Saturday, 16 January 2010

A LITTLE PIECE OF ' HOME ' ..........

As you will see from the following photographs, I have entered my ' grey period ' !! Here you will find some things that are around our ' HOME '. The crown tea light holder was a present sent to me for Christmas, from Luiza @ Feelings. It sits there so nicely with my candlesticks and mercury glass lanterns.
Just before Christmas, I won a giveaway from Michelle @ Petit Coterie . It was the cushion that you see above. I have already got quite a few of her cushions and when I won the cushion I ordered some of her fabric to cover a rocking chair. With what was left over, I covered the cushion on the chair above. I will show you the rocking chair another time.

This is an old shelf that I painted and distressed and, laying next to the jug is a heart that Luiza made and sent with my present. She must have known that I was in my ' grey ' phase.

Here's a closer look. Isn't it pretty ?

This isn't a very good photograph of it but, can you see the gift tag with the cross ? Well, they come from the very talented Magdalena @ Color Sepia. I ordered some Christmas cards from Magdalena and she sent the gift tags and the cross for me. The 'J' and the 'C' are my husband and my initials and are printing blocks.

An old white jug and dried agapanthus, rose and eucalyptus.

A grey metal heart on one of my cupboards.

This is a wax picture that my sister bought me from Hungary.

This is one of the Christmas cards that Magdalena made and a rusty laurel wreath. Our house is called ' The Laurels ' so whenever I see anything to do with laurels, I buy it !

The hand and heart I bought when we were in Carmel. I have quite a few things with the hand and heart theme. I think that it is an Amish saying: 'Put your hands to work and your heart to God '.

These are my pieces of sea glass and shells that Gigi @ The Magpies Fancy gave me when I won her giveaway. She collected them from the beach and put them in the parcel as a little extra. I love them and they are on the mantelpiece in our study.

Well, there's a little look at a few of the things that are around our house. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. You have such beautiful taste and style. I love all of the photo's here, thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    It's lovely that you have little gifts from your blogging friends, beautiful.

    Happy weekend to you,

  2. Dear Jackie~

    Oh gosh.... I love every little and big thing you have. Each piece is amazing and has a story. Your HOME is truly Beautiful and I see your heart is indeed in hand and soul~

    Thank you for sharing such special corners of YOUR BEAUTIFUL HOME!


  3. hi,
    my name (laura ) means crown of laurel. i have it on a tattoo on my arm.
    i think you have some very beautiful things


  4. I love ALL your little grey cream and white things. How divine. Especially love your dresser and the metal wreath heart. Thanks so much for showing us. xoxox JANE

  5. So relaxing and beautiful!!

  6. Oh how wonderful, dear Jackie..... i loooooove these colours and your style!!!!! Your treasures are absolutly great - can´t get enough of it......the cushions are sooo beautiful and all the candle holders.....everything is so delightful!!!!! Thank you for this wonderful post and have

    very fine weekend, Hugs Jade

  7. Jackie,
    I'm a huge grey fan! Love it everywhere, and adore your beautiful pieces! Those printing blocks make me drool....stunning!
    Your *HOME* is so incredibly lovely!

  8. How wonderful Jackie
    Your home is as beautiful as your blog.. no surprise there!
    Well I love your bits and bobs .. each as lovely as the next and how wonderful to have such lovely friends that know your taste!! I've been in grey phase too and I love what you have done with that shelf. I've been trying to decide what colour to paint my kitchen dresser and it will most likely end up some shade of grey....

    Well it is all just beautiful Jacqueline, thank you for the tour,. and if you tire of that little crown.. you know where I am.. hehe xxx Julie

  9. What a wonderful pictures.!
    You've got nice things, always nice when people know what you like.
    nice weekend greetings Hetty

  10. Jackie! are you sure that you live in England? you house is such a beauty and looks like french home!I love it!!

    lots of love
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  11. Hi there, Jacie!
    You are a really lucky girl, to have all those wonderful things in your home!
    And I ADORE that old shelf...

    A house from 1665? That is just wonderful... would love to see some photos of it!What was it like?
    I think I would be a bit know, of ghosts, haha...

    Wish you a wonderful day!


  12. Ooooops, I slipped on the keyboard.... I mean Jackie!!! Nothing else =D

  13. 'Once you're there..... there's no return!
    Love the accessories wish I could find a source for the shop. Happy new year Bx

  14. Jackie what you've shown us of your home is just as lovely and inviting as you are. You yourself are such a warm, comfortable person and your home reflects that. Truly a home that is loved and appreciated, not to forget filled with love. I hope Hertfordshire is thawing out, but I think I'm dreaming.Graham called to say that it was still pretty snowy in Aberdeen. Wishing you a very lovely weekend dear friend. xxoo deb

  15. Hi Jackie,

    Beautiful pictures of your house. I like shades of grey as well, although I love colour very much too. Your chair with the matching pillow is very pretty! You did a good job! In Holland the snow is slowly melting and we can 'walk' on the pavement again! Hurray...spring here we come!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  16. Such beautiful things Jackie, I love ALL of them, really lovely.

    Have a wonderful week-endd :) xo

  17. Ohhh im speechless! What lovely photographs... so beutuful and lovely things you have in your house! You have such a god taste of decoring. You are simple the best!!!


  18. Sweet Jackie! It´s beautiful, all of it!

    The photgraphs make my heart beat faster...
    *a very good sign*..:)

    And your post about Niagra falls, made my day! So fantastic, and huge and unbeliveble! I did load home the pictures to enjoy..:)

    Thank you over and over, for your beautiful blog! And...all your kind comments to me. They mean a lot to me. Your words give me faith, and I do take good care of them all.

    My hugest hug is yours, always!

  19. Jackie, I stumbled onto your page today and what delight and joy! ;) I adore it all, and though I'm a newbie here, this post already has me enticed for more! ;) Thank you for sharing here! soft blessings to you, luv Jenn

  20. What nice gifts you have been given from blog land. Thanks for sharing photo's from your home. Have a wonderful weekend. XO Mary

  21. such stunning decor!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  22. Love the cushion and chair.

  23. You do everything with so much heart Jackie. So lovely!

  24. I'm drooling, I'll bet your house is gorgeous! I love the hand holding the heart! I collect crowns, love yours!

  25. The Laurels...I think I'm in love with a house and it's name!!! What a beautiful name for a beautiful place. I love theses pics of all your lovely decor. I knew your HOME would be amazing...gorgeous touches everywhere.

  26. So casually elegant, Jackie....I especially love your hand in heart - that is absolutely stunning! Happy weekend to you and please give my best to Johnny & Ricky! :) xxoo

  27. Hi,
    What a beautiful site you have. Friends are always welcome at Brympton Towers, pull off a decorators dust sheet, and share a pot of tea with me, always hetic,but never dull.
    Take care Susanxx

  28. What can I say,
    You are some talented woman.
    You really have a lot of style.
    Your placement and items are wonderful.
    I have been inspired. Bravo!!!!


  29. Hi Jackie,you have taken some extremely interesting photos Such lovely accessories in subtle shades of grey, a real artist's pallett. Grey doesn't suit my house but it looks splendid in yours. I especially like the metal jug and the metal heart--and-- where did you find those wooden printing blocks? i would like to go to some of the shops where you get these curios. Keep taking the photographs --- I want to see more!!!! Hugs Marilyn

  30. How beautiful! You've coordinated and arranged everything so nicely, and the muted colours are lovely and restful. And you have so many little things from your blogging friends (she said, thinking "hmmm, oh dear, I haven't sent Jacqueline anything YET"). But what I'm most impressed by is that chair with the cushion you made. Show us more!

  31. Sigh, are you SURE your house isn't in France? Its trop Paris chic to be in England ;-) Just kidding - but not about it being beautifully chic! But that's hardly a surprise. And yes - I was going to pop over before but, you know what it's like when you leave the kids in the kitchen!! They made a pav and very good it was too. But I got left taking it out of the oven while they took off to ride horses in the rain... Love the grey!!

  32. Now you just leave me wanting more. Everything just looks so perfect and put together. I like your grey mood. I always like having little things around that no one may notice the meaning of them. Like your printing stamps.

  33. I thought I was looking at photos from a magazine! I'm not kidding. I kept rereading your text to make sure. Jackie these are so need to do more of this. What great treasures you've picked up in blogland....but it's the way you've put it all together that makes it special. Now you can look around the house and be reminded of all your friends. Gee now I feel bad I haven't sent you anything!lol
    Now you've got me wanting to paint everything.
    Better get cracking!
    Thank you for your comment recently....I love that you let me in on your life too!

  34. Lovely gray! ;)Happy weekend!


  35. Oh Jackie ~ I love seeing the little bits and pieces of your home. You have some beautiful pieces ~ loving all the laurel as that is the meaning of my name ~ so I think my friend ~ we were destined to meet! Hugs for a wonderful week-end. xo

  36. FABULOUS items... LOVE that crown in first photo best!!!

  37. love it all! You know I have a thing for grey myself!


  38. I found you through Gigi...she just makes me HAPPY...

    your blog is so beautiful... my favorite word... HOME

    i will be following you along the way.

    more later,

  39. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every single picture of your home!!!! Just beautiful. Grey is wonderful!!!!!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  40. Wow!

    I just adore your lovely pictures.

    You have some Jugend - i think you call it Art Deco things - my favorite period.

    Im looking for shabby chic retailers for my shop in sweden - maybe you can name some?

    Hughs Maud

  41. oooo so pretty pictures from your house. I like everything is gray, and especially poor man's silver, and zinc. You have so many nice things.
    Hugs to you / Ingela.

  42. You have received some lovely gifts, Jackie!! How lucky you are. Your grays look as pretty as any other colo., I love your home, The Laurels! Even a lovely name!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :-)


  43. So Mrs Jackie you entered your ' grey period ' what can I say other then welcome to my world ;)
    Have a great sunday
    hugs from a snowy amsterdam ;)

  44. Grey is beautiful. Love the photos. It's inspiring me to choose my cottage colors from grey shades.

  45. Hi Jackie, I love your grey period and all your very personal treasures. Such lovely photos. I have to say that I am really loving all shades of grey myself at the moment.

  46. Oh, my sweet friend, I LOVE having this look inside your home. You and I are kindred spirits, I think. We collect so many of the same sorts of things. I was so touched, too, to see the little bits of sea glass and shells I sent you alongside your beautiful collections. You are an inspiration, Jackie, and I adore the grey phase that you're in!!

    xoxo Gigi

  47. As always, I love everything. You have to have the best taste in the blog world. Seriously. I do, however, love those white mugs the best! :)

    Happy Weekend!

  48. Dear Jacki, I love your style! Everything is beautiful!

    Yes,this are my two daughters and they had yesterday their teatime (like in england ;-) )!!!

    Have a nice sunday, Yvonne

  49. Oh Jackie you are so stylish, love all the bits of HOME. Thankyou for sharing, my daughter loves the crown tealight holder :)

  50. Absolutely totally beautiful! The pillows and the other stuff is so nice put together! I wish you the best! Hugs from Siren :)

  51. so lovely... just like you... have a wonderful day... xx pam

  52. I loooooove how you recovered that rocking chair. Gorgeous!

  53. My Dear Jackie,

    I love everything. Grey,cream and white.. so beautiful. I adore your style. Divine.

  54. Not only is your home full of beautiful things but everything is so fabulously put together. I love it! It all looks so cosy and peaceful - I would just love to sit for a moment in your gorgeous rocking chair and drink in all the loveliness. Thank you for this little glimpse of you. Leigh

  55. j'aime cette ambiance,en plus tu sais que j'adore toujours ces couronnes.

    bonne semaine


  56. I adore that chair and cushion. So very stylish!

    Thank you for your wishes. All is well with Dad, had double knee reconstruction and all his family live hours away out of sydney so needed to make sure all was good. And i'm an only child!! xx

  57. Hi,

    Lovely pictures. Your blog is also gorgeous!

    Have a nice evening,

    warm winter wishes,

    ~*~ Saskia ~*~

  58. I don't know how you manage to make grey look so soft and warm or sexy for that matter.
    I like grey but have never been ale to make it look.
    much love

  59. It is lovely expression of yourself. There is nothing better than to surround yourself with such beautiful things. I love visiting your many wonderful things to look at and read!
    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  60. I love this color palette and your house looks amazing! Congrats!
    Don't miss the second part of my weekend on my blog.
    Have a nice day!

  61. Dear Jackie,
    your home is a REAL home, I love your gray phase. You've decorated your treasures extremely effective and beautiful. Thanks for the insight into your beautiful home. I wish you a cosy and pleasant week
    Warm hugs

  62. Dearest Jackie,

    Your house -- Home -- is so beautiful with your exquisite taste complimented by collections, gifts and great finds. As we used to say in the biz, could you do a little merchandising for me? Where can one (moi) find the following: gray metal heart hanging from doorknob, mercury glass lanterns, the laurel(?) wreath on the shelf? I'm sure you will tell me they are unfindable -- a new word to express my disappointment.

    Another exquisite post. I love gray as well. We live in a sea of grieges and beiges, the theory being one can always change the accessories and as we all know it's ALWAYS all about the accessories. . .


  63. It looks like "The Laurels" is a beautiful place thanks to your wonderful talent of decorating! Everything has such an old world feel, I love it! Thank you for your sweet comments! I left one back at my blog because I never know how to do it. I need a course on blogging etiquette! :)-Jennifer

  64. Your home is amazing and these photos are wonderful. After white, grey is my next fav colour...I hope you dont grow out of your grey phase!
    Ness xx

  65. Beautiful post! I love this gray nuance!

    /Bettina :)

  66. Jackie! I LOVE what you do!
    Happy weekend!