Tuesday, 11 January 2011

NEW YEAR ..... OLD ME !! ..........

So, we are well into January now, the excesses of the season are over and it's back to the old routine for us all  and, maybe time to take stock for some..........

The old year was rung out and the New Year rung in, ( with the help of our son of course !!!! Brag, brag . I shall probably use every opportunity to sneak that in where I can !.....haha ) .........

The members of the Windsor family are ensconced in Buckingham Palace arranging  some major event ..... I think that I heard something about a little wedding in the not too distant future !! .......... Kate is probably Googling everything from wedding dresses to wedding venues as we speak .......... NOT !!!!!! 

I'm not one for New Year's resolution's or change so .......... I will not be giving up wine, no matter what colour it is ..........

I shall not be cutting my hair short, even though I probably should at my age ( big birthday coming up in a few weeks ). I  have had long, straight hair virtually all of my life and, I don't know what I would do with it if it was short !! ..........

I shall not be giving up chocolate either ..........

That's how much I love chocolate ..........

I shall not be increasing the amount of exercise that I do anytime soon .....  perhaps a few arm exercises with a wine bottle in each hand and a walk to the pub now and again !! ..........

Shopping will be increased according to how the recession is going ..........

This is my newest purchase ..... All Saints Military jacket bought in the sale ..... All Saints is my second home. I am usually All  Saintsed up from head to toe ..... if any owners of All Saints are reading this,  feel free to offer me any freebies for my loyalty and my constant throwing of ££££££'s your way. 

................ and finally I will leave you with this little conundrum ( which has got nothing to do with anything really !!) ..........

Why is it that, whenever I go into the bathroom I am greeted with the above ? Does it happen to you ?!!!  It's rather odd that, the most intelligent of people do not have the ability to change the toilet roll !!!! Do you think that their brains have had a toilet roll changing by-pass ?

image 1 - Willie Vanderperre, image 2 - Bruno Vincent, image 3 - Robin Wood, image 4 - Rilrae, images 6, 7, 8, 9 - visualize.us,  image 10, 12, 13 - we heart it, image 11 - All Saints



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that jacket!!!! You have such style girlfriend!

  2. I love your outlook...keep doing what makes you happy and enjoy!

    happy new year!

  3. Who is driving the car with the chanellady?
    Mr. Bean?

    Have a nice 2011!!


  4. It all sounds great ! Happy New Year to you !

  5. What a funny,lovely,great post,dear Jackie:-)*

    I am also a very big lover of cholade...
    Just so wonderful photos here by you and beyond fabulous qoutes!!!

    Wish you a very good week,


  6. I don't think that you should change anything. Why mess with perfection?! Loving that jacket! That is really cute! I can see why you were so smitten with it. I have just found a new wine you must try if you can find it there. Red wine with dutch chocolate in it. How ingenious is that?! It sounds strange, but it is so yummy!

  7. Great post. I also bought an All Saints leather jacket in the sale just before Christmas, a bargain too. Same happens in this house with the toilet rolls, I am so clever being the only one able to change it.

  8. Ahahaah!!! Jackie! The toilet roll problem always happened to me during my first months of living with Max...you know what? I deliberate sabotate him the same way for months and months...now we don't have toilet paper problems anymore!!! And for the public toilet: I always have some tissues with me ;)

  9. First off I just love to read your post, you make me chuckle all the time, THANKS FOR THAT. The jacket is wonderful I can see it dressed up or dressed down enjoy yourself wearing it. The hair thing is something I can relate to, I have had long hair all my life, up until age 45 it was to long.........so now it is the length that you show in your photo, and at the age of almost 52 I am going to keep it this length.....long enough for a pony tail. I never had understood those that tell people to cut there hair when they are over 50, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT..............have a wonderful week my friend. HUGS MARY

  10. I love this post it pretty much describes what the rest of us are thinking
    or would like to purchase, like that gorgeous coat and I total agree about
    not cutting your hair, I have had long hair most of my life but it seems
    ever time I go to the salon they just want to snip snip snip. I am with you
    about Chocolate it cures all that als you. Tootles!

  11. You have the most fabulous sense of humour... you just brighten my day xxxxx
    :Lynn x

  12. Oh Jackie, my sweet young girl............your long hair is wonderful!!!! When i was a young girl, i was thinking that i have to cut my hair, when i´m older than 40 ;))))........now i´m older than 50 and i would never cut my hair short ;)!!!!! Your new Jacket is sooooooo lovely (you need your long hair for this ;)!!!!! Have a wonderful week and thank you for this great post,

    Hugs Jade

  13. I love your attitude and why should the first of a new year convince us to change anyways? I would never give up chocolate or coffee. That is an awesome jacket!

  14. I have laughed a lot while reading you, thank you for this Jackie!!!
    Funny you... I also use long curly hair since I was young and cut it very short once, almost shaved my head, and do you know what? .. everybody told me that I looked 10 years younger, how is that?? thinking perhaps.....
    hugs my dear

  15. oh this post made me so happy!
    per your last image.....people are morons. period.

    happy new year.

  16. I could never give up chocolate!

  17. hi sweet friend... you are so darling.. i love this post.. i wont give up on any of it either... well maybe a few carbs here and there... and i DID cut my long hair - have been over the last year but finally went to the shoulders... it feels good... now about that birthday... WHO CARES? you are so young at heart... when is it??? i want to be sure not to miss it... i just had one and i dont feel any different.. xoxo

  18. Laughing out loud as I read this Jackie!

    You are too cute ... killer jacket ... and more shopping will certainly help kick start this economy! I'm with you.
    Happy week to you ...

  19. My heart is thumping over that jacket!!! Sigh.
    And we have the same kind of hair!! Still long. Still straight.
    The toilet paper problem is a universal one methinks!

  20. Love your thoughts for the new year Jackie....xv

  21. J adore le chocolat,la veste et lire ton blog!

    Belle année 2011.


  22. Jackie... wishing you and your family the greatest and happy new year... Love your humor...
    and of course your new jacket!!!
    xoxo Bine

  23. New year, same charming and funny you. I too have had long straight hair nearly all my life (minor suppressed curls in the eighties, that decade of curls) and doubt I'll ever change. Will that get me admission to the élite long hair corner at your birthday party?

  24. O my Jackie....hahahhah!! you make me laugh today !! what a great post i like it all.....!!....you could be me......that's why the words hey IT'S ME .....is their by your picture !!!! hahahahahhaha!! .....lol...lol...lol......kisses from me.....

  25. I love each and every one of your NY resolutions Jackie - no chance of breaking any of these! Enjoy every moment. Leigh

  26. I love your attitude! I would never give up wine or chocolate! That jacket is fantastic.
    I adore your thoughts for the new year.

  27. I love your philosophy Jackie. And we wouldn't want you to change a thing...you're fabulous! Love that jacket!

  28. Hi my friend!

    I think I like chocolate and wina as much as you do!=))
    And I love this post too!

    A big hug for you!


  29. Do you know how much I adore you!! Love that jacket and this post. I raise my glass to you my friend. xo

  30. Perfectly in line resolutions for the new year Jackie! Have a Beautiful 2011 in the most delightful way~~~

  31. Girl prrrrreeeeeacccch with that quote about fashion...
    and love the brown leather colonial jacket.


  32. Oooh Jackie! I'm not giving up chocolate or wine either so I think we will both have a truly fabulous 2011. I can offer you lots of lovely wine over here if you promise to teach my possums Wordsworth à la Jackie. I promise to leave the room and giggle discretely into my glass in the office so as not to cramp your style :)
    Love the photos. If you did cut your hair you could give it to the Japanese (who love blond hair) or to Mattel for them to make collector Barbies!
    Much love to you too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Looking forward to celebrating the fab birthday!

  33. I like the way you think, Jackie!! You definitely put a smile on my face today, thank you for that!! Love that peace, love, chocolate poster - it's wonderful!! Cheers to the new year with lots of wine, chocolate, coffee!! xxoo :)

  34. love that jacket! living in a house full of males, i gave up long ago on the toilet paper roller and started keeping the tp in a basket on the floor. now there are at least three partial rolls in there at any given time...



  35. Enjoying your pics time and time again, such an inspiration. Thank you for searching the web for us! We're following you. sweet greets, Claire & KJ

  36. Way to go Jackie!!! You sound very happy. I agree with you. It's important to contiue doing the things you like and being the one you want to be. Age doesn't matter.

    Your jacket looks great!! By the way, can I use your pink image with the words about the chocolate. I like it very much!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  37. Hi Jackie
    I am with you with on everything I just love your philosphy!
    Now the toilet roll, I have a feeling its a man thing, its just too complicated for them!

  38. Jackie!
    I love, love, love this post!! Power to you :))
    Chocolate, wine, shopping, exercise, hair length....and that gorgeous All Saints coat...all wonderful and spot on. You go girl...
    and yes I agree, a definite lapse of toilet roll changing by-pass :))

    Best wishes Jackie xx


  39. First of all good for you for not giving up all your " vices" haha. I can't seem to either and there is no sense in being unhappy though losing a few lbs would be lovely.....so boot camp has started in the Maynard house.
    And secondly you bought that jacket??? omg I'm so jealous. Do they sell them here. I need to look them up online. I maybe their new best customer....well I'd like to be.

    Thanks for all the laughs and all the great fashion tips Jackie.


  40. I'm still laughing over that last picture. So the problem is Universal! Or.. if they do change the roll they leave the discarded cardboard tube on the back of the toilet tank. Almost as frustrating.
    Jackie I love this post. I adore you and I adore all what you stand for. I may just have to wrestle you to the ground however for that fabulous jacket. Oddly enough, as I get older I am wearing longer hair. I think should we finally get to meet, we'll be like life-long friends.

    Count down to your big birthday is on!!!

    Deb xx

  41. Well I have no excuses for finding the toilet roll empty as I live alone.. and like you have not made any resolutions.. already had to give up alcohol, chocolate, sugar and carbs.. and not by choice sadly.. so I think that's enough doing without..

    I too still have my long blonde hair.. just would seem too hard to part with it.. Funny I was just discussing that the other day with a friend.. at what age is it too old to keep the tresses?? too bad. who cares right? we should do what makes us feel good.

    Love that jacket.. I'm sure it will become one of your favourites.. too bad we don't have that store here.. might do as Carole is and look online..

    Have a great week... ciao xxx Julie

  42. I think we could be twins separated at birth. And that fashion quote has to be the absolute BEST & I'm gonna steal it! The one about having no sense of direction should be given to my former boyfriend who is a 75-year old professor.
    Love you J. X10...

  43. Fabulous resolution! I'm loving image 12. Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  44. well, im loving that jacket too!! and i love the "no direction" quote. feels like my life story for the moment. :) all is well
    ~laura xx

  45. super fun post!!

    i would love to have no direction....
    and if you cut your hair and hate it....
    it will grow.

  46. Hello Jackie,
    I know it's been a while, but I am so glad to have found you still here and still with your warm and wonderful humour still intact.

    Should you happen to come across a chocolate bar bigger than your head please feel free to inform us all of where we can purchase one or two from.

    Much love still loving your style and the ease in which you do it.

  47. Wonderfully stated...couldn't agree more. We shouldn't wait for the New Year to make changes we want or let the New Year force us to change things we don't.


  48. Best New Year's resolution (or not) post I've read so far!! I'm with you on everything!
    And that jacket is stunning! Happy New Year!!

  49. Ooohhh Jackieyou are amazing!!!!
    All looks so great!!!
    I adore that jacket!!!!
    Happy new year to you my darling.

  50. just love that you keep it real!

  51. Jackie,
    This was a wonderful fun post.
    I stack the paper by the tolet,
    when it get's to 3 rolls I buy twelve.
    I'll go along with you about wine. I gave up cigs and that's that.


  52. Miss you Jackie...
    You're posts are as wonderful as ever! Always such a delight.
    I started a new job 5 months ago and I barely have to sleep...
    Havin' myself a martini and browsing my favorite blogs. :)
    Hope your new year if full of love and happiness.
    Warmest wishes...

  53. Soooo funny! apparently i can't spell either!
    I am a little buzzed..lolol!

    be well.

  54. I've followed you for a while now. always ALWAYS love what goes on. today i just have to say that I love the Saints Military jacket. I would wear it with a plum coloured silk hat. have a great day.

  55. I'm with you let's drink wine and have long hair!

  56. '..two wine bottles in arms and walks to the pub...' Jackie, am right there with you!

    Lovely post.

  57. Ha, you crack me up Jackie! Love the empty toilet roll, I solved that problem in my house... I got rid of the roll thingy and I put a pile of toilet paper rolls in a old wicker basket next to the toilet... haven't been irritated since :)
    Have a wonderful weekend

  58. Happy Belated Birthday Jackie!!

    I wish I could celebrate with you in a pub...that sounds terrific!

    I'm raising my cup of coffee to you :)

    Anne Marie

  59. jackie

    come over.
    i have an award for you.

  60. Oh Jackie, you crack me up. Actually, my husband Dave sat here with me cracking up also:) Love your life perspective. Also, very impressed at your son's musical prowess and talent! How proud you must be.

    I would love to have your long, swishy hair. If I was so blessed, I would never, ever cut it. The jacket is also divine. Whatever you're doing style-wise my friend - it's working!! Meredy xo.

  61. Beautiful post, i can relate to a lot (toiletrol etc)
    Never,ever cut your hair.Its the beginning of the end...


  62. love your site Jackie! Witty, smart and you tell it like it is--love it! The images are gorgeous too!

  63. Oh gosh my son has no brains .... haha I was wondering today why I am always the one changing it and if men understand how hard it is once you sit ,,, to reach the cabinets above your head.. Am I joking.. no I am not LOL These wer truly my thoughts today..

    So the big number is approaching.... Trust me no need to cut your hair! after all we are still ladies right !
    good night dear friend ;)

  64. I am so glad to have found someone who just Loves and devours chocolate as I do.

  65. LOL! It totally happens! Love the girl with the grapes, sex-ay! XX!

  66. I knew I could count on you dear Jac for some NY sanity. All those things about wine, choccie, exercise, long hair & no direction in life, well I'm with you on those girl, big high five! You legend you!!
    Millie x

  67. hihi I love your pix, so funny and inspirational.))//Marie

  68. Wonderful post!
    I am in love with your blog. An instant feeling when I stumbled across it just now.

    What a wonderful way to start the new year - a promise to not change what makes oneself happy! :)

    I am with you all the way. Now where is that 'follow' button..?

    x Charlotta

  69. Love your blog, Jacqueline!!

    I will insert a link on my blog right now!!


  70. L O V E ...your post...I soooo see myself in all your words...however..I do not own such a beautiful jacket!!!! I must go visit this lovely shop...that jacket is amazing!!!!!

    Yes.....I sooooooo agree....with the last comment you made....I am always fighting with my family to change the TP roll! You made me smile today my friend. xoxoxo

  71. I love the way you live, you Jackie is a true bon vivant. It is obvious to drink good wine, eat chocolate, etc. in life, why abandon it?
    It is such a great feeling to read your blog and see what you have for exciting writing. Many hugs and kisses to you my friend / Ingela

  72. Dear Jacqueline,

    it was long time since the last time we spoke, hope you had a good start to the new year! The time goes by so fast, soon spring are welcoming us and we can enjoy warmer weather and all the beautiful green.

    It is always so nice to hear from you. You give wonderful greetings, thank you for all the nice words! And you are so good at telling stories, I'm always dreaming away in your lyrics and beautiful pictures. Of the story, you create an image that lives its own life, a beautiful life.

    Have a nice day my friend, I promise that I soon will come to visit again:)

    Warm hugs,
    (from a very cold Norway, -10 today!)


  73. You are so funny Jackie! The loo roll things ALWAYS happens to me and gave me a little chuckle. I also laughed because I have done most of the things you are not, cut my hair short, gave up drink (not that I did it anyway), more exercise (part of being a trainer) and failing at the chocolate thing though =0)
    Love this post!
    Ness xx
    Happy new year to you!

  74. YOu are a GodESs!! Love every word of this and couldn’t agree more with the hair thing, wine thing, chocolate thing and dancing to the beat of your own drum. Us wimmin of a certain age rule... one thing I don’t think I’ll ever do though is give up the dye bottle. Love you Jackie. when are we gonna party.

  75. Jackie este blog es MAGNIFICO!
    te sigo!

  76. I had to laugh all the way through your post. The tp roll! And someone at our house puts empty ice cream cartons back in the freezer (not me).

  77. Hi Jackie,

    I just love this posting!

    And btw best regards for your big birthday and please really don't cut your long hair.

    nice regards from Vienna, Austria

  78. Hello! SO sorry (again) that it's been awhile. Forgive me. Hope this note finds you doing well. LOVE these photos, especially the one of Big Ben and the girl in black on her back with grapes. :) Big hugs!

  79. What's this, still the same post. Did you get lite headed with the hair cut thingy? Only kidding, hope you are OK. What ever you do with yourself, you will always be beautiful. Stop over I have a surprise at the end of my post,


  80. You are a scream my friend. A chocolate bar bigger than your head!!!! Yes...that's one I could sink my teeth into!
    I don't make resolutions...I love all my habits whether they be good or bad! hehe

    Have a great year exercising those arms my friend.
    And DO NOT, I say DO NOT cut your hair!!!
    hugs to you...

  81. Dear Jackie,
    How are you?
    I missed your posts. I was very busy the last few days and not so often online. But now, it´s a bit calmer!
    Wish you a wonderful new week,
    Big Hugs

  82. Oh I'm last as usual...oh dear!

    As to the last conundrum...I know, what is with that hey!

    You and I would get on so well in the flesh darling, chocolate, wine and any excuse not to exercise...except to the pub and yes shopping...snap :)
    xoxoxoxox Deej

  83. I'm not about to give up chocolate either!

  84. OH my word do I ever LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that jacket.....it would have to just hang on the wall in my home...as it would never fit me ..but gosh it's WONDERFUL just to look at.
    Please take MORE pictures of it...and post them.
    No don't cut your hair !

    And NEVER but never do my grown grandson's change the toilet paper roll.... My husband is guilty of it from time to time...but has learned that the "consequences" are more severe than if he just goes ahead and changes it like he SHOULD.


  85. Having seen this jacket on your blog, I went to the shop specifically to try one on. There were none left in my size, for which I was grateful but then I went on line and I'm afraid I've just ordered one from their website! I would have liked the brown one but they were sold out. Am coping with post purchase guilt by telling myself I'll send it back but unless it's really terrible, it's staying. Am also worried I'm too old and might be mutton etc....

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