Monday, 13 August 2012

THE PARTY'S OVER ..........

Well, the swimming cossies have been rinsed, dried off and packed away with the goggles. The hockey sticks, track suits, batons and spikes, oars and canoes, bikes and balls, tail-coats and top hats, nose clips and hair gel, boats, wetsuits, racquet's, guns, and bows and arrows have all been put away for another four years, but what a brilliant time we've all had ( well, most of us !!)

After a Closing Ceremony of fun, classic British music, iconic singers, bands, dancers and a ' right good knee's up ', it was time to hand over the Olympic flag and...........

.......... to extinguish the Olympic flame for another four years.

Even John Lennon and Freddy Mercury turned up ..... that's how good it was ..... but the party's over and it's time to hand over to Rio.

Here's to the athletes, the coaches, the games makers, the builders, the gardeners, the BBC coverage, London Transport, the overwhelming support of the spectators for all of the athletes, not just for our own, and for everyone who made these Olympic Games the best EVER !

I'll have to get off of the sofa now and do something a little more active ......... but, I'm not heading for the gym .......... that would just be going a little too far. I might have enjoyed the Games but that's as good as it gets !!

I don't know about you but I've had a ball !!

images 1, 2 & 3: via Reuters, image 4: via mysinchew, image 5: via Matt Dunham ( Associated Press), image 6: via J C. Hong ( Associated Press)



  1. Sad that it's over...what a wonderful Games! So funny about the sofa..just pace yourself Jac's!!

  2. Fantastic photo's. I can only imagine being in London to see it all. So happy there were no problems. I prayed that everyone was safe.
    Thanks for the great post.


  3. Great post. And what a great Olympics.
    London did it in style, too. (And we even got the Spice Girls back.)
    Thanks for this sign-off.

  4. Jackie,
    We almost don't know what to do with ourselves now that it's all over!
    No excuse now to turn the TV on at 9 in the morning!
    Just feel incredibly proud of London and every one involved.
    The images you have used are fantastic and really capture the essence of last night.
    Here's to Rio in 2016!!
    Have a lovely day,

  5. Hello Jackie:
    Your enthusiasm is positively infectious! And even though we have not seen a single event [shame, we hear you cry], we absolutely join with you in praise of all those, with medals or without. who took part and, like you, are filled with admiration at their tenacity, their hard work, their undoubted skill in so many different fields and, most of all, for their wonderful spirit. The United Nations could, and should, learn from each and every one of them.

  6. Thank goodness the party is maybe I can get some sleep!!
    Wimbledon, The Tour and then straight into the Olympics my bedtime is getting so late than some nights I wondered why I even bothered!!!! Amazing games!

  7. And what a party is was....FABULOUS!!!

  8. London did a fabulous job hosting the Olympics - we enjoyed watching it so much! We became quite the sofa sitters ourselves the last few weeks...haha..We really enjoyed seeing all the London sights and recognized alot of places from our travels there. I'll race you to the nearest pub - that can be our exercise for the day! :) Have a wonderful week, Jackie (I hope the Olympic withdrawls aren't too bad for you!) haha.. xxoo

  9. From what i did watch and hear it seems like almost all went off without too much controversy and it safely concluded so Yay!

    AS any party concludes the hosts can then heave a sigh of relief, clean up the mess and relax a little..and now the permanent uses for the structures may be enjoyed by all <3

  10. I'm with Catherine Robinson - what an event it was! London made a great effort! Well done!

    And isn't it good that you - finally - can get out/off from your sofa - ha-ha!!!
    greetings from the Périgord,

  11. It was a great party,I felt I was a teenager.
    Thank you London!!!!!

  12. Best Olympics ever... Of course US coverage on Telly sucked(commercials) not full coverage , goofy interviews buy all in all a great one.. I loved the human interest stories

  13. ...and what a swell party it was. London, GB did a fantastic job - thank you!

  14. It was great !!! .....and now it goes on darling......come from the sofa ...and gym !!.....1...2...3...yes !!

  15. GB did a brilliant job of hosting. I know y'all are proud as you can be. I would not go the gym for nothing-it is exercise in the garden for me. xoxo, olive

  16. Bur what a party it was Jackie!! I loved every single moment of the closing ceremonies and got teary eyed when the flame was extinguished. The music was fantastic ~ thought we may hear a little Stones or Sir Elton but that's ok ~ we did get Freddy & John right. Get off the couch now sweetie! xo

  17. Such a fantastic a very exciting, touching, and action packed dream!!!
    Well done London!!!
    xo J~

  18. Dear Jackie,

    It was a great event indeed! You can be proud of your country. They really showed us 'the best'! Loved it from the beginning to the end. Like you I spend a few hours in the evening sitting behind the telly watching! Hope Holland will get the games in 2028. Can't wait, but Rio first :-)!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Madelief x

  19. great images....
    i would love to have been there.
    it was 1st class!!


  20. These photos you posted are especially beautiful. The whole thing was a great success and the U.K. can be proud to have organized so perfectly such a huge event. Bravo !

  21. London Olympics were spectacular! I saw the closing ceremony and loved every minute of it! Well done!

  22. I watched the opening then left the building returning for the closing which was just right for me.........I didn't realise how wound up I'd got till I wasn' son was working as stage crew and was dressed as a piece of newspaper while dragging bit of London in and out of the stadium!!x

  23. It was wonderful wasn't it Jackie dear? I loved every second of it and could watch another two weeks of it!!! I really got hooked on the beauty of the rhythmic gymnastics, and I wish I could have seen each one of them perform. I just couldn't get enough of it. Everything was just awesome.

    You made me laugh about the 'not going to the gym'. Do you ever sit and watch some of those events and think...'I could do that?'. Okay, maybe not the swimming and the cycling, but I dream of conquering the balance beam or uneven bars. However, I think someone my age would look a little ridiculous doing it, don't you?

    I don't know how I missed your Gold Rush post, but it was so full of gorgeous, that I had to go back over it twice : )
    sending big hugs...

  24. Hello Jackie,

    It was the best Olympics ever!!!!!

    Well done. I now miss it very much. It was so uplifting and now we shall switch off the TV as it is politics and more politics in North America.

    Don't overdo it!!! Two weeks on the sofa means you must take it slowly!

    Have a brilliant week

    Helen xx

  25. It was terrific wasn't it Jackie?
    My eldest daughter said only the other day as she watched the ending ceremonies 'What am I going to do's all over?'

    I'm with you about the gym I never was THAT energetic even before I retired!!

    Hugs to you,
    Jane x

  26. I just dropp in to say thank you for your sweet words on my blog last week.
    It is lovely to know that I was not alone in my sadness.
    Big hug to you sweet Jackie.

  27. Amazing images. I can only think about being in London to see it all. So satisfied there were no issues. I interceded that everyone was secure.
    Thanks for the excellent publish.

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  28. I thought that was the best closing ceremony we've seen in a long time! Britain has brought so much to the world of music, fashion and theatre. The creativity displayed in showing this, blew me away. The London taxis in newsprint.. the runways utilizing the form of the British flag.. the draping of newsprint over the piano in the opening! All of this and more gave me chills. I even posted these sentiments on facebook the next morning! Love your blog, Jackie... so much eye candy that it's given me a sugar high!! Glad I found your blog!

  29. Brilliant images! You made me smile about the gym... you are so right! Christa

  30. Hey Jackie,
    Hope all is well and you are back to the everyday grind. Thinking of you,


  31. Maybe a party at your house to end the party? The closing ceremony looked gorgeous well done Britain.

  32. The games were inspiring I must admit! I could imagine myself swimming the 50 meter.. etc ... but that's as far as it went... thanks for the images, wonderful!

  33. London Olympics was such fantastic ever! Thanks Jacky for nice images you shared.

    ~ Mehul
    marble medallion

  34. Great looking at these pictures. I still miss the Olympics and Paralympics now!