Tuesday, 11 September 2012

HE'S ONLY GONE AND DONE IT !!!! ..........


Olympic gold and now the U S Open title. Andy Murray is the first man to win the Olympic singles title and the U S Open in the same year .... and, what a year to do it in. The Diamond Jubilee, victory in the Tour de France, Olympic glory, Paralympic success, even Murray's Wimbledon final and now, the 76 year old Grand Slam drought is over for Great Britain ..........

.......... now, breathe !!

image via sports news now



  1. Great achievement indeed! We have so enjoyed the Olympics this year. How refreshing in this troubles world!!

  2. FABULOUS...so pleased he did it!! I'm a big fan...Wimbledon, next year, Andy!!
    Such a wonderful year for British sport...AMAZING!
    So PROUD.
    Have a great week, Jackie.

  3. and he’s so dang cute! Kudos for GB my favorite country in the world.

  4. Great it was to watch too . . . Five hours of total concentration and skill! Cheers . . .

  5. He made GB proud!! And many other great athletes were brilliant too !! I have enjoyed the Olympics very much, I think you hosted one of the most memorable games ever. That I have watched, anyway.

    I hope you are well Jackie !

    ~ Aina ~

  6. Hello Jackie:
    The Brits do seem to be winning rather a lot recently. This seems to us a somewhat curious state of affairs, always believing that Brits will be on the losing side of everything. Well, we were always on the losing side of everything that we ever took part in, so perhaps that has coloured our view. Needless to say, we do not even know how to hold a tennis racket properly.

    But, Andy Murray is clearly in the ascendency.Splendid! You are doing wonders for Team GB Jackie!

  7. Yeah !!..it is great !!!...love love love enjoy !!....xxx....

  8. Fabulous, Jackie! London has had quite the summer! xxoo

  9. I thought of you when I heard who won! Britain can take a huge bow and you can settle into a comfy chair and close your eyes and relax because I know you have been perched on the edge of your chair all summer! Cheer to you. xo

  10. Dear Jackie,
    We were all so impressed by the way GB presented the Olympics, very well done! Both, Olympic and Paralympic success were so adorable. And yes: I have a special niche in my heart for Scotsmen: special congratulations to Andy Murray!

  11. We knew he would do it, didn't we?!!!!
    I fell asleep at 2 sets all, an d was so surprised and happy to find he had only gone and done it.
    Have a lovely week,

  12. What a year we have had Jackie!
    Amazing and well done to all, especially Andy.

  13. That is some accomplishment for one person. God Bless him. Hope all is going well. It is raining and chilly in Maine. Sunday is the oysterfest in Damariscotta and also the Beautiful Pumpkin Festival.
    Renee loves it, alass she is still in Florida, waiting on the Townhouse sale.
    Be well, yvonne