Monday, 10 June 2013


Don't tell anyone but I've never really been a lover of pink ..... being a bit of a tomboy as a child, I steered well clear of that girlie, girlie colour and the dislike of the colour crossed over into adulthood 'till this day but ..........

I guess that there are some pinks that are just BEAUTIFUL .......... just don't tell anyone that I told you ..... I don't wish to ruin my anti-pink reputation!!!!!

image 1: via elsa may, image 2: via berlio z, image 3: via envers du decor, image 4: via jennafifi, image 5 , 10 & 11: via love french bulldogs, image 6 & 7: via tumblr,  image 8: via, image 9: via dianabaabez, image 12 & 16: via zsa zsa bellagio, image 13: via tiny white daisies, image 14: via wishful thinking, image 15: via picture perfect
pink collage images via zsa zsa bellagio & mia lo poppy



  1. You had me won over at the pink champagne..

  2. The shades you've shown are delicious!
    Love the sunset pink.

  3. Great post.
    You know your pinks.

  4. Loving the shades of pink - especially the cocktails and cupcakes! xxoo

  5. Prosecco with rose petals? OMG! Just splendid.

  6. I love pint tooooooooooooooo, and your photos its so beatutiful!
    Love them

  7. I may have to reconsider my love for Schiapperelli's Shocking Pink!!!
    These pinks (especially the ballet shoes and the sunset!) are devine.

  8. What a wonderful post...i just loooove all these pink´s....
    XOXOXO, Birgit

  9. Owww Jackie i love all your pinks know pink is my favorite !! from !..happy week !!

  10. Dear Jackie,
    thank you for those lovely images! I adore pink - but only as a dash of colour to some other clothes (you'll always find one piece on me), and only that soft pink, not the garish shrill one. (My pink is more on the cool side, not the apricot way) It is such a becoming colour when getting a bit on in years - and an eye-catcher. As I am a person who knows what she wants I never saw it as a submissive to a special female role (though I own the book 'Think pink!' - a social study about women).

  11. Oh Jackie...I've never been a huge fan of pink either...but I love every single image perfection :-)
    Have a lovely day...maybe a glass of pink champagne?

  12. Your secret is safe with me :o Totally want to eat that nougat!! xox

  13. jax,

    me too!!!
    i was and still am a tomboy.
    i hated pink, and am still not a huge fan.
    because of my profession have learned to work with it.
    i don't wear ruffles,or anythiny that is shiny either.

    go figure!!

    love oxo

  14. Hi Jackie...
    This pink post is just blush...soft and quiet.
    Hoping you and yours are well. Dad, Mr.Flea and I are enjoying the solitude of the lake and mountains...waiting for the busy weekend when family arrives. Take care! Laura :)

  15. Hi dear Jacki,
    ohhhh, I love pink, but only the soft and pale ones, but I promise you, I will not tell anyone about your silent love :-)
    wishing you many happy and sunny days...

  16. Oh I do love pink and those are the most beautiful I've ever seen. I need to show my daughter that fingernail decoration. She would love that.

  17. Hi Jackie! So much beauty over here! I love peach, I guess the new name is blush. But I've always loved it. When I was about 12 I had my mom paint my room peach. Pink is almost peach and I love it too...just not as much. Your secret is safe with me:) Love that manicure!

  18. Dear Jackie,

    You chose the right sort of pinks. Love them :-) Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  19. I've never been a girlie type but soft pinks make me go week at the knees!

  20. Oh but you did this pink post right!

  21. I think a pink top hat would suit you to a tee! I have been back and forth on pink through the years ~ loved it in the 80's ~ hated it in the 90's but have worked it back in with a few odd pieces the last few years. I guess I will always be a girly girl. xoxo

  22. Oh Jackie what can I say, you have me blushing but please be confident that your secret will be safe with me. The tone of pinks you selected deserve their own colour name or at least spelled like P...Ink.

    Helen xx

  23. Hay Jackie,

    What a lovely sweet and pink post!
    I love pink so much..
    And I love your blog.
    I will follow your blog.
    Please come and take a look into my world!

    Love & Happinesssssss

  24. I love pink so much I designed my couture wedding gown in pale pale pink tule! I only like pale pink! Shhhhh I am picky on the shade too!

  25. Oh Jackie, I feel like I´m in heaven........I loooooooooove, love, love this post!!! It´s so breathtaking and magical!!! And I love pink ;)!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much for all your inspiration, full of beauty and heart!!! Have a wonderful summertime (here in Bavaria it is soooooo hot - too much for me),

    Hugs Jade

  26. Loving your pink. Your photos are always amazing, it's so nice to visit your blog. So much eye candy. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Your visits always mean a lot to me. xo

  27. Pale pink and flesh colors are easy to live with.
    My wedding Bouquet was Oceania roses, a delicate
    soft pinkish white.
    That Pink Divinity candy looks good.

  28. This lovely ballet pink post calmed my summer camp frenzied self right down...thank you, such a peaceful way to prep for the mayhem!
    Hope you're enjoying a wonderful and 'warm' beginning to summer J!
    xoxo J~

  29. Beautiful post. Thanks for dropping over.
    My beautiful Garden is dropping flowers, soon Summer will be
    here and think it will be a scorcher. All I'll have left will be Day lilies
    Have a fantastic Summer, yvonne.

  30. I live in a Moroccan pink bedroom....actually there's a lot of pink in my house I am a fan!!

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    have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at

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