Tuesday, 13 March 2012

TAKE A SEAT ..........

What is your seat of choice ? .......

a chair .....

a day bed .....

with or without cushions .....

a sofa .....

maybe a windowsill will suffice .....

or, a pew with a view  .....

how about a swing !! .....

or rocking in the sea .....

in the cinema .....

or with your best friend ?

lounging in your tux .....

or contemplating on a wooden bench .....

Rest assured that I shall be putting my feet up at some point today !!

Have a restful Tuesday.

image 1: via all saints, images 2, 13 & 18: via encore life, images 3, 4, 8 &  17: via love french bulldogs, image 5: via tumblr, images 6 & 7: via the paper mulberry, images 9 & 25: via zsa zsa bellagio, image  10: via inspiration lane, images 11 , 12, 14 & 15: via beauty and grace, images 16 & 22: via brown dress with white dots, image 19: via pretty stuff, images 20 & 21: via night tattoo, image 23: via pear tree, image 24: via fashionising, image 26: via the world of photographers  



  1. You have the loveliest images. Hope you have a good day as well!
    Greetings from the brocantes of France...

  2. Wonderful pics like always! Anja

  3. Hello Jackie:
    From the discomfort of the upright chair facing our keyboard at this precise moment, we can cheerfully say that positively any of the seats on offer today would be most welcome!

    Perhaps it would be a tight squeeze with the elephant, but lounging on sofas is definitely one of our preferred forms of activity any day of the week,not just on Tuesdays.

    The image of the 'Thonet' style chair in the hall, its curves reflected by the sinewy handrail, is hauntingly atmospheric. Just a glimpse and we are transported into the smokey bars of Paris, complete with louche women and penniless artists of times gone by......

  4. Gooooooooooooooodddd I am really proud of your concrete surface plans!
    seeing al the pictures above I can promise you a great and beautiful giveaway in the next series starting from APril first ;)

    see you my friend ;)

  5. Ooooh Jackie you are unique!!!! I love your posts!!!!!
    Nice week to you.

  6. I breathe deeply during the viewing of your posts...
    I ponder ...

  7. Beautiful blog! Would you like to follow each other?
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  8. With my best friend....she need me the most right now,,,,love Ria...xxx..

  9. Love these restful images...my favorite is that plum colored soft cushioned chair...but I'll take most of these lovely seats! Always in favor of a nap!

  10. From the unattractive (but functional) desk chair in my office to you in your chosen place of repose--may YOU also have a restful Tuesday. I hope you know how much I appreciate the comments you leave for me. They always brighten my day, Jackie. You are such doll! The room with the crystals dripping from the bird's nest chandelier is pure fantasy. I'd like to spend a restful day right there!


  11. Now you made me really happy with your sweet comment :*
    I wear a lot of All Saints, if you check my other posts, you'll see a lot of t-shirts, cardigans, jacket... I've just been to London and bought a lot of things from the new collection :)
    I am more than happy to follow you back!

  12. Two French chairs and a friend..
    Great photo. the gal rockin in the sea has lost it. yvonne

  13. These are fabulous - I want them all thank you! Great Post - as always.
    F x

  14. i love sofas! they're like beds <3

  15. I love to curl up on my sofa/couch/chesterfield! Lots of pretties here Jackie ~ I really like that sea shot. Hope you got a chance to put your feet up today ~ hugs to you. xo

  16. Anywhere I can park my keister is my favorite seat..but my all time favorite, is/ was / and will always be at the foot of my kid's beds as they tell me stories about their lives before they go to sleep.. Even all grown up now when they visit here or I vist there, it is this nighttime ritual that makes my heart sing...

  17. I'd sit in any one of these awesome seats Jackie. I have a favorite chair in the family room/kitchen area. It is a chair and a half and it seats me and my little dog and Jackson the cat all at once :) It's funny...I have never shown a photo of this chair on my blog (probably because it's not all that pretty) aren't all the comfy things ugly?))

    I hope you had time to put your feet up my friend

    hugs from here...

  18. So darling...give me one big huge comfy chair...some pillows and a cozy blanket..a cup of tea and a good book....oh and don't forget the oh so cozy socks and I am set for life! xoxoxo HUGS dear one.

  19. Jacqueline, give me a chair with a soft cushion where I can perch on the edge, always sitting straight up (because my grandmother told me a lady's back never touches the back). I really don't like to sink down into a soft sofa unless I'm alone (when it's heaven). This entire post is heavenly, like all of yours always are. You never disappoint, my friend.

  20. Well that's good to hear Jac's...feet up now :)

    Hey there are some very comfortable looking chairs there I wouldn't mind and that pic with the girl and her puppy is SO adorable!

    hugs & xxxx

  21. very interesting blog !
    follow each other ? :)


  22. Get up early and plan to rest for some whiles... suits my post of yesterday!
    I love your colours!

  23. I still love you beautiful beautiful pictures .....
    repeatedly enjoy.
    Dear greetings from holland.

  24. Such beautiful images, Jackie....love the elephant ;-)
    My choice, is the sofa...have a lovely day.

  25. Oh,HOW fantastic is this post,Jacquline!

    Give me swing and then fabulously nice soft sofa....
    This post making me dream and smile;-)*

    SO pleasant feelings...

    Wish you a very sunshine week ahead,


  26. I will take them all, Jackie! My fave chair is a soft velvety over stuffed chair to curl up with a good book and a cappuccino, our big cushy sofa to curl up with Alex, a chair around my sisters kitchen table to chat with the family and another comfy and well worn chair at my sis' to hold all the babies in the family! Have a gorgeous and cozy evening! xxoo

  27. ...i think that today i would choose a daybed with a view over the sea and just listen to waves...



  28. Right now I'm looking for a cushy glider to rock my lil' lady bean in!

  29. I think I prefer the swing Jackie! Still love it!!!

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  30. I want to sit right down next to that elephant and have a chat...so cute! We used to have a daybed that I dearly miss though...so that would probably be top of my list. Hope you were truly able to sit for a spell in *your* most perfect sitting spot!
    xo J~

  31. Now all I want in life is for a teddy bear to sit companionably by my side on a small office chair, in front of a small computer, just like that little girl and her little friend. I feel so lonely without one.

  32. While I do love an elegant chaise longue or a lacy, girly daybed, after miles and miles of walking, I was perfectly happy to settle for a curb during most of our England trip last week! What a fabulous time we had! Thanks for all your suggestions, Jackie. We spent our last full day in Hampstead, where I got a little weepy at the sight of the engagement ring Keats gave to Fanny Brawne. Sigh. xoxo Gigi

  33. Yes, Jackie, I've seen Bright Star, and it's one of my all-time favorite movies! Keats is one of my favorite poets anyway, but on top of that Campion's film is stunningly beautiful. Now that I've been to the house, I will positively melt the next time I watch it, which, by the way, will be tonight!!! xo g

  34. So many nice seats!
    I wish you a lovely weekend sweet Jackie.
    Hugs Gerda

  35. Hi Jackie,
    I just found your gorgeous blog, and I'm so happy that I did! The photos are simply gorgeous and your sense of style incedible!
    I've spent the morning working my way back, and love all that I see! I'm definitely following.

  36. Love the elephant (how did you get my pic?) and the little girl with the bear. So sweet and innocent.

  37. Definitely a sofa for me Jackie and with lots of soft cushions, too. Great post and I'm loving each and every pic you've shown us.
    have a fab weekend

  38. I love all the cushions! I love the elephant overlooking the ocean! Have a great weekend:)

  39. A sofa or daybed with plenty of cushions!! Jackie, it is very hard to choose with all of the gorgeous options you've presented!

    Please come and join my new Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

    Art by Karena

  40. Thank you for your sweet comments you left me the other day...just had to come back and tell you how blessed I feel to have you as a friend. xoxoxo

  41. You have plenty of time to become whatever you want ;) But I kinda know what you mean ;( I have the same .. Important we are still alive, healty and rocking hard ;) xxx Happy mothers day.. How about your plan for Amsterdam ??

  42. What a lovely blog!!! Following you from Llanes (Spain).

  43. You bring a moment of beauty, every time I click on your blog. May I have all of them, the daybed, the chair, the sofa , the swing. You truly have the innate art of making life beautiful and i feel blessed to have found you in our virtual world

  44. Your blog is so beautiful! I am enjoying reading past posts and look forward to reading new ones!
    I love any chair that is plump and cozy with a big, soft blanket and good book!

  45. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post, my dearest Jackie........it´s so full of beauty and romance!!!! Thank you so much for all your inspiration and have a wonderful springtime!!!!

    Hugs Jade

  46. Hi,
    oh i love your Blog and the photos, they are so so great
    I wish you a sunny day
    Greets Susa

  47. Replies
    1. This is the first time I've seen your blog - I do, however, have Vicki Archer's beautiful book
      which is a perfect for Paris Dreaming - These photos are beyond magnificent!!! I will be following
      your blog. Merci

      Jan Dolphin, Interior Designer and Author:, "PARIS FROM THE HEART' www.parisfromtheheart.net

  48. Je choisis la balançoire...

    Belle soirée


  49. J'adore ce style de meubles que j'aimerais bien avoir chez moi. Les couleurs sont sublimes. Amitiés de Fine

  50. These are fabulous - I want them all thank you! Great Post - as always.Luxury Beds and Mattresses

  51. Such beautiful images! love the elephant,cushions looks so lovely...have a lovely day..Internet based beds company