Tuesday, 1 November 2011

BY INVITATION ..........

Our subject for By Invitation this month is :
Name the thing/person/place we've always wanted to experience.
Dream that money is no object.
Tell the world what you've always wanted to do or wish you could do but just haven't done yet.

This takes a bit of pondering ...... I have now reached the dizzy heights of the big 6 ..0, so, I have done many, many enjoyable things in my life and fulfilled many ambitions along the way....I've had more years to do so than most of the other participants in By Invitation !!  I have no desperate urge to ' find myself ' in the foothills of the Himalaya's or Peru's majestic Andes mountains, as beautiful as the may be. 
Perhaps I am not as adventurous now as I was in my youth and  good luck to those who are but, I am pretty much content with my lot.
I am sure that, when writing about 'if money were no object', I could wax lyrical about how we would help our children and favourite charities etc, etc. but, I think that's a given so .....

..... here's just a small list  of things that I might like to do or haven't done .....

I wouldn't mind finding a large, dilapidated old house to do up ..... even though we've done a couple in our time .....

 ..... or, I might give Boy George a ring to see if he would like to sell us his Gothic pile in Hampstead ....... I love that house. 

One thing that we have yet to do is to see the Northern Lights of Norway's far North. This natural light display in the sky is supposed to be a sight to behold. Joanna Lumley calls this stunningly beautiful natural display as ' the true wonder of the world '. 

..... oh, and I would like to be taken there on a sleigh, by huskies !!!!

..... and, if you happen to have, or know anyone who has one of these .....

..... please, please, please, take me up in it. I have always wanted to do a vertical take off in a Harrier Jump Jet !!
A lifetime ambition never achieved !!!!
BUT .....

..... of course, we could burn this list, as most of these things are not going to happen and, even if they did, it probably wouldn't make my life any better or make me any happier or content.

Lots of great things to do are free or, at most, not overly expensive..... but, anyone with a Harrier Jump Jet,  feel free to get in touch ..... I'm waiting !!

To see what other people have always wanted to experience, go over to Splenderosa for the links. 

image 1: via brown dress with white dots, image 2, 4 & 9: via hearts of glass, image 3: via blessed wild apple girl, image 5: via news1, image 6: via kidzcoolzone, image 7: via about my area, image 8: via Royal techno news, image 10: via heartbeat oz, image 11: via inspire me crafts, image 12: via crush cul de sac. 



  1. Great post. But WOW . . . there's so much here to contemplate. Maybe I'll think about it all day long . . .


  2. Hi Jackie,
    am impressed by these wonderful photos.
    The abandoned house is nice to dream.
    The stairs, so romantic and the rose as it winds its way as if they are
    wanted to say:
    Do not go further, let all enjoy rest and be quiet.
    Thank you for the beautiful dreamy photos.
    Wish you a wonderful week.
    Dearest greetings,

  3. Hello Jacqueline

    This post, I shall re-read and ponder. I am in love with the first two images and finding an old house in need of love and care would also interest me. Like you, we have tackled one major one in the past.
    But I must say, travel, travel and more travel would be my choice. There is no greater feeling, for me, than travelling to someplace I have not been. My heart is pounding as I write this.

    Have a great day from sunny beautiful Indian Rocks Beach Florida, where I saw dolphins on my morning run. Helen xx

  4. Hi Jackie,
    Fun post and great choice of photos as always!
    I am with you...having been around almost as long...as much as I would love to save an old home and do it up my way...I would prefer not to do the work myself..hehe...but if money were no object...I would hire all the talented friends and designers I have met in the blogging world! Meanwhile, since we're spending money we don't have, how about a trip with blogger girlfriends? Paris? London? Wouldn't that be fun? :)

  5. I have a trampoline, is that enough vertical take off ?

  6. Hello Jackie:
    What a deep sense of contentment and satisfaction with Life itself runs through this post. Although we do not know you, we feel that you see the wonder in all things, however simple and 'ordinary' they may be. That has to be, in our view at least, the way to true fulfilment and happiness. Perfect!

  7. Dear Jacqueline, I wish for you that ride in a jump jet. I do agree that most things that bring me contentment are free for instance I am sitting in front of a fire I built myself from our firewood with my darling cat at mt feet and I am at peace. Love post. ♥Olive

  8. Such a beautiful post Jackie. 'The only difference between a rich man and a poor man is contentment'. That being said and my age near to yours, I would love to live by my children and grandchildren, preferably all of us in the hills of CA overlooking the Pacific ocean!

  9. Jackie, I love this post. Just beautiful...and everything so well put. What I'm really loving, is that so far we have all had one thing in common. Contentment. Sure the money is no object thing gives us fun little dreams...but it seems we're all content with our lot...and that's a very good thing. Have a great day. Mona

  10. Oh, how I would love to take hold of an old home and bring it back to life. The jet has made me just about die laughing, no Himalayas or Peru, but a Herrier Jump Jet? Good Good Good, that's something to really dream about, Jackie. I believe you have found your "dream come true" life. I know it's wonderful. Love you....

  11. First of all the quotes define my life to a t - love them! I too would love to renovate a few old homes, we have done this a few times over too, but it's so much fun! Wonderful post, Jackie. Much love to you! xxoo :)

  12. Dear Jackie,
    Your dreams are ride for me! I love each one. I love mostly your ponder, your thoughts and your heart!
    Thanks for the beautfiul ride~~

  13. Absolutely charming, perfect and exactly the way I feel. Yes, of course, I would be pleased to partake of certain adventures, but truly I don't yearn for things or places, only people really.

    Lovely sentiments, dearest Jackie,


  14. Such true words Jackie....the simple pleasures are really the best...but perhaps we could do the northern lights together.....:) xv

  15. wonderful post.
    thinking like this keeps me grounded.
    what 'i would love' will probably never happen
    but is is fun to fantasize.
    money is just a means to make your dreams come true.

    xxx come by and enter my excellent GIVE-AWAY
    love xx

  16. What a great post !!!...lots of things to think about ......hmmmm...love from me...xxx...please come and join my give away...yes !!...xxx..

  17. Ahhh - such glorious simple pleasures - may they all come to fruition and continue to dream lovely dreams.
    Francesca x

  18. The quotes are wonderful ~ I just may borrow that first one! Your list may not complete you adn your world will not end of they do not happen ~ but man wouldn't they be a blast!! xo

  19. I'm very much with you and your dreams! The large old house would be not a problem here in the Périgord.
    The Harrier Jump Jet - a wonderful idea, but... but... cannot help with, unfortunately, I guess we have to keep dreaming about...


  20. Beautiful photos I love them all!
    Have a nice day!

  21. I loved reading this Jackie, beautiful post!!

    I knew that was a Hampstead house the second I saw the photo - I have driven past it but never knew that Boy George lived there, fancy that!! Gorgeous isn't it....lucky George!!

    And a Harrier JumpJet....never in a million years, I always knew you were much braver than me LOL!!! xx

  22. Dear Jackie,

    Love your post! I am sorry to say I am not the owner of a Harrier Jet. A vertical take off sounds exciting, but I am not sure if my stomach would like it as much. I hope you don't mind me not going along when you get an offer :-)! That husky ride to see the Northern light sounds very romantic....How delicious it is to dream....

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  23. A lovely inspiring post ♥ The photos of the gate covered in nature is my favourite, I'd love to go there and explore inside the house!
    Jess xx

  24. three weeks in each major city of Europe, in a first class hotel.
    finishing that up with a house waiting for me the south of France
    where I’ll rest up for about a year. A year of travel to all the National
    parks in America in a airstream trailer( with a driver). the jump jet
    sounds like a plan but maybe that would be the last thing! yikes.
    round the world in the QE2 first class of course. a little journey on
    the Orient Express. A flat in Hampstead. lunch with Paul McCartney,
    breakfast with Keef.doing yoga with Sting.jam with Chrissie. a vox continental organ. write a song with Tom Petty. have a professional gardener come by and clean up my garden. first row, center at a U2 concert. a $1,000 bottle of champagne. a guest spot on Ab Fab. a dress
    designed and made just for me by Stella McCartney. free reign at the V & A museums costume archeives.sing a duet with Bette Midler.a pair of handmade black leather boots.flamengo lessons in Barcelona.

  25. Zut alors, Jacqueline, you should have said so sooner! My Harrier Jump Jet is in Saudi Arabia at the moment, giving some important dignitaries a lift home, but once it's back on the tarmac at Shannon I shall be straight on the phone to you. Already my staff are printing an in-flight magazine - we don't have one on the Harrier and I don't want to let you down.

  26. A great post!!!! I just love your posts!!!!
    Big Hugs,

  27. I would love to see where the Indians lived in AMerica.. I feel so connected with them for my whole life.

  28. i want to marry david bowie
    ~laura xx

  29. Jackie, don't have a jet, but if you get to Maine in the winter I can set you up with a dog sled ride. Where ever do you get the fabulous photo's? Yvonne

  30. Jackie, you are one in a million...from a huskie dog sled ride to a ride in a Harrier Jump Jet...you always surprise and delight:)

    I'm with you on the old house renovation dream. Hard work, but a great labour of love. One day. Much love, Meredy xo

  31. I do love the idea of doing up an old house, one I can pick without care for money and not too much of my own labor, rather just my imagination and instructions! YES this is a dream. I love your blog and just joined!

    Do pop over and say hi to my clay animal creations if you get the time.

    :-} Lorraine

  32. Brilliant Jackie, just brilliant! I really appreciate that you bring up contentment. It's something that I finally understand. Does it take years of wisdom or the lack of it, to reach a point where contentment becomes hugely important? It's very underrated and it's what so many of us are lacking. All of your thoughts are just why I adore you as I do. I seriously need to witness the Northern Lights. That is one of those things that is a life-must. I need to pick up some thermal delicates first!!

    Have a fabulous week Jackie. xo xo

  33. Your post is delightful and gives room for so much thought. We are about the same age,and like you I would love to restore an old house but would prefer to have others do the hard work...while I direct! I guess if money were no object I would enjoy more traveling. But to be honest, the simple pleasures are usually the best and it is always wonderful to be home and enjoying family and friends and a wonderful walk on the beach or in the countryside.

  34. Well Jackie I could just say amen to this beautiful post and be done, but because I can be real wordy and because I love you so, I will say 'no wonder I adore you' You are wise and lovey in every way I think is important.
    I think by the time we are our age, we really do 'get' it. I just wish it was something I could give away to those who don't, so they could enjoy their younger years as much a I enjoy my later years. If it's this good at this age, just think how wise (and happy) we will be at eighty. If I still have a brain that is.
    love to you...

  35. Totally love your pictures, theyre so pretty. :)

    Joanna Lumley is right, the northern light is stunning and beautiful, I know because I live in the north of Norway and see it flashing through the sky every time its clear sky and cold outside. :)