Friday, 12 April 2013

AFTER THE SNOW .......... THE RAIN !!!!

I'm not one to moan about the weather ..... having lived in merry old England all of my life, we are used to seeing all sorts of weather at different times of the year BUT .....

..... Spring is really taking a long time to arrive. After the sleet and snow of last month, we now have rain !!!! Not so much April showers but RAIN rain !!

Still ...... there is nothing that can be done about it so I guess we shall have to make the best of it ..... we have scarified and aerated the lawn and fertilised it so, a bit of rain is going to benefit all of those processes.

.....and, perhaps a day under a few blankets with a good book { ..... I'm reading ' Miss Garnet's Angel " by Salley Vickers at the moment. Have any of you out there read it ? I'm really enjoying it as it's set in my favourite Venice }

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I must be one of those typical British people who are always talking about the weather, when I look back on some of my posts !
But, I shall embrace it and enjoy it just like Gene Kelly !!
Although, I couldn''t believe it when we were told the other day that, even after the wettest summer ever recorded, the snow, the sleet and rain that we have had so far this year :

That we will probably have a hosepipe ban !

Explain that if you can !!

images 1 & 10: via lost in the moment, image 2: via just call me grace, image 3: via beauty and grace, images 4, 5 & 8: via night tattoo, image 6: via pandora's inspiration, image 7: via dianne documents, image 9: via brown dress with white dots, 



  1. And the day after the hosepipe ban is announced it will start to rain again.

  2. What a lovely post. You make even the rain look lovely.
    Just happened across your blog for the first time and look forward to following. If you need a splash of sunshine today-my post might warm you up.
    Just back from Mexico where the sunshine was plentiful!
    Cheers to you today.
    Heather @Stylemindchic

  3. We are matching you in rain, RAIN, rain in the mid west mchigan, illinois area . . . days, and days, and days.
    There is no doubt . . . we will be seeing green this year . . . I think I will go catch some of that precious water for my inside plants . . .

  4. Gene Kelly makes me's getting ridiculous isn't it...but apparently we're having a little heatwave on Sunday, Jackie ;-)
    Great selection of images...haven't read the book you mention, but it's on my to read list now!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. O yes here tha same weather darling...i have the lights on in our house !! is so dark weather !!!..and it rains a lot right now....hope spring will arrive soon..they say that sunday it will be spring weather in from me....lovely

  6. Hello Jackie

    Thanks for telling us what you are reading, I am in need of a read, so will pick up a copy. I have to giggle at the word hosepipe. In North America, Canada specifically, the deragotary term "Hoser" is used to describe someone who is not up to expectation. So the implementers of the hosepipe ban could be referred to as a bunch of hosers.
    Have a great weekend


  7. Hi Jackie,

    The same here in Holland! Hopefully it will turn for the better this weekend :-) I have high hopes. Haven't read your book, but put it on my list.

    Wishing you a happy and dry weekend. Have fun!

    Madelief x

  8. OOhh I am soooo fed up of the weather, I am fed up of being cold all the time & having the heating on in the middle of April!!!
    I hope Spring arrives soon!

  9. Wonderful images and videos!
    I wish we had RAIN, but we have icy pallets and icy rain with gusty winds.
    Open an umbrella and you risk to fly away like Mary Poppins.
    Driving is a brave option.

  10. Well these moving rain images are splendid anyway. I saw on the news today that in the state of Maryland they are taxing citizens for the amount of rainwater that runs off their property-how can that be?

  11. Love your very wet post Jackie. I almost feel like I need to go put my wellies and slicker on for this one :) We are having just the opposite here. Very dry for this time of year and we will definitely have water conservation in place this summer.
    I hope all is well with you and that you stay snugged up with your book and blankies my friend!
    many hugs from here....

  12. Jackie,
    This is the best post. I don't know where you find these great images.
    Maine had snow last night, I fertilized the lawn so now we have
    mucho rain, cold too.
    Stay dry and warm.

  13. it is nasty here in maine............
    mom called me over to look at a picture on a blog-
    i instantly knew it was YOUR BLOG.
    because you ALWAYS have the coolest, most beautiful images.

    love to you -
    stay warm.

    i am sick of the old rainy weather.
    it SNOWED last night????
    the winter has got to end!!

  14. Egads! How awful and it is so demoralizing.

    But here's the thing: you find and display images that make the horrible weather look so, well, beautiful!

  15. What a wet post Jackie!
    I hope the spring will warm your cold skin soon.
    Hugs Gerda

  16. I just love your pictures! you make rain so romantic. At times, I welcome rain, curl up in my favorite armchair and read all day..... I remember my years in England with endless fog and rain...

  17. I think that's where Canadians get it from ~ the Brits! We talk about the weather all the time too! The ground was covered with snow when I got up this morning but it turned out to be a gorgeous day and the snow is all gone. I just want to see some sunshine so things can start drying up and I can clean out the flowerbeds ~ the new shoots are getting choked out by last fall's crud! Have a great week Jackie. xo

  18. I’ve been absent...busy in my etsy stores, sales have been booming all of a sudden and i am very pleased indeed...had to pop in though and see my fave gal in blog land...never, ever a disappointment...caught up on the last couple of’ve lead quite a look like a Bond girl in that scuba suit...

  19. Thanks for the comment. I pray England
    has no Bombs at the race. Be aware,
    there are CRAZIES out there.
    The 8 yr old died, from the blast.
    This is so sad.

  20. Oh dear...just like our weather but it always rains here on the westcoast of BC. We are so use to it...and I mean never drizzles.Hope you are very well my friend. xo

  21. happy you have my snail mail still...happy dance my friend. xoxoxo

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  24. I'm a girl who loves the rain and I really love your rainy images.

  25. I hope you have sunny weather by now Jackie! Living in the Northwest, I share your weather pain...though this year, we've been blessed with a beautiful spring. Last year was a nonstop wet-fest, but this year has been spectacular, and I pray that you're going to have the most beautiful late spring ever and that summer will be the best it could possible be to make up for it all!
    xo j~

  26. W...h...a...t...! A hosepipe ban! No? Honestly it beggars belief.

    It's sunny today, yipee! It was sunny yesterday too double yipee!! Yours posts always make me smile Jackie, especially the poem, it's like something from Monty Python did you pen it?

    Biggest hugs,

  27. Hope you get some warmth and sun soon, Jackie! Hope you are well! xo

  28. "Sky on the ground
    the sound
    of wet walking
    sheltered talking
    under umbrella found"

    (J. Ho 7/28/13)