Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Our 'By Invitation' subject this month is 'WEDDINGS' but, what is the perfect wedding ? I have been to quite a few over the years, ranging from a family wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, where the Queen is having her Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving today, to more modest weddings in registry offices, in small churches and halls, barns and houses, and all have been lovely, no matter what the budget.

Large bouquets.....

..... or small

..... arrive on a horse perhaps ?

Friends and family members as bridesmaids .....
Little ones .....
a beautiful church .....
and a perfect venue .....
A modest cake

and a wonderful honeymoon destination. all done in the name of .....

The 'By Invitation' participants will be taking a summer holiday until September so, go over to Marsha @ Splenderosa and see everyone else's favourite weddings.

image1: via vogue, image 2 & 4: via Inspiration Lane, image 3: via goodnight darling, image 5:  via night tattoo, image 6: via Zsa Zsa Bellagio, image 7: via before the big day, image 8 & 10: via tumblr, image 9: via visualize.us, image 11: via brown dress with white dots, image 12:  via lost in the moment,  image 13: via the little french bullblog 



  1. Beautiful, romantic, charming . . .

  2. fabulous images....never really had the wedding bug......got the summer cold bug though!!!!

  3. Stunning post, Jackie...I love the bridesmaids outfits GORGEOUS!!
    Hope you've been enjoying the Jubilee celebrations ;-)

  4. Hello Jackie:
    These really are the most wonderful images of what, for so many people, is the one very special day in a lifetime. And, as you say, it matters not at all whether the wedding is large or small.

    However, of all the photographs, it is the black and white picture of the couple and the train which appeals to us most of all. Simply superb!

    And as for 'Love' which keeps writing itself - so clever.

  5. Jackie,
    Your beautiful post really captures the essence of many weddings today. They are personal, and styled to what speaks to the bride-to-be. We just attended a wedding this past weekend that was out in a field by a large pond. It was vintage and country and just darling! We all oooohed and aaaahed at the sweet and simple details that made this wedding perfect! We could all see the bride's personality in everything! It was enchanting... and so it your post!
    So nice to stop by... Yvonne, a fellow BIO

  6. You always find the most beautiful romantic and poetic photographs sweet jax.

  7. OMG, that "Love" image just about floored me. I LOVE IT !!
    And, yes I would arrive on a horse, but now I might look more like an aged diva than a bride :)'s. Just beautiful, and whimsical = a perfect post !
    Thank you for being a part of our international group from the beginning and now, I treasure each one of you. xx's

  8. Love, love love... Jackie... this is totally wonderful...xv

  9. Beautiful.......may i use that Love on my blog ????...love Ria....xxx..

  10. That's just wonderful!!!!!
    warm hugs Jackie!!!!

  11. Lovely post Jackie! I am swooning over all of the pretty dresses!


  12. One of the most favourite weddings I attended was a Jewish Wedding held at the Savoy, but I also loved a wedding held in the country with a marquee and filled with friends and family.

  13. Hi Jackie,

    You always manage to find the most beautiful photo's! Last year I went to a an Afghan wedding. It was really special!!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  14. Oh, Jackie,

    Magic once again.


  15. We just came back from a wedding this weekend..you are so right...weddings of any kind are dreamy! Just like these stunning photos! Love to you my friend. xoxo

  16. Oh to ride in on that white horse...fabulous post. Mona

  17. Dearest Jackie,
    Always a taste of the very best visiting you! Love this post:)) Sorry I have been missing in action. I have been So Busy and Too Busy to see straight these days~~

  18. So gorgeous, Jackie! If I were ever to marry again - I'd love a casual country wedding! Have a wonderful week, dear Jackie! Give your grand baby a hug from me! xxoo

  19. It is ALL so gorgeous but the thought of the bridesmaids in cream colored "smokings" is pretty fabulous!!!

    And I would be too nervous to ride in--would be afraid I would fall off... :)

  20. Hi Jackie,
    I loved this post. Such dreamy and lovely images. ..as is your blog! How have I not found you before? Thank you for the beautiful post.
    xo isa

  21. Hiya Jac's, loving that second photo, very dreamy and what stylish bridesmaids they would be in those cream suits...very you!

    Cute ending too, much love xoxoxo

  22. Love wedding too and these images are so fab!
    Especially of the couple. Hope you have recovered from watching the Diamond jubilee celebrations, how awesome.

    Also congratulations to your talented son.

    Happy week Jackie.

  23. Aaah everyone loves a wedding.
    These images are stunning-yet again thank you for sharing.
    Hope you have a lovely week.

  24. Amazing images. That church! The white shirt tied at the waist. Unique.

  25. You find the greatest pictures Jackie ~ love that church and the fence ~ I just may have to steal that one! xo

  26. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!
    toko busana muslim

  27. Oooooh, I do love a good wedding. This summer is wedding free for us, bummer!
    B xx

  28. Hello Jackie

    I love the images and the flower arrangements are spectacular. I love the tuxedos for the bridesmaids.

    The church is just perfect

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

  29. It's images like that makes me wonder why George and I didn't have a more formal wedding. I do like the idea of the wedding party wearing white though you never see that. I guess the bride is only to wear it? so silly.

    Hope is happy your way,


  30. Dear Jackie, you must be so proud of your son winning gold at the 30th Sony Radio Academy Awards !! Congratulation !! Wow, I am impressed :)) He look so down to earth also.

    How are you these days ? I just read about the heavy rain you just had. Will it never stop?? Poor you !! It is not a very good summer for us either. Neither warm temperatures or sunny at the moment. But hopefully the bad luck will turn. It does not seem to affect the vegetables in our greenhouse, they are growing very fast. Do you have a place to grow anything?

    Wish you a nice new week, may the sun soon shine on you, so you can enjoy the summer with all the senses!

    ~ Aina ~

  31. Oh Jackie, your post is sublime and the images you have shared are stunning. love that romantic hydrangeas bouquet and those pretty chairs are so simply decorated and yet exquisite. all so beautiful. thank you

  32. Lovely and charming! All the images are romantic and perfect but I especially love the bridesmaids in cream tuxedos. Very chic.

  33. Hope you will get used to the mac soon ;) I am getting blue screens a lot lately so I guess I am heading in the same direction.... ;(
    x desiree

  34. Hi Jackie! The images are so beautiful in your post. Thank you for the invitation. I know I am late for the party, but loved it none the less.
    I loved it when my girls married and was able to help make their day as special as I could for them. They were all pretty simple affairs, but beautiful.

    I sure hope you are getting some well deserved sun and enjoying your summer. It seems like the earth has been a little topsy turvy as far as weather goes this year, but we are finally enjoying some pretty days.

    I LOVE your new profile photo~~you beautiful girl you!!!!
    sending lots of love...

  35. Hi, I am your newest follower and have thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful blog.I am new to blogland and appreciate learning from you veterans!!

  36. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Summer holiday.

  37. Dearest Jackie. What is your secret, everything you do is pure perfection!!!

  38. Hi Jackie,
    Have just been having a lovely catchup with your blog and all your goings on. Those birds are so cute!
    I also just wanted to say that I read your comment on Kerry's blog, and couldn't agree with you more. Blogs are like the modern day version of a pen friend to me too, and that's why I enjoy them so. I've noticed many of us aren't perhaps posting as often as we were, but I would miss the friendships so much if I gave it up. And although I'm tinkering with instagram, it doesn't, to me anyway, have the same ties that bind, as it were. I thought your comment was so lovely!
    Amanda xx

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  40. Omg! I love your blog, the stories you tell through your picture posts are amazing and very inspirational!

    Rose x

  41. Hi Jackie, this statement has been on here so much but it really is so beautiful. I came across it looking at wedding pictures. I am absolutely stunned by the bouquet! Would you be able to tell me what is in it? I would be very appreciative. You can find my blog here: http://iluvualatte.blogspot.com/