Thursday, 14 February 2013


I have tweaked my blog a little .......... I thought that it was about time, so have changed my header pictures and had my navigation bar altered with the help of Diana @ Custom Blog Designs. If ever you need to update your blog and need a bit of help on the technical side, I can thoroughly recommend Diana. She was very helpful, very, very, patient and very quick ( and also very reasonable too ).

Above is a collage of a few photographs that I took of our home to use on my header  ....... 

We are not big on Valentines Day in our house ...... since I first met my husband 45 years ago, he told me that Valentines Day is for unrequited love and that, as ours is requited, it would be silly to celebrate it ( could have been his way of getting out of buying a present !!) but, as it is the day of Love, here are a few appropriate images to savour .....



images 1 & 8: mine, image 2: via marie agneau, image 3: via pinterest, image 4: via zsa zsa bellagio, image 5: via envers du decor, image 6: via love french bulldogs, image 7: via picture perfect, image 9: via inspiration lane, image 10: via night tattoo



  1. I absolutely love this collection of hearts for Valentine's Day. So incredibly cozy. I'm still in love with your taste of style. :)

  2. Oh I love the new look Jackie!!!! Your collage of 'Home' photos are beautiful!
    I also LOVE your header---so pretty!
    I think you and I have a lot in common, my husband isn't too keen on the big day either. And we met 44 years ago :)
    sending hugs from here...

  3. Like ourselves, we need a change every now & then. It's wonderful, and so are the "heart" photos. As always, you make every single element mean so very much. Happy Valentine's Day, darling...

  4. Hello Jackie

    Happy Valentine's Day.

    Your blog is elegant and beautiful just like the owner.

    Helen xx

  5. That heart lock is just the best.

  6. Hello Jackie:
    We LOVE the new look to your blog of understated elegance and sophisticated style. But then, on reflection, we should expect nothing less. But this is inspirational as is, we rather suspect, the whole of 'Home'.

    Like you, we really do not 'do' St. Valentine's Day and rather concur with your husband's viewpoint. However, we do today especially send you our love from a cold and wintry Budapest.

  7. Your 'tweaks' are gorgeous Jackie! I think it's time that 24C gets a bit of tweaking as well, been thinking about it for a while now, you've inspired me!
    My husband isn't all that much into Valentine's Day either...but I do celebrate it with my young students, nephews, and niece...they fill the day with love...and loads of candy!
    So here's wishing you a lovely, and very sweet Valentine's Day!♥
    xo J~

  8. Love your look . . . new . . . and other . . . favorite heart, the handle with shadow . . . sweet to 46 . . .

  9. blog is looking good!
    this is a great post of LOVE images.

    you always find the 'images to die for'


  10. Lovely post !!.....Happy Vaentine's day love love Ria......❤ ❤ ❤ .....

  11. Blog appearance is very stylish. Love #8, very minimalistic yet creative. Congratulations on requited love 45 years later. That's what it all about.

  12. Hi Jackie, I always find your blog to be beautiful every time I am here. We don't celebrate the holiday either. Joe asked about going out to eat and I told him he was crazy if he thought I would go out tonight. xo, olive

  13. Love your tweaking Jackie it's wonderful and this post is fabulous! Alex and I aren't too big on celebrating Valentines Day - it's the everyday small gestures that mean the most to us. Lately we have been having some very late night romantic dinners and I look forward to that every weekend! After 13 years together he still makes my heart soar! xxoo

  14. A great post, as always, dear Jackie. Happy Valentine's Day to you!
    I really like the pictures you made of your home, that's a nice peek into it and it looks really lovely. :)

  15. Oh Jackie, what a lovely post and sooooooo full of romance!!!!! HAPPY VALENTINE to you and a wonderful weekend,

    hugs Jade

  16. Hi Jackie,
    Super images as always.
    Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day whatever you do.
    Liz x

  17. I still find it amazing how you always manage to find those beautiful images! I enjoyed seeing some photo's of your home! It looks lovely!

    Enjoy your Valentine's evening!

    Madelief x

  18. A wonderful profile photo. You look marvelous in a hat.

  19. oh your blog s wonderful!
    I am going to send this link to a friend whom I know will love all these images!
    Such sweet beauty! Made me smile & Swoon!

  20. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

    Your new follower,
    Pearl 13.1

  21. Oh Jackie your hubby has you bamboozled haha. You make him buy you roses:)
    I love the way your blog has always looked but it's always fun to change things up.
    Big hugs my friend on this love day!

  22. love everything you do...never ever a mistake always perfect and beautiful..
    happy valentines day to you J.

  23. LOVE the look! and such gorgeous shots!!!

    m ^..^

  24. Love the new look! It is always so pretty here. Those little snippets of your house just leave me craving for more though! Happy Valentine's Day to you my friend! Even if it is a little late!

  25. We don't celebrate Valentine's day either...however this year i was surprised by a box of amazing chocolate dipped strawberries. I ate the entire box and felt nauseous for much for Valentine! I really like the new format and your pictures are always such a visual treat!

  26. OH I celebrate it, cause I was on my way to the Hospital in a cab with my Mother. Renee was my Valentines present. Every time I see Japanese Magnolias, the pink ones, I remember the cab ride they lined the street and were in full bloom. yvonne

  27. This is the first time I visit your blog.It's too late for St Valentine's comments .I only want to say that you really inspired me.

  28. Perfect pictures as ever Jackie, and loving the new look!

  29. Your new look is wonderful...what fun switching things up a is like moving the furniture around at home! Hope you are very well my sweet friend. xo

  30. I have been reading my blog roll on my phone ~ thus no comments. I love this post Jackie ~ the pictures are beautiful. xo

  31. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day here either, although I did get the sheepfarmer a heart shaped cheese from a local farm! However, I never doubt for 1 minute how much I am loved.