Friday, 30 July 2010


So, after a day of pure indulgence, my sister and I went off to Rye for a couple of days. We had been invited to a 'big' party in Rye, but more of that in the next post. We booked in to ' Willow Tree House' Bed and Breakfast and what a good choice it was.

It has been beautifully renovated by the present owners, which had take them 4 years !! I took photos of some of the bedrooms before the other guests arrived !!

After settling in to our room, we went off to explore Rye. It is such a pretty town. Beautiful old houses.... even Paul McCartney has a place there and is often seen around the town.

Don't you think that it was good of this pigeon to pose for me ?!!

The weather was glorious and we had the party to go to the following day ..........
To be continued ..........



  1. good gravy Jackie.....I swear! you find and have the coolest taste in places to go!!! Take my advice: write a book - about all these places to go - why not? what's it going to hurt? you have the pictures - you have a nice concise way of writing about everything that everyone enjoys -

    your style can't be beat!!!
    p.s. take me to all of these places someday okay?

    Anne Marie

  2. Fab photos! I've always loved Rye, it's so pretty. Haven't been for a while, you've got me thinking about a little road trip of my own... Got Cornwall to do with the family first though. Hope you're having fun.
    B x

  3. What a beautiful town it looks so intact. Love that first bedroom. Divine. Hope you are well. xoxo

  4. Oh Rye looks just like my kind of place! I love the house with two font doors..charming indeed. xoxoxoo Thanks for sharing the JOY!

  5. Rye has been on my list for so many years, but I've never made it there. Am going to made a definite effort on my next trip back to the UK.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Love that old plank from a prison door. Great images. olive

  7. awww love the photos!
    it makes miss England!
    i studied abroad there...some 5 years ago!
    and went to Rye and Bodiam.
    such lovely towns!

    looking forward to seeing more photos : )

  8. What fab photos Jackie. What a lovely place to explore...


  9. OH that was just beautiful, what a quaint gorgeous village. I would so love to looks very untouched. Your b & b looked great too. Good choice as you said.

    Looking forward to more!!
    xoxo Deej

  10. thinks I have fallen in love with Rye! I want, want, want to see this place in person someday. Your pictures are gorgeous of it and make me feel as though I am walking the streets too. I love it when pictures make me feel like that. That Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful place...full of charm.
    Well I think you have had some great reasons to neglect your garden. I would definitely ditch mine for a chance to go to Rye!
    Can't wait for the rest of the story...
    hugs to you sweet one

  11. Jackie - your post brought back such wonderful memories. A few years ago we stayed at Romney Bay House (Wells Next to the Sea) and spent a few days in and around Rye - your gorgeous images remind me of just how much we enjoyed this fabulous town. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  12. Hi Jackie, Rye looks picture postcard perfect, and what a fab B&B you managed to find. I love that all the history is so celebrated, and even the claim to fame of the house with two front doors! Can't wait for the next chapter - although I suspect it may be more riotous! Have a lovely weekend. Amanda

  13. Love Rye as it is a place that I loved from the first time that we visited it. Love the style of the old buildings and the eclectic range of shops in the village.

    Bon week-end a toi,

    Leeann x

  14. I die! Hey Jackie, I’m coming to Rye also with the rest of the bloggers to scout out Paul..Maybe then i can get him to finally marry me. I’ve been waiting since i was 12.

  15. Dear Jackie,what wonderful pictures. I love England. Nowhere else will you find such beautiful houses and gardens! A great place for a party.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs, Yvonne

  16. How wonderful to hear from you Jackie and I loved the little trip you took. Reminds me of the trip where we headed out of London and drove to the coast and stopped in to the B and B's along the way (Stowe-in-the Wold being a favourite). Of course, then I wanted to move to the English countryside! Much love XO

  17. Dear Jacqueline, It is now some years since I was in Rye and this posting reminds me of what a very pretty little town it is. Happily, too, unlike so many similar English towns, the traffic does not go through the centre. It has always been of interest to me since, as I am sure you are aware, it was once home to Henry James, one of my favourite authors.

    Your bed and breakfast guest house looks to be charming - a very good choice indeed. And, yes, you were very lucky to have such an obliging pigeon!

  18. Hi Jackie! Long time no see, I hope you are great! :) What an incredible b&b guest house, so pretty!

    I have been to Bath and Stonehenge this summer, travelling with bus. I really love your country and I will never forget the little villages Ive seen on my way, so incredebly lovely! I dont know where Rye is located, but I would love to go there looks so cosy and beautiful!

    I wish you the best, hugs from me! :)

  19. Hi Jackie!!

    Oh, Rye looks just gorgeous....I have always heard it was lovely but have never visited. I loved looking at your photos. The hotel owners did a great job on the renovation.

    Hope you had a great time!!


  20. GOD! How much I miss you!! XXXXXX

  21. Jackieeeeee - how I miss writing you, but have decided since this post to move to Rye now!! The buildings are so enchanting and much have so much history. It looked like a gorgeous day and Mr. Pigeon was so obliging. If you attended a big party, I can only imagine how spectacular it was. Can't wait to hear the news & in the mean time thank you X1000 for the great comment you left. You are always so kind and thoughtful. Be writing you sooner than later and have yourself a lovely weekend. xoxo deb

  22. 越來越多人看你的部落格 要繼續加油喔 ............................................................

  23. These are gorgeous pictures of what sounds like a lovely place. I would sure love to visit.

  24. Those front doors are delightfully lighthearted, and the whole town looks spick & span and charming. But on to the party! Are you an aide-de-décor to Royalty now, having caroused with the élite? May we see your frock? Or was it a gown?

  25. you seem to find the absolute cutest places !! wow, that one is a gem.
    enjoy your party!!
    ~laura x

  26. Bonjour Jackie,
    Rye looks beautiful. I need to visit the house with two ddors. Your photos are fantastic. So glad to see your new post!
    Bon week-end,

  27. WOW it's just as you described...charming and old world. How I'd love to live in the old part of the village....dreaming I know.
    Love the old bars on the old tavern. So cool and the house with the two doors....I guess they have a good sense of humor.
    You did a great job photographing it too. Made me feel like I was there!

  28. Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for taking us back to Rye! We were there four years ago and enjoyed it very much; the beautiful houses, small streets and the abundance of flowers. A pity we did not see Paul. I would have loved to meet him!

    Looking forward to more!!!!

    Happy sunday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  29. My goodness...what a lovely little town!!
    Lucky duck!


  30. I just love the look of vines growing up the walls of a building. If one day I am lucky enough to own a bricks and mortar store, my little shop will have just that! xxx

  31. Jackie, this looks like a storybook village! How thoughtful of them to provide, not only a performing pigeon, but also a colour scheme in all your favourite hues:) So proud of you for taking photos before the other guests arrived at your B&B - what a pro-blogger!

    I was going to call my blog "A Pocketful of Wry", but it was taken - darn it.

    Can't wait to see your next post. Meredy xo.

  32. Surely that pigeon wouldn't have been game to move knowing he/she was about to achieve blog stardom! Seeing these pictures makes me sad about all the wonderful places I didn't get to see when I lived in England...pout! Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your sister. Are you both a bit mischievous I wonder??

  33. Hi Jackie! what a wonderful charming village!!! And I love your fab pictures!
    Have a nice Sunday, dear!
    PS: have you decided for Le Cinque Terre?

  34. Just gorgious....I miss my days in England....

  35. What a beautiful place! I swear that one day I am going to get good and drugged up to fly over the pond to see you. Love the bed and breakfast! Why are all the great places not anywhere close to where I live?

  36. Jackie,
    Oh my! The Willow Tree House is the exact vision I have in my mind of my dream farmhouse - it would be my dream come true. What a wonderful place to stay. Your images are just all so interesting - I want to visit Rye!

    Another 'dreamy' images you shared was the cottage with the white arched door - love it and want to see the rest of the house.

    Thanks for the tour - Rye should hire you to creat their travel brochures - everyone would be want to visit. Rita

  37. Bring on the party ;) ... nice pictures of a cute village Jackie Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures x

  38. What a special place and what a special person to spend your time with, your sister! I love that last image J and can't wait to see more of your weekend~

  39. Hey Jackie
    What a marvelous place!! Just love the old world charm and the fact that it is original old world charm! the climbing roses are just beautiful.. I bet you had a wonderful and relaxing time!!

    My internet seems to be kind today and allowing me a few blog visits!! how generous of it!! hahah.. xxx Julie

  40. Hej Jackie,

    What a beautiful blog!

    I'am wachting always: a House on the Countryside :)on the TV

    But i found you!

    Thxs for the beautiful pictures.

    Hugs from Swede

  41. Hello Jackie,
    What a beatiful pictures; very nice! A good atmosphere.
    En you blog is even nice. From now I will check your blog with pleasure.
    Gr. Karin (NL)

  42. Oh, what a wonderful place, dear Jackie.......your such a lucky girl.......the pictres are absolutly great!!!!!!!!! And i looooove the one with the two black doors ;)).....heavenly!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week,

    Hugs Jade

  43. Hello my sweet friend. I understand that you have had many pleasant days and what fun to go on a major party. How nice you've lived in the old house. I love to stay at a hotel but my husband does not like it as much as me because he works from home a lot.
    This week came our book Live Beautifully into stores and actually all over Europe and I am so nervous and have butterflies in my stomach hihi. Have a wonderful holiday in Italy, lots of hugs / Ingela.

  44. What a beautiful place, such adorable pics, Must add Rye to my places to visit, Have a sweet day!

  45. i am with anne marie... GOOD GRAVY ... where's the book?????
    missing you sweet friend... and cannot wait to see more after italy!!

  46. Thank you for sharing such a charming town with us! I'm adding it to my list of places I must visit on my next trip to England.

  47. VERY charming post... now I know another place to run away to!!!

  48. What an awesome place Jackie! How fun for you and your sister!! Lovely pictures...looks like a place I would LOVE to visit!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  49. At first I thought you said you and your friend wanted to go and drink rye. Haha. This is a very charming town. I want to stay in one of the houses! Thanks for sharing.

  50. 一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻了什麼,而不是他取得了什麼....................................................

  51. Hi Jackie,
    Rye is really a cute and charming little town... three years ago we visit Rye, we stayed at the "White Vine House" and it was great... Most of all I like to visit the gardens of Great Dixter and Sissinghurst...
    Have a great time
    Hugs Bine

  52. Ooo, I just love those rooms, especially the dark fireplaces. And the town looks perfectly charming!

  53. Hello sweetie! Love these pics!
    Thank you sooo mcuh for your nice comment the other day! Valdirose is really a wonderful place!
    So you are off to Italy soon! That's great! I think that you will love my country, and Tuscany is a wonderful place! I will be near Siena next weekend! I will be in Tuscany for two days with some friends!

  54. Shall we call you the "bird whisperer" now?? What a charming place Jackie and I love the history that everything has! Beautiful shots ~ hope you are having a great week. xo

  55. That looks like a lovely place and all the better by being able to share it with your sister! Much love to you, Jackie! xxoo :)

  56. Thanks you so much for this tour. What a charming village, It has just been added to my list of must-see places. You took some incredible photos, Jackie!

  57. What a charming village! I believe I spot cobbled streets. The B&B looks wonderful. You are having a grand time and I thank you for sharing it with us.

  58. Oh what a lovely intact village!
    I've just read your comment about my home in Flaviana's blog, I came here to say thank you and thank you again!

  59. I am glad that you had fun going to that places, I am hoping that one of these days I could come and explore the place like what you did.