Tuesday, 20 July 2010

WHILE THE CAT'S AWAY !! ..........

Well, there they go.......... the husband's were off to the Le Mans Classic in my brother-in-law's Morgan .......... A kiss and a wave and then it was off to Horsham town for us vintage car widows, for a bite to eat ..........

This is Tristan's, a wonderful restaurant, situated in one of the oldest buildings in Horsham ..........

Isn't it gorgeous ? Just right for lunch ..........well, the boy's were off to France, so us girls couldn't and shouldn't be left behind !!!!! ..........

A little ' amuse bouche ' to start off with ..........

Then we chose lamb with cockles .......... de-lic-ious .......... then a summer fruit sorbet and coffee, all of which was washed down with a nice Sauvignon Blanc and then, a little retail therapy was in order !! ..........

This is a delightful shop that I am devoting the rest of this post to .......... Oh, my week away has provided me with material for quite a few posts !!!! As you walk in, you just know that it is going to be a wonderful shopping experience. First of all, there are clothes !! A quick peruse and a try-on of a few garments, resulted in my first purchase !! A little something for my upcoming holiday in Italy. I'm sorry .......... it had to be done !! Trouble was, this was the first shop that we had been in and I had already made a purchase !! Note to self .......... try to go shopping before lunch and before drinking a couple of glasses of wine !!
We then climbed the first set of stairs ..........

At the turn of the stairs was this gorgeous, beautifully worn leather chair .....no, have a little restraint, it won't go in my car !!!! ..........

This was what greeted us on the first floor.......... silver votives, a distressed silver mirror and an angle-poised lamp ..... NICE ..........

A fabulous full length old mirror, vintage accessories, and a wonderful chair ..........

Fantastic whitewashed floorboards, vintage plates on the floor, a '40's dress and a beautiful piece of lace, casually thrown over another old mirror .......... oh, and I HAD to buy that piece of lace, I just HAD to !!!! ..........

Doesn't that bowl look brilliant with the hair clips in it ? It's the little things, isn't it ? ..........

Amongst the vintage dresses on the rail, was the most wonderful wedding dress. I forgot to take a photograph of it but, take my word for it, it was exquisite.

Up another flight of stairs to the attic, passing a great chest of drawers along the way, and into another fantastic room. It was like exploring someone's house, with precious items strewn all over the place. I just loved the way that they had displayed everything. The shop is owned by three sisters and they had all brought their artistic talents to the layout of the shop ............ and, nothing was particularly expensive ..........

Another old, distressed leather chair and an old screen. If I could have got them home, I would have bought them.

There were even rose petals strewn across the floor !

Well, there we are .......... our first half day on our own ! .......... and this was just day one !! See the carrier bag ? Well, that's mine, Suprise, suprise !! I was hoping that Mr. Home and Mr. Brother-in-Law were experiencing their own delightful pursuits ( within reason !!) Well, they were in France, after all. My sister and I were just trying to keep up.
To be continued ..........



  1. What a fantastic shop! Very inspirational, also for my house. Have a happy week. XX

  2. LOL......lots of stairs after the wine....RESPECT;)...and you forgot to ask if they could deliver "your"chair????;))))
    I love your therapy!!!!!!!

    Sweet greetings

  3. What a fabulous idea having the shop like a home with something exciting to look forward to around every corner and up every staircase.....thats just devine.

  4. And quite right too! First up: lamb with cockles...is this the upmarket beef and reef? If so, am impressed. Wine then shopping - is there any better way to do it, honestly! Do they not have people who will deliver chairs and screens in your neck of the woods..and while you were at it, I'd quite like that dressmaker's dummy as well. Now, as for the trip to Italy...green with...! Nice to have you back Jackie :)

  5. I don´t feel sorry for you at all ;)...
    You´re doing the only thing that´s right...Eating delicious food , on a beautiful restaurant...
    Not to mention, the shop....
    If I ever come to visit, you have to take me there!!!!!

    And , Jackie, your photos are FANTASTIC!!!!
    You should start posting some more of your own photos...
    You just took me in to a dreamworld...
    Can´t wait to see the rest of your day!

    Take care, my sweet friend.

  6. Jackie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So good to see a post from you, you are missed!!!!

    This shop looks beautiful....can't you persuade them to open one in Crouch End, it would fit in beautifully there!! I absolutely LOVE the chairs they have - and that chest of drawers at the top of the stairs....LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    The restaurant looks wonderful, Horsham is gorgeous!!

    And the Morgan - my uncle's Morgan is red too....they are beautiful aren't they?

    I can tell you are back, I can't stop using my exclamation marks!!!!!!


  7. Dear Jacqueline, What a perfect treat of a day. Having acquired a taste for the good life, i am sure that there are more treats yet to come. I shall anticipate them with relish.

    I have never been to Horsham so this posting was a delightful introduction. The clothes store looks absolutely marvellous and everything so imaginatively and stylishly arranged. It reminded me very much of a favourite of mine in Lewes which combines clothes, flowers, books and beautiful things for the house. For me, the addition of a tea room would be absolute perfection.

    I eagerly await your next installament!

  8. Jackie
    so glad you're back , I missed your posts!! I have to say, it was worth the wait :-) it looks like you had a lovely time in France and that doesn't surprise me!What a gorgeous shop, if you got something there then you'll look simply stunning on your trip to Italy!
    Keep the posts coming pleaseeeeeee
    have a great day!

  9. Yes shopping after wine is always a risk. But still fun, and everything always looks so Good On.

    That shop is quite divine. I love love that blue dress. Rather me actually.

    Nice to see post from you after so long.

    Big hugs. xoxo

  10. Hey hey ... just the shop for you , all elegant and feminine. I love it how you noticed the floorboards.. I always notice things in shops like that and when I think I found the most gorgeous thing, half of the time it is decoration and part of the interior of the shop ;P
    Italy sounds good like a vacation ;)

  11. I can see why you haven't been posting - you're having far too much fun! That shop is my dream. Imagine owning a gem like that? Can't wait to see more of your girlie time.
    B x
    p.s By the way the dress is beautiful ;O)

  12. Oh hi honey, thanks for your comment. Sounds like you girls got off to a great start and that was just day one as you said.

    I just love the car the boys set off in, how fabulous, with a little case strapped in...wonderful.

    What a gorgeous place you landed in, something more beautiful around each corner!...oh and that lunch looked delish.

    Looking forward to hearing more,
    big hugs & xxxx Deej

  13. De belles ambiances.

    Bel été


  14. Bonjour Jackie,
    It is so good to read a new post from you! Great finds so far. Anxious to see more. Continue on and enjoy!
    Bon week,

  15. Hi Jackie, So good to have you back, and if that is only day 1 of your shopping exploits, I can't wait to hear more! What a fabulous shop - I actually think you showed much restraint - it must have been so tempting to try and take much more home with you. xx

  16. Hi Jackie
    What a fabulous shop I wish we had sommething like that in Devon it is oh so needed - well for me anyway, looking forward to hearing about the rest of your break, think I might be going Horsham way sometime soon!!!!

  17. Sounds like delightful sister-fun!

  18. Oh what a fun day Jackie, and what a fantastic place to indulge yourself!! Everything is perfect planned. Fun company, a beautiful building, lots of irresistible products. By the way, it is absolutely fantastic decorated, love the old floorboards, the beautiful old furnitures, The chest of drawers on top of the stairs, and the lamp with the old mirror, want it ! I wonder what`s in your bag :))

    I am glad you had a wonderful day!

    Hugs, Aina

  19. I love it all... especially, that vintage silver mirror!
    Looks like you had a great time :)


  20. Where have you been child? You did come back with a wonderful post. That shop is to die for, I love both of the leather chairs. I can never seem to find anything like them here in the Great American Rustbelt.

  21. Lovely post...as ever...I adore shops like that one here...such a treat to stumble across. I am not surprised you stayed a while. If I am ever Horsham way I shall visit. Lou x

  22. You always find the most fabulous places to visit. What a great shop to find! I love finding shops like this but they are few and far between. I knew you were up to something being gone so long. Keep it coming! I enjoy living vicariously through you!

  23. Dearest Jackie~
    WELCOME BACK!!! I have missed you! I Adore this post and shop!! I LOVE everything in it!! It is all displayed in the perfect simple chaos!!! Your lunch looked divine and I am so happy you treated yourself to a very special day my friend!!

  24. Jackie!! first off, that car is rockin' my world as much as that shop......I'm a sucker for vintage cars though - and if I needed more inspiration for the show in October, I just got it ONCE AGAIN from my good friend with THE best taste in shops and restaurants -

    you better take me there to eat if I ever make it to your neck of the woods........

    lovely inspiration!!! thanks!!!!
    Anne Marie

  25. What a beautiful shop and a heavenly way to spend an afternoon. Adore that white dress.

  26. That is just my sort of shop! I would LOVE to go shopping with you sometime. I have a feeling that we'd have to flip a coin to decide who would get which items because we seem to have such similar taste!

    It sounds like you are making the very best of being a vintage-car widow. Can't wait to see where you went next!

    Oh, and I loved your last comment on my blog. You always give my day a lift. Thanks, sweetheart! xoxo Gigi

  27. What a perfectly wonderful day!
    I loved that restaurant!! I would have brought in a notebook and stayed all day.

  28. Hi Jackie,

    That shop looks fantastic, and those dresses...!!!! I would have loved to join you. Did you buy the dresses you photographed? They look beautiful. I am always on the lookout for vintage items as well. I recently bought an old floral embroidered bag. So pretty with a simple black dress and high heels!

    Hope the rest of your week will be great! Enjoy your time alone.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  29. Man o Man if only I could hang with you.. Love your dress choice, I want it now too. The shop u went to was so awesome...those black & white shoes !! i must have those...that little blue frock? ditto...can I meet up with you one day in that beautiful little village to eat, drink and shop?

  30. That shop looks fantastic......What a perfectly wonderful day!..............perfect food!! ...so nice to read this today....i am happy now !!! enjoy your evening...hugs Ria.....

  31. Hi Jackie,
    do you know that I m in love with these MORGANS
    since I was 18 years old?

    Greetings from Germany Sabine

  32. Wonderful post. Love the shop! I love the wooden floors, it makes me wat to go home and tear up the carpet and paint the floors all white,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it would work don't you think. I also love the ladders, I like the displays you can make with them. Have a good time with your sister. XO MARY

  33. I just found your blog and i'm happy i did. That's a shop that i would love to visit! I can't wait to read more of your posts!

  34. Glorious!

    Shopping after wine is always an adventure - shopping after wine at this store would be outright dangerous!

    Lovely, lovely -- thanks for sharing it!

  35. Now that's a store! It reminds me of "Upstairs at Diamon Foam and Fabric" that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore.

    Looking forward to more posts like this.


  36. What a perfect day - good food, fabulous shops, great company and a credit card of course! Can't wait to see what you got up to next. Leigh

  37. I think you and your sister kept up quite well! Love that shop and all its goodies...
    Now, try to behave yourselves the rest of the time they are gone!
    ...or...don't !! :)

  38. Why do I get the feeling you enjoyed yourselves? :D xx

  39. Sounds like a fabulous beginning to a wonderful holiday with your sister....Glad to see you back and I can't wait for your next installment! xxoo :)

  40. For a moment there I thought you said 'lamb with cookies' and I was thinking to myself 'my, how avant-garde things are in Jacqueline's part of the world; I must visit!'

  41. Oh oh, are you allowed to tell us the name of that fabulous shop?? (Or did I miss it somehow?) It looks too dreamy!! --Aloha and cheers from a Hawaii expat in London part-time :)

  42. Sounds like you had loads of fun! :)

  43. Dear Jackie, I´m so glad, that you are back!
    With your beautiful posts!!!
    The store looks beautiful!
    And the car is great in the first picture, is this your car?
    I hope you had a wonderful time in France, we travel to Italy next month and I'm looking forward.


  44. Your lunch looked like a work of art and the restaurant has such character..love the beams.

    I did that once and had a huge martini and then went shopping..not good! good thing I was furniture shopping so that helped. I wanted everything! Now I know why the chee chee shops serve drinks! hey maybe we'll try that:)

    Love the outfit and the roses on the floor.
    You've given me all kinds of ideas!
    Thanks Jackie and happy you're back!
    xx Carole
    ps your photos are great...you should post more

  45. Dearest Sweet Jackie ~

    It wouldn't do for me to be left behind with that perfect little shop in walking distance! Love everything you captured so perfectly ... and the rose petals strewn across the floor are such an over-the-top addition! Love it!

    We just returned from a week in Laguna Beach / Orange County. High temperatures, lots of sunshine, sand, beach fun, loads of bubbly, and met new friends, enjoyed old friends, and hung out with family. It was a lovely getaway, and now (like you), I'm trying to catch up. Who knows if it will happen or not! ha!


  46. Hi Jackie
    This post makes me want to go back to England!!! Love that dressform that would have had to go home with me! This looks too fun, wish I was there!
    Many Blessings

  47. Oh you girls, you know how to spend a lovely day together, & to think your week had just begun. If I were only able to move to the U.K. with my land rover we could be hauling home all sorts of distressed leather chairs & vintage screens! We could do much damage together I know it.
    So thrilled to get your email. Good news is the house is on the market via the internet & avail. for viewing come Sunday. Bad news, Em leave Sat. , will write you very soon. I have missed you but so happy you had such fun. Hugs to you. xx deb

  48. I am thrilled to have found your blog! What a lovely shop and it sounds like you and your sister had a wonderful time. Good food and good shopping, it doesn't get much better than that. I'm becoming a follower but my little icon has disappeared so I will show up under your "followers" as just a little silhouette. So happy to have found your blog. Great fun!

  49. Hello Jacqueline
    What a gorgeous photos!. My hubby wants the classic car. He will be so envy of your husband.(smile).
    I wish I could visit that lovely shop.

    Julie xx

  50. I miss you desperatly!! so nice to see you again XXXX

  51. Ooooh such FUN... lovely day!!!

  52. Hi Jacqueline
    Only took me a million years to get over here.. my internet at new place .. well sucks!! takes me up to 30mins to leave a comment.. blaahh..

    Well now I know what you mean about the Morgan.. I does look just like my dad's.. will have to go back and look at his photo again... Love all of these pics.. and the contents.. great stuff.. that worn chair.. white dress and silver mirror.. fabulous!! I need to go shopping I think for me things!! actually now that I am starving myself on the stupid insulin diet I've lost 8kgs.. so.. maybe next summer I'll splurge...

    Ok.. glad you had fun... better get back to trying to catch up.. xxx Julie

  53. Jackie,
    Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip! It's fun to shop vicariously. Have a great weekend. xo

  54. Jackie, The perfect day.....thank you for the tour....Enjoy the rest of your weekend, xv.

  55. Now that is one gorgeous shop! Have a sweet weekend!

  56. Dear Jackie,
    We're going to Venice and the Venetian Bay. I live in the south of Germany and we take only 4-5 hours by car until we are in Italy. And for my children it isn´t not so far. But I would also like to go to Amalfi - Let's see, maybe next year!
    Have a nice weekend,
    Big Hugs, Yvonne

  57. What a perfectly lovely afternoon. Wish I could have joined you!

  58. Oh Jackie ~ I adore places like this! This is just the kind of spot where Gina and I love to go and look around! I cannot wait to see that you did next! xo

  59. How much fun Jackie!!! Thank you for taking us on your shopping trip! I'm going to go read all of your posts that I've been missing! Take care! Jennifer:)

  60. Ah shopping and a beautiful lunch - my perfect way to spend a day! Kellie xx

  61. Jackie you gals are certainly getting back at the guys for leaving you behind to fend for yourselves!!!LOL! And doing just what I would do if left to my own devices...shop and eat!
    I think the dress is to die for! Oh the floor mirror almost stopped my heart! It is amazing!!!

    Thank you Jackie for the loveliest words to make me thrilled to call you friend!
    Hugs and love,

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  64. Well, howdy ho my lovely friend! Stopping in from "Cherry Tree"...hee. I would LOVE to take a break in this nice cozy place for awhile. Mind if I stop in? :)

    Hope you are well overall. Always thinking of you. Much love! Hugs! :)

  65. I can see how devastateed you were Jac at being abandoned by Mr. Home. So glad you were able to find solace at such a fine establishment.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Loved Mr. Home's sage advice to MOTH today!

  66. I have soooo missed you...now I am back and so are you. Yahoo
    That shop looks amazing..I see a few things just calling my name!
    Those dresses are lovely..I think it is time for a new one.
    Hugs for a great week my sweet friend. xoxo

  67. That looks like so much fun...

    p.s your comment made me laugh, thanks.

  68. Gorgeous post, Jackie! It's lovely to have you back...blogland just hasn't been the same without you. What a delightful way to spend the day. The dresses and artful arrangment of rose petals, hair clips and lace made me feel like you'd slipped through some sort of gorgeous, vintage rabbit hole! Luckily, all that retail and restaurant therapy kept away your feelings of despair by Mr Home being away:) Can't wait for your next post. Meredy xo.

  69. what a gorgeous shop. i too would find it irresistible to indulge myself in a few items.
    rock on...
    ~laura x

  70. jackie darling. he little storm lamp always hang in a tree in my sisters garden, I took it with me after she passed away as she loved her garden so much ;)
    PS Don't feel sorry about asking please


  71. Fantastic Jackie...the fact that you are back amongst us and this wonderful shop. Looks like you had the making of a great day...your gorgeous sister by your side, wonderful food..a little of this, a little of that and the chance to enjoy every moment of that beautiful store...step by step!

    Best wishes for many more like that. I have now added Horsham to my list.
    Thank you also for your lovely comment. We are heading back to England and I am very excited :):)

    Jeanne xxx

  72. So fun to read your blog...i feel as I am there with you both... on the other hand i LOVE LOVE the Morgan...My girlfriends drives an antique one in France and we have had such fun with it....just a little hard on the tush...

  73. Hi - great post. Could you share the name of the shop? I would love to visit.