Wednesday, 30 December 2009

AFTERMATH ..........

I'm feeling a little bit full and bloated at the moment and I think that I'm in need of ..........
.......... some of this ..........

.......... and a touch of this, 'cos I've had too much of ..........

.......... THIS !!!!! ..........

.......... AND THIS !!!!! ..........

.......... AND THIS !!!!! ..........

and rather too many of these, nice as they were, so I'm in need of some of ........

.......... THIS ..........

..........AND THIS although,

we will be counting down the minutes to midnight tomorrow and there will be ..........

.......... Fireworks and , OH NO ..........

.......... more of THIS !!!!! Detox will have to wait a few more days !!!!!

Wishing all of my blogging pals everything that you wish yourselves and your families for 2010.
Many thanks for all of your wonderful comments and your support and I look forward to reading and commenting on your posts in the coming year.




  1. A wonderful photo essay! A wonderful New Year to you!

  2. Yah - The second to comment, I do think this is a first!? Jackie, I loved that quote. That is truly how we should live our lives. Such an appropriate post and the holidays is truly about breaking all the rules. I thank you for each & every word you have expressed to me over these hard months. You are a friend for a lifetime. I wish you, Mr. Home and your sweet family a magnificent New Year. May you ring it in with a champagne in hand and knowing I am thinking of you here in America. All my best with love,
    xx deb

  3. dear jackie... i so enjoy reading your blog and wish you truly all of the many blessings you deserve in the new year... x pam

  4. A truly wonderful post! That quote is going into my commonplace book and probably somewhere on my wall. What a great wish for a new year.

    Happy New Year to you, and enjoy the celebrations. Detox can wait!

  5. How lovely! Thank you for such a fabulous wish for the New Year! Right back at you, from both of us!

  6. Just a fantastic post and ditto over here on how you feel....except my son turns 10 tomorrow so there won't be much of that champagne that I wish for, for fear the parents of the boys that come over won't let them come over again! On second thought, maybe I will so the boys aren't always at my house, hmmm something to think about!

  7. A perfect quote Jackie! I am so glad to have you among my blogging friends and look forward to lots more sharing in the new year...I wish all the best for you and your family...'s to 2010!
    :) Laura

  8. Jackie,
    Wonderful quote. Can't wait to see all you have for us in 2010.
    WIshing you and your family much happiness in the New Year!

  9. So true! Thanks for the lovely reminder to take time to rest and restore. :-)

  10. wonderful quote! Hope your New Year is filled with wonderfulness!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  11. Lovely quote! :) Happy, happy New Year to you!


  12. I agree with you whole heartedly! That has been my life too, as of late! Love the quote! Happy New Year to you too, Jackie! xxoo

  13. What a lovely quote (and table of scrumptious food!)... I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2010!

    Almost Happy New Year, Jackie!

    : )

    Julie M.

  14. Great quote Jackie - and wonderful images too as always....I definitely feel like that girl looks in the first photo!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a very happy 2010 :)

    Simone xo

  15. You nailed it Jackie - that's exactly how it is round here too. As usual, your photos are perfect and so entertaining -

    Love being blog friends with you - Happy New Year to you, here's to the best of everything in 2010 -


  16. Beautiful post.
    I am looking forward to more this new year. Happy 2010.


  17. One of the hilights of my year was finding your wonderful blog! I feel much like the girl in the first picture...I just don't look that beautiful at it!
    hugs to you dear friend and wishing you a happy New Year!

  18. I'm with you on this! Hope you are up for a few more sparkly drinks, Monday is days away and that is soon enough. Have a wonderful new Years and only the absolute best in 2010.

  19. Oh Jackie it sounds like you need to come to my rather elegant New Years bash, we have fairy dust to take care of all that Christmas excess, plus we are off to Venice and a masked ball. You simply have to come it won't be fun with out you. Then there's the gondolas,the fireworks, the sweeping staircase and Blenheim Palace. You just need a sprinkle of fairy dust and you'll be fine......I promise.

    I hope that 2010 brings you joy.
    Much love

  20. At home with you Rright here for sure!! I have had too much of all you mentioned too! We must wait just a couple more days for that mint tea and lots of water & walking~ LOVE this post! Happy Happy 2010 to you my friend!!

  21. Dear Jackie
    Wonderful quote! I'm always up for a bit of good madness. Thanks for a wonderful blogging year... and for being a great email buddy. Hope all your dreams come true in 2010...and tonight [here anyway] Have a blast!! xxx Julie

  22. Looking forward to the new year where all my resolutions will be met and I will be the new and improved Carole from MG. Ya right!! I'll still be the same...haha.
    I've enjoyed all your lovely comments in 09....I know how much effort you put into each one....your amazing...just the best!
    The Happiest of New Year to you and Mr Home!!!
    see ya next year!

  23. I hear you Jackie ~ I feel the same way!! I am sure I gained 10 pounds over the past 5 days and with all the chocolate around our house ~ I am not sure when my detox will a nibble on a Tolberone...
    Happy New Year to you my new friend ~ 2009 has been good to me and blogging has introduced me to some wonderful people ~ you being one of them. Thank you for your support and your comments from the get go. Cheers to a fantabulous 2010!

  24. Jackie,

    All of the above has just been too much! I feel your pain and the need for detox from....the cookies, food, liquor, not to mention the preparation of...baking the cookies, wrapping the presents, preparing the Christmas dinner, cleaning up the leftover debris, and removing the Christmas tree! Time for some TLC i.e. manicure, pedicure, a good long soak in the tub, lots of liquids (not the kind that makes you fuzzy headed), and lots of afternoon naps to replenish the body. PHEW!

    Happy New Year.


  25. Wishing you a happy and blessed 2010!!!!. Gypsy Purple--Chamara

  26. Jackie, I am wishing you health, happiness, and great big doses of joy in 2010! I feel so lucky to have met you this year. You and this fabulous blog of yours inspire so many people. What a gift! xoxo Gigi

  27. Wishing you all the best in the coming new year! Love your blog...

  28. Happy New Year, to you and your family!
    May all your vishes and dreams come true!
    And thank you, for making my 2009 better, by being one of my truest friends!!!

    Much love/

  29. Jackie, what a fun post! I'm totally with you on it. Thanks for your wonderful support of my blog and for providing us with great journeys on yours.

    May 2010 be the best year for you with only great things.

    Happy New Year!


  30. Thank you for your lovely wishes.
    Nice post you have posted here.
    I wish you a very good and healthy 2010. and a lot of fun blog
    Greetings Hetty

  31. Dear Jackie - have so enjoyed getting to know you a little & reading all your wonderful posts...looking forward to more in 2010..Thank you again for all your kind encouragement and sweet words...wishing you a healthy & happy year Susie x

  32. As always, dear Jackie, perfection.

    You've added so much to my blogging life I cannot begin to tell you. I feel as if you are a new friend, and am very grateful for that indeed.

    As I think I've said, but can never say enough times: May your new year be filled with joy and all your hopes and dreams come true.


  33. Dearest Jackie, I wish you a happy new year, too!!!!!!

  34. Great post, Jackie! Thanks for the very sweet comment and kind wishes. You are THE best! All the best to you in 2010!!

  35. Great blog, so beautiful, i´m love it!

  36. Ha! as always you sum it up perfectly I could add nothing more except....I hope it brings all your dreams to your door.I am so glad to be able to visit your blog it is a real joy thank you.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  37. I'm feeling the same way! Thank you, Jackie for all of your visits and comments. I wish you and your family a very happy 2010! xoxo, Ally

  38. Happy New Year and looking forward to reading more in 2010...
    Lou xx

  39. Hi Jackie,

    I think we are sitting behind our computer at exactly the same time!! Just read your comment on my blog :) I wish you and your family a Happy, Beautiful, Healthy and Sparkling New Year too. I hope it will be a year full of Love and Fun. I enjoyed reading your posts. You have got such a sense of humour. They always make me LOL. The pictures you place are beautiful and just my style. I look forward to reading and seeing more!!! Have a lovely New Years Day!

    Lieve groet,


  40. CHEERS darling Jac's...detox can wait! I have loved being a blogfriend and really look forward to seeing where 2010 will take us in blogland.

    Have a good one,
    Big hug Deej :)

  41. My dear friend,
    wishing you and your famlily all the best for 2010, may all your dreams and wishes come true. Looking forward to enjoy your blog this year, your wonderful bloggerlady...
    Many warm hugs Bine

  42. Yes, I'm very much in favour of such abundance followed by a spartan lifestyle, and over and over again, rather than a tedious even keel. Happy new year to you, Jacqueline!

  43. I have to say I like the way this Neil is bringing it on! such great Ideas.. I already wished you a happy new year but am pleased to do it again.. happy new year Jackie!

  44. A WONDERFUL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to you an Mr. Home!!!! Thank you so much for all your inspiration and all your sweet comments - i loooove your blog and i´m so happy, that i found you!!!

    Best wishes, Hugs Jade

  45. well...i just love that quote and the images you have chosen and always choose!! you have a keen eye for beautiful things and your witty words keep me coming back for more! very joyful! happy new year to you!

  46. Jackie, wishing you much joy for 2010, and may you realized whatever you need or wish.
    Your post is great and your pictures are just amazing!!!!!
    Thank you so much for your visit today.
    Con mucho cariño,
    Maria Cecilia

  47. I have eaten way tooooo much to my sweet friend. I need to get back on track but find it hard as the family celebrations continue. Thank you for your lovely New Year wishes. I am so wishing you a year of Joy and Blessings. So very very glad I have connected with you through your lovely blog. xoxo

  48. Wonderful quote and the photos are great. Wishing you a very happy 2010, hope that it is your best year yet.

    Leeann x

  49. I love your blog. Wish you a happy new year!!

  50. Hi there Jackie, I'm new here, soo excited to have found you, really interesting posts!I will be back, great to have found another UK blogger!Happy New Year! Sharon xx

  51. Dear J,

    Missed coming to your beauty. That watch is beautiful and that quote is splendid. Love, Peace, XXX

  52. Looking forward to hearing how your New Year's eve went! I often think it's criminal that NYE follows the Chrismas feasting so closely ;-) Have a great time being kissed by people who love you and surprising yourself too this year. It's one of the best things we can do I think. Enjoying being back on the veges myself after all that cheese and foie gras!
    Many bright blessings to you Jackie!


  53. Hi Jackie

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 is full of much love, happiness and many, many beautiful things! Leigh

  54. Fantastic i enjoyed hugely, Stephne x

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