Jackie,
    Yes we get so much inspiration of all kind of things and people.
    What a beauty she is the old lady with prints left from a other life:)
    Hugs Gerda

  32. What joy....love your images today! So many inspiring folks out there. I think I missed your Birthday....so Happy Happy late Birthday to you my sweet friend...xoxoxoxoxoxooxox And happy love week...gather up as much as you can!

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  34. ooh a bit of sunlight would be very inspiring..... plenty of plans but far too few funds to run away anywhere at the mo!!

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