Monday, 18 July 2011


Having been away for a while, I am posting lots of photos. Feel free to whizz through them and just say hello in a comment ..... just to let me know that you still remember who I am !!!!

Here I am in the four poster bed in my sister's spare room ,which was all mine while our husbands were gallivanting around Spain. I was woken up each morning with a nice cup of tea and a chat with my sister.

This is the entrance to my sisters studio..........

One sunny morning, we sat in the garden and sorted through some of the old photographs of our family that we needed to share out.

This is my Dad, Ken and his sister ( my aunt ) Corice.....I love that name.

.......... and here is one of my Grandad.

We ate lots of nice food ..... above is an amuse bouche of white onion foam and ham hock ..... just one of the lovely restaurant's that we visited .....

..... and this was my starter .....  crab with gazpacho.

We went to the farmer's market  and bought fruit and veg, sea bass and crab claws .....

..... and listened to the band at the bandstand.

We went to Brighton for the day and, after popping into a few shops and making a few purchases, we had lunch at Riddle and Finns in the Lanes. Jane and Lance over at Hattatt recommended the Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell exhibition at the Royal Pavilion but, after lingering over lunch and being forced to duck into a few more shops ( haha ) we got there about 5 minutes too late and they had just let the last visitors in for the day !! We did peep into an open door ( that was guarded by a couple of  security men ) and I think that I just caught a glimpse of Vanessa's Byzantine Lady.  

We could have consoled ourselves with a couple of the above but, we resisted and had a stroll along the beach instead ( considering we had just had that massive plateful of seafood and a starter before it AND a few glasses of wine we thought that a walk by the sea was a healthier bet !! ) .....

We will have to go back for the exhibition which is on until October so, here are some images of the wonderful Brighton Pavilion which is so exotic and oriental in appearance, it never fails to amaze me..........

Built by John Nash for the Prince Regent, later King George IV, in stages between 1787 and 1823, it has the most extravagant chinoiserie interiors ever executed in the British Isles.

We both had a lovely ten days, as did our husbands, but, we are now back to our normal lives and, it has been raining for the last few days ..... typical English summer !!!!

All photos by me



  1. Also rain here in Holland.....the last 10 days...i will also never forget

  2. How could anyone ever forget wonderful you?! You, my dear, are memorable and timeless! Can I move into your sister's house? It is absolutely lovely. I could handle being woken up in that bed every morning to tea. I might even start to drink it! How could you only take a couple of those deserts? I would of come out with frosting and yum all over my face! I am so glad that you had a wonderful time1 Now, it's time to get back to work! Post some pics of that handsome grandson! I need some cute baby pics to drool over!

    No rain here! Just hot, hot, hot!

  3. Welcome back Jackie - as if you could ever be forgotten - just missed! Thanks for the poke around your sister's lovely home - it certainly looks as though you had a fabulous time, and being able to spend time by yourself with your sister must be quite special. xx

  4. Hello Jackie:
    Clearly you had a most wonderful time with your sister. What amazes us is that you ever left the bed which just looks so wonderfully all consuming with its downy softness. And, morning tea in bed...five star hotels would not be any better!

    Your photographs of Brighton are absolutely wonderful, they really do capture the essence of the place. The smell of the sea, the bravura of the Pavilion, the charm of the Lanes and, as you say, all the fun of the fair on the Pier.

    Thank you so much for your very kind and generous link to our blog. We too have yet to see the Duncan Grant exhibition but we hope to catch it in August. We know of people who have seen it and all say that it is very well worthwhile.

    Never fear that we, your readers, will forget you. You are a unique blend of fun, creative talent and intelligent conversation. We only wish to see you more!

  5. Welcome back.Wonderful post and great pictures, so glad you had a good break, although I don't know how anyone could not in a fabulous place like that!

  6. Great that you are back <3

    Wonderful pictures like always - I LIKE!

  7. I remember this sister time from last year Jackie. I adore both my sisters and think we should join forces and have a gigantic sister bash!
    Love all your photos...dreamy blue glass especially! Weren't you the pampered darling in that lovely four poster? Glad you all had fun!
    :) Laura

  8. Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful !!!!!

  9. Beautiful places and beautiful pictures!

  10. You did not have to add any comments but I am glad you did. Your pictures captured my heart. Your sister's home is spectacular and I can now understand why you did not want to travel around Spain in a roofless car!
    Such a beautiful post and lovely to see Brighton, of Hattatt fame.

    I'm going right back to look at your pics again!
    Thank you

  11. such a cool house Jackie, what a great British summer xx

  12. Sounds like you both had a fabulous time and those cakes look very yummy - wish that we had a cake shop selling cakes like those here :-)

    Leeann x

  13. Aren't times with sisters just the best? I, too, love Brighton and wish we could find some of that sun you enjoyed there and bring it back here to London where we could sure use it these days!

  14. What lovely photos. Brighton looks beautiful.

  15. Your images are just so pretty Jackie. I hope you are refreshed after your vacation.

  16. Hi Jackie,
    thank you for the wonderful impressions.
    I can admire these beautiful photos forever.
    I like this style of living much.
    An absolute oasis.
    The landscape / the area is fantastic.
    Solely by the sight of the confectionary, the muffins, my love handles over 2 kg. gained, 0))
    Wish you a pleasant week.
    Love, Moni

  17. Dear Jackie,

    You are unforgettable! Thanks for sharing those lovely photos. I never knew a castle such as that existed in Britain-- another place to add to my "must see" list. It is brutally hot here in the southern U.S. I would trade that for a bit of rain and respite from the heat. Have a lovely week.


  18. Jackie,
    What a fabulous relaxing time you had! What could possibly be better then spending time with your sister and in such a wonderful place!
    Your photos are amazing, makes me want to get on a plane and fly over! Now I'm really sorry I didn't make it over while my son was stationed there last year! Brighton was one of the places he went for a weekend and had a ball.

  19. J, everyone's been missing you, not forgetting you! What a wonderful time with your sister, just love all the pics of her home and surrounding places. Those cakes, the hanging baskets, the pavilion, the sea...all lovely. Wish I could have been there too. Maybe one day......

  20. Jackie, so glad you had such great girl time together.....but happy you are home too....xv

  21. I agree with the Hattatts - how could you leave that bed! Still, so glad that you did and that you shared this trip here. So much beauty, the sites and sounds and tastes feels like the perfect summer escape!

  22. Love all the photos!! We have had some lovely weather lately, loving it! We are heading to London in 3 weeks, so hoping there will be a few days of sunshine then, if not we'll still have a great time! xxoo :)

  23. Hi Jackie
    Well your time with your sister sounds just like my cup of tea (or glass of wine!!) I love the photo of you in the lovely 4 poster. We haven't forgotten you, keep writing your lovely posts!

  24. Jackie your pics made me droll and long for the beautiful English
    desserts. I love Brighton and use to go to some great antique stores there and loved the cream teas!!! I do hope your are having a beautiful summer. In my Thoughts, Cynthia

  25. Jackie, Thank you for meandering us through your beautiful life. It's one of the best things ever to holiday in our own town or at least your sisters. How lovely to have a sister to do this with. Her styling in her home is lovely as well. ...Love everything.
    I cant imagine your "normal" life being boring though - even with the rain. x

  26. Hope that you are having a wonderful visit. We won't forget you! Just enjoy your time away :)

  27. Hola Dear Jacqueline, such a great time you had with your dear sister and how lovely the glimpses of her home are. I have loved seeing you on her great bed and also knowing how well your husbands get together, so you had plenty of time to share only with your sister, this is so good.
    sending you lots of hugs

  28. Missed you, good to have you back.

  29. From a fellow photographer, you have a great eye. I couldn't help but scroll through and think "Yes! yes!" I also take pictures of food before I eat it! And I love zooming in on editorial details, I loved this quaint and pretty post of all the details in a trip, I'm showcasing my most recent vacation on my blog this week, in little bite size pieces! Nice to meet you!

    DoublClik Photo Blog

  30. Look at you sitting in that big ol' bed Jackie! You look so darn cute laying there.
    I think you and your sister had a ton of fun while your men were away. I am in awe of the Brighton Pavilion. Nash had a vision didn't he. It is amazing.
    I also loved the family pictures. Your dad and aunt Corice are such cute little children. No wonder you are so pretty! And wow! your grandfather was a handsome guy too.
    Your photos are so beautiful Jackie. If I can't be there in person then this is the next best thing.
    Thank you for your dear words for me.
    sending hugs from here...

  31. All sounds like you had a great time with your sister!!!!!
    I'm so glad for you!
    Your pictures are amazing!
    Nice day to you my dear!

  32. Hi Jackie - you are becoming quite the accomplished photographer. All your photos are so terrific and your time with your sister once again looked like great fun. Her home is beautiful and it was so great to see some of your treasured family photos. I loved the band stand but nothing compared to those sweets!!
    Have a fabulous week my friend and so happy to know you all had a great 10 days.
    Much love to you xx Deb

  33. Okay, Jackie, I was already missing England terribly this morning, and now I am completely undone!!! Wonderful post. Do you think your sister would mind if I just appeared one morning on the doorstep of her wonderful studio?

    You two gals know how to have a good time! And your pictures make the rest of us feel ALMOST like we're right there with you. Sigh. If only.

    Thanks for your lovely comment over at my place. I agree with every word you said 100%.

    Happy summer, my friend! xoxo Gigi

  34. seriously.
    you are UNFORGETTABLE!!

    love the images. especially the old family shots

  35. how fabulous, what a lovely home and isn't it brilliant when someone brings you a cup of tea!! Lovely pics, you even made Horsham look rather invitiing....I went to Brighton just recently for work having not been there in years and the sun shone and I rather thought I'd like to move back...did my art foundation there and first year away from home, still one of my plan to soak up some sun in France before the UK 'summer' kicked in has paid dividends...we even lit a fire in the country over the weekend!!!

  36. Wow, what a wonderful place and house!
    It sounds as you had a great time with your sister!
    We have also an english summer at the moment :-)

  37. Jackie, a most wonderful place to get away, I wish I were there with you! I adore your sister's home!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Giveaway of a very Special Painting by Mary Maxam!

  38. We are having a wet summer too my friend.

    Lovely time you had...isn't it nice to spend just some one on one time with a sister! Hugs to you sweet one. xxoo

  39. What a beautiful time you obviously have had with your sister. Did you send that first photo of yourself to your husband to show him what he was missing?

    Your sister's house is just all thing's gorgeous. I'm assuming it's a genetic inheritance?

    Glad your back - missed you and your loveliness. Meredy xo

  40. l o v e every bit of it... truly... i am going to be dreaming of that layer cake... glad you had such a nice time... xoxoxxoxo

  41. Dear Jacqueline, Thank you for your kindness and for your message! It means a lot to know that someone cares. Yes we are all in shock, and we do not fully understand what has happened. This is a new kind of reality for us. Brutal and insecure, that we have not had before. so sad !

    Sorry I have not visited you for very long time. Summer is short here in Norway so we are trying to make the most of it. But I'll be back this autumn, very soon. I have a fe changes in mind for my blog. Hopefully positive for my readers. I want it to be more interesting for you to read :)

    Thank you so much for all the lovely pictures and not least the great stories you share with us! You seem so happy :) Love the picture of you where you are sitting in your sisters bed. And you're welcome to tell on how beautiful she has decorated it. There must be a wonderful room to sleep and wake up in!!

    Many hugs to you my friend,

  42. No seriousely, Her House is MAGICAL !!

  43. Contente de te retrouver...
    Un joli post en tous les cas.



  44. Hi darling...thank you...i also lost my dad 18 years ago...and my brother almost 7 years grief is big.....but i know every day it goes love

  45. OK, Jackie, it's official: This post gets the official Michael Prize in the category "Best Summer-Themed Post 2011"! I was already enjoying every image along the way (handsome grandad!), and then came that gorgeous pic of the white-tiled eatery in Brighton ("Riddle and Finns", it's called? Gonna look that one up!), and then so many gorgeous blissful-summer shots; very, very charming and colorful. That was my favorite post since your Siena post last year, I believe. (Granted: I haven't stopped by nearly as often as I'd have liked in recent months, but whenever I do, it's always well worthwhile.
    Hope this message finds you well, Jackie!
    XOXO, Michael

  46. Jackie who?? Just joking! I am officially jealous. Gorgeous sister's home, fabulous looking food, and sun. You have sun...send some here :)

  47. Great snaps Jac! Geez you & your sweet Sis are cut from the same bolt of cloth. MOTH is most upset that you sprung him with your clever guess about
    the Size 10 stilettos. Thank goodness I'm only a Size 7 or I'd be installing a lock on my shoe cupboard.
    Mills xx

  48. Hi Jackie
    How great - sisters, morning tea in bed, a stroll through Farmers Market, pastries, shopping, sharing old family photos and memories, and probably a million laughs.

    Now I'm anxious to see new photos of your sweet grandbebe boy!

    See you soon -


  49. Hello Jackie,
    thank you for your lovely comment!!
    Oh, I love Broghton so much.Palace pier,the wonderful Brighton Pavillion,I was a teenager when I first stayed in Brighton.
    A long time ago.It was a wonderful time.

    Greetings Sabine

  50. Loving the beauty here!
    And that bed is calling me.

    Hope you are having a wonderful time.

  51. I almost got depressed when I saw the food (you know how being depressed is so out of character for me) but then I perked up when you admitted that you had to go to a restaurant to get the crab and gazpacho. I mean really, the bed, the house, the Studio with the exquisite heart… I would have cried if you told me your sister made 5 star meals as well.
    Lovely to hear from you Jackie. Who could ever forget you? Love

  52. Hi there Jac's, just loving these photo's. What a great place your sister lives in and love the shape of that mirror in your bedroom.

    Those cupcakes look divine...I would not have resisted one bit!

    The detail on the Pavilion is amazing...thanks so much for sharing your photo's. Love them.

  53. Hello Jackie,
    we´re just back from our holidays abroad. So I came to say hello to you... :))
    Lovely pictures up here; there is more sunshine in these pics than on our trip to Austria/Hungary/Czech Republic!
    Best greetings, Marjolijn