Saturday, 9 February 2019

RAINY DAYS, BITS + BOB'S, ODD'S + SOD'S ..........

It rained all day yesterday .....

On Tuesday, we had all of our trees cut as we always do in February ..... he also cut down our weeping silver birch tree ...... arghhhhhh, it was scary as it was a major part of our garden ..... but, it needed to go as it was taking up so much of the garden but, I don't like change ! When we moved here, thirty two years ago, it was a twig !!! I don't like cutting down trees either but, it had to go and now we can do something different at the bottom of the garden ..... it's a work in progress. 

Underneath the silver birch were ten ferns which I dug up on Thursday but they are just sitting in the rain as I haven't been able to get out there and put them in the ground. It looks like today will be as windy and wet as yesterday so the ferns will have to wait. 

This is a photograph of our children's infant/primary school that they went to thirty odd years ago. I took the photograph from my friends gorgeous Georgian house ..... she doesn't live there anymore. 

 The street where we live, in the snow 

This is on our landing .....

We have these finger plates on all of the doors in our house ..... I found  25 of them in a junk shop and paid £8 for the lot ! I also found a set of stair rods in our local hardware shop that had probably been languishing in the back of the shop since the Edwardian era ..... it was the kind of shop where you could describe vaguely what you wanted and they would know just what you wanted and where to find it. I don't think that I paid much for them either ! The hardware shop went a few years ago ..... I bet there were some gems that I missed in there that probably got thrown away.

This is me, in a changing room in Cambridge, waiting while my friend was trying clothes on !!! I had to do something to amuse myself !

Well, there you are, a mixture of nothing in particular ! It looks like there will be wind and rain again today ..... I must find something indoors to do. 
Are you all having a taste of the wet and windy weather ?


images 1 & 2: via pinterest, image 9: via  black velvet ribbon, images 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8: via me



  1. I spent most of yesterday cutting the top branches off my best Apple tree. It had grown tall and leggy through years of neglect. Today it looks a lot better, and we'll be able to reach the fruit (if we have any).

    What a great find those finger plates were. I tend to buy similar things, then never know what to do with them.

    1. I hate cutting down any tree but it was taking over and nothing would grow underneath it. We can now do something different there. I'll show you in the Summer !
      The finger plates were a great find .... they are perfect for our late Victorian/early Edwardian house as all the fireplaces are art nouveau as are the finger plates. They were a little bargain at the time { about thirty years ago } I think reproduction ones are about £30 each now ! XXXX

  2. I love looking at other people's photos. The windy weather has a name. Eric.

    1. I knew that we had had the end of Eric but I didn't know whether { or weather !! haha } it was still with us !
      Shall I do more of my photos ? XXXX

  3. Windy and dry here. I have picked the washing up off the grass twice, including last night when I gave up with it in the end. I like the finger plates. A good find and put to use. Sometimes things like this end up being put down somewhere and never used.

    1. It is dry and very windy here as well Rachel. I'm not suprised you gave up with your washing ! Our tumble dryer gave up the ghost a few days ago ..... we have had it for years so we got our money's worth. A new one is arriving tomorrow. I love my finger plates and they are perfect for the age of our house { see my reply to Cro } Lots of the old stuff isn't quite so easy to find as it was in the 70's. XXXX

  4. We've had rain off and on for over a week. We desperately need it to fill up Lake Mead which currently has an ugly "bathtub ring" of where the water used to be 30 years ago. Not sure we will ever fully recover. Cutting away anything still green and living makes me feel so guilty, but at times it is necessary.

    1. You need the rain then Z ?
      I hate cutting trees down but sometimes it needs to be done. It was making everything really dark, nothing could grow and the grass was dead underneath it ! XXXX

  5. Oh yes please, definitely lots more photos of your beautiful home and garden Jackie!
    Love those art deco plates - and your stripped pine (?) door, so English, I love that look. A 'wow' chandelier - I have three and love them so much.
    Your street in the snow is pretty - but perhaps you're happy it's only windy now.
    We had a heatwave this week - almost 80F on two days and far too warm for Feb. (what to wear?), but now cooling off again. I did a little garden clean up too - and all the bulbs are pushing up. Some early blossom trees are in bloom and my fig is sowing touches of green on the tips - always worrisome in case there's a freeze again before spring!

    Thanks for sharing that really neat dressing room pic of you - bet Cambridge has some fun shops!

    1. Hi Mary,
      All all of our doors are stripped pine .... a fashion of the seventies/eighties but I still like it ! I think that our street looks better in the snow !
      Your garden sounds as if it is coming into life Mary .... Spring is my favourite time of year and it’s just around the corner for us. Cambridge is so lovely to visit and under an hours drive away. All of the ‘ known ‘ shops are there and lots of individual ones as well and nice places to eat.. XXXX

  6. Such lovely pics! I do like period details in houses. Yes, we did have some wet and windy on Friday, but of a different nature. It's been boiling hot here this summer and our storms have been rather tropical in ferocity. Luckily it's rather a bit cooler today for a concert we're off to this afternoon; "feels like" 22 degrees, so I may even need to take a cardie!

    1. We have only ever lived in old houses Vanessa ...... we have lived here for over thirty years .... the house we lived in before this one was built in the early 1600’s, built before the Great Fire of London !!!!
      My friend is in Sydney at the moment visiting her son ..... she has got away from our cold, wet Winter and is enjoying the Ozzy sunshine ..... lucky her ! XXXX

    2. A house from the 1600s would have been incredible!! I'd love to see some photos of that one...If you've posted some on the blog before, what "labels" have you tagged them with? You've a bit of an archive to sift through without some guidance! xx

    3. I don’t think that I’ve ever posted any photographs of our old house. I’ll have to search some out but they will look very dated now. It was over thirty years ago that we lived there Vanessa ! I’ll see what I can do but don’t hold your breath ...... it could take me s while 🤣 !!! XXXX

  7. Grey, rainy, drizzling here.
    Very, very sas news. My beloved Oskar, the cat, had died yesterday in the evening, just out of the blue without any warning.
    He was laying durin the day upstairs in the bedroom on its favorite place quit peaceful. Then, when try to calling him for supper could not her him, went upstairs to look and have found him at the same place, laying in same position but not moving at all. He was dead like out of the blue. Don't know why because the day, the nicht before, the morning he was happy, bouncing, playing, eating, all as normal.
    He was only 13 years old, very healthy. So, no idea what was happen.
    I'm devestetated. in tears.
    Have lost my best friend, just unexpectated and out of the blue.
    My best friend who loved when talking to him, he understood every word.
    He gave me warmth, love, affections - he was simply so special, my husband always said that he is one in a million.
    Whole world loved him as he was such a gentle cat, descret and never sreaming.
    SAD, SAD.
    No - La Pouyette is empty, empty in every sense.
    Have to try to keep on in life, maybe some blogging will help.
    Sorry to let you know about, but writingit down is already a little help I feel.

    Wishing you that rain will stop, that London will brighten up with sunshine (also in every sence :-)! Temperatures here are rather mild, something like 12 - 14 degrees during afternoons, almost like early spring, mad.
    Will "blow" some of up to you in hope that they can cross the chanel.

    Ones is for sure - Spring is in sight - it want be long and live is coming back in your and our gardens. Have also a lor of old trees and branches to cut, whenever rain stops and all will be more dry.

    Sending all my best wishes, dear Jackie,
    Love - xoxo Karin

    P.S. don't know what happen with my system because have already this comment written befor but could not see it published.
    So, hope that this one will get through to you.

    1. Oh Karin, I am so sorry to hear your sad news. I know the psin when a loving family pet dies. You will never forget your beloved Oskar but, in time, you will have precious memories to think of and it won’t hurt quite so much. Just remember how lucky you were to have had Oskar for those thirteen years and I know that he must have had a wonderful life with you. Take care, look after yourself and remember all the good times that you shared with Oskar. Lots of love. XXXX

    2. Thank you so much, dear Jackie, for you comforting words.
      Am a bit embarrassed by now to write all that in public, just had the feeling that it was helpful at the moment. It was just so sudden, without being prepared. But certainly good for Oskar, good not to have to suffer too long.
      Not only that I miss my husband Oskar. I know that time can or will heal.
      Waiting for spring.
      xoxo karin

    3. Please don’t be embarrassed Karin ... it can really help to express yourself when feeling grief ..... especially when it’s somewhere a little ‘ anonymous ‘. I am so sorry for your losses and hope that time will make it a little eadier to bear.
      I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful garden later in the year if you can manage to post some photographs on your blog ..... it is so inspirational. Much love to you Karin and be strong. XXXX

    4. Thank you Jackie for all your words.
      I am embarrassed to let all that out on your blog.
      It's not really appropriate and normally I'm not like that as you hopefully know.
      Just could'nt help, thought that you'll understand as you one of my favorite blog friends.
      Yes, I will continue with garden posts asap.
      We have wonderful and warm weather at the moment, a bit too high temperatures for February.
      Will blow the sun over to you! Meanwhile stay DRY and warm.
      xo karin

    5. Weather here has turned mild for February and we have had some sunshine. We took a weeping silver birch out of our garden and now we are deciding what to do now that it is gone ! Take care Karin. XXXX

  8. Yeah ...i hope spring Will come soon....i can’t wait ...but it is longer light in the evening i am so happy for That ❤️ Have a Nice day Ria ❤️

    1. I have noticed how much lighter the evenings are so Spring is definitely on it’s way. Enjoy the week ahead Ria. 🥀 XXXX

  9. I had to laugh that after 32 years the garden is still a work in progress. After 20 ours is too. Always pulling out and replacing. At least it keeps one out of trouble.

    Enjoy the blog. Visited the Dickens house because of what you wrote when we were in London at Christmas.

    1. Hi John and thank you so much for your lovely comment. I think that a garden is always a work in progress, don’t you ? Plants due, things change, abd, although I don’t really like change, it will be nice to do something different. How lovely that you visited Charles Dickens house .... what did you think of it ? I found it really charming and it had s lovely feel about it. Have you been to Sir John Siabes house. It’s free and is really good. ..... and, my very favourite if all, Dennis Severs house. Try and visit them if you haven’t done so. XXXX

    2. That’s Sir John Soanes !!! Spell check can be a nightmare. I’ve just seen that you are in the U.S so not easy for you to visit my suggestions but they are there if you come to London again. XXXX

  10. OH Jackie! So sorry I missed your Birthday, I'll send the Rolls Royce next
    year. If I am still above Ground. Been so busy, at my age everything just takes longer to do. Still volunteering at the Soup Kit, it was Bloody cold today at 7AM. I am just exhausted when I leave at 1PM. Just crash in the bed and kiss my dog. Hope SPRING comes soon. Love yvonne

    1. Hi Yvonne and so lovely to hear from you.... I miss you and Renee .... how is she doing ? Lovely to hear that you are keeping busy .... I think that keeping busy keeps us all going ! Look after yourself and fon’t Forget to put your feet up sometimes ! XXXX

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