Tuesday, 9 August 2011

LONDON ..... AUGUST 2011 ..........

Looting, violence, buildings blazing..... this is London, August 2011 .

image: Reuters



  1. O no !!! terrible......we live in a beautiful world with stange peolple......love form me...xxx..

  2. So much for our civilized world; it doesn't take much for chaos to take over. I hope you are well, Jacqueline, and that nothing like this breaks out near where you are. It must all be hugely troubling.

  3. Jackie, it's unbelievable. I do hope that you're in a safe place but it must be heartbreaking to watch so close up. Thinking of you xx

  4. What a devastating scene in a 1st world country....sorry this is so close.

  5. What the newspapers aren't showing are the men and women marching through London right now armed only with buckets and brooms.
    Handymen volunteering their services to people whose businesses have been trampled underfoot.
    It brings a lump to your throat :)

  6. My heart breaks...truly senseless. When there is so much natural disaster in the world of late our hearts and minds can not take in this senseless violence.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  7. It is all so bewildering...so senseless.
    Praying for peace. Stay safe my friend.

  8. It's surreal Jackie, in such an awful way. Hope you're staying safe, and that things make sense again soon. xx

  9. I just read Simone's post as well Jackie and my heart goes out to the shop owners and residents that have lost their homes and businesses because of this heartless destruction. xo

  10. Crazy crazy world...police shooting...fear of terrorism..economy in a downfall dive...We are facing a serious world upheaval. I cannot stop about worrying about my sons who have to start creating an adult life in this mess of a world.
    Be careful and stay safe, London has gone through WW2, Terrorist attacks and will survive this. I remember my student years in London in the late seventies when restaurants were being blown up and my first boyfriend and I had a romantic dinner in one of the top restaurant at the time...which was blown up a couple of hours later, I also had a close call in the Paris subway, and then witnessed September 11th and thought my life would stop at that moment.

  11. Jacqueline, so sorry and so sad to see this happening. I will pray that it will evaporate and that goodness and kindness and life will return to normal.
    Helen xxx

  12. Hello you love, I am horrified with you and your people and sadly about that what just happens there.
    Pay attention to you!

    Lots of love
    Rosine ♥

  13. Just disgusting. Stay safe Jackie. xx

  14. Such scary times we are living in, so much frustration and fear, and sorry for you that is is so close to home.

    I love what Bluebird wrote about the people who are turning out to help. It's a reminder to us all to be a force for good in a world full of fear.

  15. It's so so awful and as I said at Simone's, terribly infuriating. How dare they do such things to other human beings and their hard earned belongings...how dare they.

    You are all in my thoughts honey, hugs,
    xxxx Deej

  16. Dear Jackie,
    I've heard on the radio all day. I hope everything goes over well!!!
    Big hugs,
    and take care,

  17. Jackie,
    I worry about our world. This behavior is uncivilized. Take care, beautiful London!

  18. Very upsetting. I hope you are safe.


  19. Hoping you are safe, Jackie. It's disgusting that these animals think they have the right to destroy lives! We are still heading your way, but with a lot of caution and definite changing of plans. Much love to you and praying for some peace in London. xxoo

  20. So so wrong! and scary!! Hope you stay safe and are not too close to the trouble!! We moved away from SE London, but still have family and friends there! Very much seems that it is bringing communities together though........almost like after the War!!
    Hope it is all over soon!
    Take care!!!

  21. These are such troubling days. My heart goes out to the poor victims who have had their homes or businesses wantonly burnt, wrecked or looted.
    I hope you are keeping safe in Hertfordshire Jackie.


  22. Oh Jackie, that´s soooo horrible - a few minutes ago i was speaking with my son who lives in England and he told me, that also Manchester is lost in trouble, buildings are burning.........can´t tell you, what i fell in this moments!!! Hope and pray for peace!!!!

    Big Hugs, Jade

  23. OMG Jackie...I had no idea. I was at home today but must have missed the news. Will listen to the radio right now. Please be safe!!!!!!!!
    Getting misty just thinking about it.


  24. YES! BE SAFE! What is this world coming to...

  25. I have been watching the news, God I hope it is not near you. What is the matter with the world?
    I hope they get them under control, pretty scary.
    They showed someone jumping from a burning building on the news. Stay safe. My prayers are with England. yvonne

  26. That is too sad to see :'( I hope you are doing well

  27. All the destruction is truly unbelievable and so senseless. It is very upsetting to see such devastation....I have visited London so many times and cannot imagine what it must be like for everyone at the moment. Stay safe and I hope things return to normal very soon. xxx

  28. Do you think our world will ever be normal again? All of this craziness is everywhere. I was worried about Christina & all the other blogger friends I have in London. So sad, so useless.

  29. My heart goes out to you. I can imagine it is hard seeing a city that you know and love being torn apart by people only concerned with their own intentions. These are the worst kind. I will keep you and your family in my prayers that you are safe during these trying times.

  30. Hope you are safe Jackie where you live! This is just such mindless violence it is so sad in this day and age that we seem unable to control and stop this happening. Hope all will calm down soon - London is such a fabulous city it is very sad.

  31. It is all beyond belief...
    Thank you for all your lovely thoughts xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  32. So sad Jackie..I still don't understand why it is all happening and how they are gaining strength. Let's pray that an end comes soon. Our town police have been called in today (Elmsbridge Borough) along with many more from this district. I wonder how many of the rioters know what they are rioting for, it seems now it is just in the name of destruction.

    I know how hard it is to see your beloved London take on this burden once again Jackie....praying for peace for us all.

    Jeanne xxx

  33. Hi Jackie,

    Such a horrible thing to happen. When I look at the TV, it's almost like England is in war! Hope it will be stopped soon!!

    Take care Jackie!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  34. Scandalous behaviour, our town was affected last night, there was a Police presence for hours at the end of our road. It seems it's used as a getaway road out of the city. Very worrying, tougher measures are needed, hope you and your family are safe.

    Hugs Jane

  35. Jackie it's hard to even imagine this is London? You all must be devastated this is happening to your beautiful city? I remember when we had something on a much smaller scale in Seattle (made a movie about it called Battle in Seattle). Graham had to weave in and out of protesters, dumpsters on fire, and broken windows and glass everywhere in the city. I'm thinking about you and your family. I hope this is over soon. I too hope you are all safe? Much love to you xx Deb

  36. this is scary stuff.
    are you completely freaked out?

    stay inside...xxx

  37. This must be so difficult for you to watch Jackie. We are much more used to this in our country, and unfortunately many of us have become harded here. I still can't believe the destruction and havoc caused by an angry minority.
    sending love your way...

  38. OMG!! I cannot believe what I have been seeing on the news I left UK 7 years ago & now call Australia my home I was thinking of going back to visit next year but after this I don't know if I can I feel sick in the stomack hope you & your family are all safe. x

  39. This is soooo scary !!!

    I think it is so much terrible that happens. What`s gotten into people? One may wonder what time we live in, and what the future will bring. After what happened in my country, I stopped watching the news and read our newspapers. People are becoming just depressed by it. And for me it has helped a lot. For wherever one turns watching one is confronted with all that nasty.

    I'm glad you're safe! But I feel with you in your despair. Sending over many hugs!

    Have a lovely weekend my friend,
    kisses / Aina