Monday, 14 February 2011


Now, I'm probably going to lose a lot of my followers when you find out what one of my birthday presents was.
Many women would be yearning for diamonds, a little something in gold, a designer handbag, a holiday in Tuscany or the like but, what did I have ? ......... a pair of weathered, distressed, grey/blue French shutters !!!!
I came downstairs on my birthday, and there they were.
Mr. Home had got them all on his own..... and, they are not the easiest present to hide !!!! It would have been a lot easier if I had wanted an eternity ring !! haha.

Peeling grey/blue paint, rusty hinges and latches ........ perfect. I LOVE them.

                                                 .....  AND .....

 ....... look what I managed to do ..... all by myself.....without the help from any member's of my family.... nor friend's......or neighbours..... or wine ..... A COLLAGE !!!!
I am very pleased with myself ..... all of this from a 60 year old ....even though I now haven't a clue where all of my photographs have gone  or how to retrieve them. ha ha.

 ........ and finally, I must thank each and everyone of you for your lovely comments and birthday wishes......they made my birthday even more special so many, many thanks.
.....and, a very special thank-you to my Aussie mate Mill's of  The Laurel Hedge.
Millie wrote a special birthday post, just for me, which is going way above and beyond the duties of a blogger and is such a kind, and special thing to do so many, many thanks Mill's.
and also to the lovely Deej of Dustjacket Attic who did another very personalised and beautiful birthday post for my big 6-0. 
You're a couple of great Aussie girls to do that for me. I am very flattered.  

I am off to London tomorrow, for a couple of days, to celebrate some more of my birthday.....London Style.

I'll tell you what I got up to when I return .



  1. Jackie - those shutters are such an original Valentine's gift! I cringe a little at the mass marketed heart shaped boxes of chocolates and bright red lingerie that pops up everywhere ahead of V Day! Romance is best when it is something personal and unexpected, what a lovely hubby you have :-)

    Kudos on the collage!! I'm 25 and still haven't fathomed how on Earth to create one so you're streets ahead of me!

    Jem xXx

  2. That is a wonderful gift. I don't care much for the commercial type gifts either. Looking forward to hearing all about your London adventures! Have a fabulous time! xxoo :)

  3. You are SO spot on! I would much rather have the tattered shutters! And to think that your husband picked them out on his own? Well, that is a gift in itself!
    Happy Birthday, lovey!

  4. Love, love, love those shutters!
    My wine, roses and chocolates were lovely but oooh...those shutters are divine!
    Have a wonderful time in London

  5. Jackie ~

    Those shutters are spectacular! So proud of Mr. Home and his adoring love for you!

    Enjoy your time in the city (as I know you will!).


  6. You absolutely right, we Brit bloggers do seem to be in the minority - perhaps late to catch on to what our friends over the pond knew a while ago - blogging is full of fun and like-minded people :-)

    How exciting that you will soon be grandparents yourselves, you must be thrilled!

    Jem xXx

  7. Fabulous gift!
    And it sounds as though you are doing what we do.... having birthday Week!!

  8. Jackie I do believe your husband needs to hire out as a gift buyer for other husbands. He knows just what women want (well at least a lot of us anyway). Your shutters are gorgeous! Perfect in color, chippiness, and hardware!!! I adore that color of blue. Your pictures are lovely, and isn't that weird about what happened with the last one? I hope you get all your pictures back.

    My daughter and her husband are spending the next week in London and I am really jealous about now! The only place I've ever wanted to visit is England. She promised to bring me home something awesome.
    hugs to you...

  9. I am so with you, who needs the lustre of gold when you can have the time worn elegance of French shutters? Imagine all the stories they could tell if they could talk...what they saw on the inside and the outside of a home. And now they start their own life with you! What a great birthday gift and well done on the collage, I would have no idea! Thank you for a great post, Tammy

  10. Jackie, your sweet hubby has a great eye for shutters! Very lovely. sandi

  11. sugar pie honey la la

    that's a real winner of a V Day prez.

  12. Hi Jackie,
    Actually I think this is a perfect gift. It shows that your hubby really knows you. I can imagine your squeals with delight.
    Perfectly perfect. You deserve to be spoilt.



  13. Oh goodness...yes, not only the shutters, but the WONDERFUL HARDWARE...gosh that is nice.
    But...being a grandparent is the MOST WONDERFUL gift of will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.
    Nothing better than grandkids.


  14. Well you're certainly not going to lose me by revealing that's brilliant. That bloke of yours is a bit of all right to do so well on a significant birthday! And well done on mastering the art of the collage...what will be next I wonder :)

  15. What a beauties! It is a fantastic b-day gift!
    Have fun in London.
    Love, Joni

  16. Hi Jacqueline,
    I wish you a very happy birthday year! I like your blog, just found it.
    And your birthday present I like too, for me no diamonds, but shabby old things!
    Have a nice day,
    Nicole from Rêve douce

  17. Jackie! you're a fantastic lad and...60???? where???? :) Your shutters are awesome, I can teel why you are so proud about them! SO lovely of Mr. Home, he must know you very well.....
    Have an amazing birthday trip to London!!!

  18. Those are absolutely gorgeous Jackie, wow....and yes, quite tricky to hide!!!!

    And the collage - I still have no idea how to do that, but now you have done it, you've inspired me to try!! Yours was blended so well, I didn't realise it was a collage at first LOL....well, it is still early LOL!!!

    Have a wonderful time in town!! xxxx

  19. Wonderful, I have just the right spot to put them if you don't want them hun!! Have fun in London, Lucey xx

  20. Hi Jackie
    You know I think I would have been just as delighted as you with that birthday present, call us weird!! Brilliant when you can do something different with your photos, it took me ages to do collages then found a programme that does it for me (well nearly!) Have fun in London I know you will!

  21. Love the shutters, what a fabulous gift. Have a great time in London, happy shopping.

    Leeann x

  22. Mr Home definitely knows you well Jackie!
    A very romantic gift ... you can feel the romance the shutters have had privy to and the age in their patina ... just beautiful.

    Well done you and the collage!
    Have fun in London.

  23. A very original gift with the right romantic touch ! Happy belated birthday and have a wonderful week in London !

  24. Dear Jacqueline, What a wonderful surprise...such an unusual and thoughtful gift. Mr Home is certainly in a league of his own when it comes to gift buying and clearly is completely in tune with you. And, just what is to happen to them...I can barely wait to see!

    As for the stars!! I am amazed and, of course, would not have a clue where to begin.

  25. I do hope you are having fun in old London town Jackie....xv

  26. ooooh you lucky girl, those shutters are simply gorgeous. Happy belated Birthday. Have a wonderful time in London too, I'm guessing that you're going to be spoilt rotten - deservedly so too!!! xx

  27. I would love to find those shutters for my birthday! What a lucky girl you are! Live it up London style for your birthday. You deserve it. You make 60 look good! That should be your new mantra.

  28. Well, Jacqueline, I think Mr Home must be just as kind and thoughtful as yourself. I hope this won't be his last foray into Vintage Chic, and it probably won't be now that he sees how well the shutters went down.

    And a collage all by yourself! What next - rally-driving?

  29. What a fun gift. I have always had shutters, being from the south. After all the years of painting and staining those shutters. This look is great. In style now, that I am half gone.
    You Are a beautiful lucky lady.

  30. Just found your blog today--hope to be stopping by regularly. I love the collage you put together--especially all the different textures.

    Hope you're enjoying London--it's a bit grey today, but I bet you find sunshine wherever you go!


  31. I looooove those shutters, they are perfect!!!! And I think it to be a fantastic birthdaypresent aswell.
    Enjoy London. You are lovely!

  32. Those shutters are simply amazing! Love the color , patina and the wonderful details! How lucky are you, happy belated birthday, Christie

  33. A very Happy belated birthday, and I am with you on the shutters, I would rather have a pair of French shutters over diamonds any day...they are stunning, absolutely perfect.
    Jo xx

  34. Ohh what a beauties!!!!!
    I love them!!!!
    have a nice evening!

  35. O wowwwwww Jackie.those doors are amazing so so so wonderful...i like love !! happy time in London....nice !!! love have a safe trip ......see you soon back enjoy !!! have fun darling !!! love

  36. Dear Jacqueline,
    Ahhh, I love old beautiful chipping shutters! Every image is edible:) Have a safe trip dear friend!

  37. You're a girl after my own heart.....but you knew that already. lol
    I have had strange present requests myself like that .....lucky for me George likes the same old beat up things too so resistance there. I'm not a diamond girl a matter of fact I've told him no more jewelry unless it's now I just get my own.

    Have fun in London....I know you'll dress in style all the way!

  38. the shutters are perfect!! I would love that as a birthday gift any day! and Happy Birthday to you!

  39. I love them, so incredibly charming. I'm like you, I favor the most non-typical of things when it comes to birthday's for Christmas. That's what I admire about you Jackie. I too should of written you a fun birthday post. I'm not a good friend and I'm ashamed. So fabulous of Milly and Deej to honor you on this important milestone. I hope you are ripping it up in London with your dear friend as I type this? A great big hug to you and if you see Kate & William, please tell them I may be late for the wedding!


  40. yippeee. I want to join you. Are you staying with friends? Lovely, lucky you....pop on over to Harrods for me for a cream tea....I’m sure you know all the hot spots. I’m drolling....

  41. Oh Jackie,the shutters are just perfect!!!
    I love them so much!!!!
    And you did so good on that collage!!!
    I can´t do those,so you should be more than proud of yourself!!!

    Have a wonderful week!

  42. Oh I love your gift Jackie ~ they are beautiful!! Have a fantastic time in London ~ don't forget to have a cocktail for me. xo

  43. Oh yes they are Jackie! they're absolutely stunning :))

  44. What a lovely present! I was in London last weekend, very exciting! Have a lovely time. :) xx

  45. Wow. Nice collage. Complimenti from Italia.

  46. may have lost followers over this,but to me this made me follow you!!!!!!You certainly "trained" your hubby well,I am quite impressed here...what a perfect gift!!!!! Actually mine was almost as clever lst x-mas and gave me a shutter/door...old looking but new and FABULOUS!!!!:)))
    I wonder who loves the shutter the most or me?*lol*

  47. I had to laugh at your collage comment. I view making collages as character building moments. The shutters are just perfect for you and mean so much that your husband "gets" you like he does.

  48. Loving those shutters, they are gorgeous. I only got red roses, but I'm not complaining, it was a vast improvemnet on last year...nothing!
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    B x

  49. Profites de Londres!



  50. Dear Jackie, what a wonderful and special gift!
    I love your shutters!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Big Hugs,

  51. Gorgeous. Wonderful patina and thought. xoxoxoxox

  52. yes, I love the shutters too. Great prezzie and so much harder to source than a diamond. Well done husband.

  53. just so true!
    gorgeous !
    lovely !
    happy weekend :)

  54. Congratulations!
    What a lovely gift to get! :)))

    Hugs, Carina

  55. Happy belated bday! Those shutters are just gorgeous!

  56. Girl,you are the best!simply the best!

  57. Lovely shutters and an excellent collage! Ive been making them too, its a nice change of pace.

  58. Hi Jackie,

    I thought you were going to say that you got a fur coat!!! Those shutters are far better! What a great gift to receive. I hope you will have a great time in London!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief xox

  59. Now there is a husband that sees what you see xx
    I am thrilled for you
    Lynn xxx

  60. Hey Jackie
    Love the shutters and I am with you, I would much rather have architecture than diamonds...
    probably cost about the same, it isn't cheap at least over here!
    Happy Happy to you, I have two years on you, and I really don't know how that happened, someone has been messing with my clock... I woke up one day and I was in my 60s!!!
    Blessings my friend, have a wonderful week

  61. I love your shutters Jackie!!! I think it is the perfect gift and I am so so jealous of your collage abilities!! Well done!

    Jeanne xxx

  62. The shutters are perfection! What a fabulous Valentine's gift. Your husband put some wonderful thought into that gift.
    Your collage abilities are very impressive.
    Love your photos.
    I hope you are having a great time in London.

  63. OMG I love your shutters!

    They would be the perfect pressie for me too!

    Your photos are really good and i love your house.

    Bee happy x

  64. That is fantastic. What a great guy...
    Shutters are gorgeous... textures... colors...

    Hope you have/had a great time in London


  65. Big, big Happy Birthday to you. Im another aussie and i would just love several pairs of those shutters please! Fiona

  66. I LOVE those shutters! I would want them much more than diamonds, truly. My favorite thing in my whole house is a pair of very old, very distressed pilasters that we found on our island last year. They hang in my living room, and I admire them every day, just as I would admire your gorgeous shutters.

    I'm having a giveaway over at the Magpie's Fancy this week to celebrate my 2nd blogiversary. Wouldn't it be a hoot if you won a second giveaway from me?!

    Hugs to you, wonderful Jackie! xoxo Gigi

  67. Jacki, what a wonderful husband you have!! Love your gorgeous shutters and so glad to hear you are still celebrating your birthday. Whilst your collage is FANTASTIC (and I have no idea how to do this)I beg to differ that a little wine may have boosted your inspiration!! Try Wine + Blog + Collage next time and lets see what we get ;) enjoy your time in London xx

  68. Holly Cow, are you still on a birthday Hoot?
    Hope all is OK

  69. Dear Jackie,
    I just discovered your blog and I'm thrilled. Firstly I want to wish you a very happy belated happy birthday. You're sixty? Wow, hope I'll be that young in mind and fit as you seem to be when I turn 60. Congratulations.
    I love your blog and I can understand you so well for prefering those gorgious shutters to some sort of ring. Your husband must know you very well and he surely loves you, I can tell, mine is not at all into the worn-out stuff that I love so much. Taking the time to find something so beautiful in our eyes must be love itself. Buying it...what's that? Unbelievably fantastic!
    Be sure I'll be a follower of your blog from now on, I'm looking forward to reading much more of you.

    Best wishes from Germany,

  70. Hey Jackie...
    I am not feeling too sorry for you, I have been to England and you do not have a shortage of cool shops! Not to mention the country side :)
    Hope your having a wonderful weekend

  71. Mr. Home will be a worthy challenger to MOTH in the gift wrapping stakes Jac. I would have loved to have seen how he handled wrapping those shutter babies! We didn't get the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Parade on telly, & of course MOTH's devastated. If Mr. Home happened to record it, I'll gladly pay International courier rates for a copy just to shut MOTH up! His whingeing about the VS no-show has been woeful.
    Millie x

  72. Hi Jacqueline, you are absolutely right.
    Our daughter now bakes the croissants .. and so we can enjoy breakfast ...

    I wish you a lazy Sunday, with us it is raining so I do not think it will be much more than sitting on the couch .......

    with love Hetty

  73. Hi sweet Jacqueline! Congratulation with your birthday that has been. 60 years, thats no age today! :)

    So lucky you has been to recive sutch a beautiful gift, your mr Home must know you well.

    Yes, I love Camden market, and Im missing London! ;)

    Hugs from me, Siren :)

  74. Glad You are alright. I guess you are shooting for 100 comments. Next time I scroll down I'll fall asleep.

    Love ya yvonne

  75. awesome present.... you are a lucky girl!!
    ~laura xx

  76. Wonderful textures and beautiful colours...
    Powder Blue

  77. Love the shutter. So lucky for you to receive such a wonderful gift.
    Homeowner Insurance

  78. Looks really good. It is a great birthday gift. I really love the vintage appeal that these custom blinds have. This is a great decor for your house.