Tuesday, 31 August 2010

BACK TO LIFE .......... BACK TO REALITY !! ..........

Back from our jolly 'ole hols, it's back to the reality of the mundane things in life !! For the next few posts, I shall bore the pants off of you all with loads of photographs of our wonderful holiday in Tuscany.

We began in Viareggio, which is a lovely seaside town with a wonderful beach and a great base for travelling to much of the Tuscan countryside.

The lovely Michael of Spice of Life told me of a wonderful restaurant called La Chiesina, in Viareggio. On his recommendation, we went and had the most wonderful evening........... three times !! It is in what was a little church, has the most wonderful atmosphere and is packed to the rafters. Some had pizza, but I had the most delicious lobster ravioli, amongst other things. Michael is a great traveller and is a mine of information and such a lovely guy. Go over and see him and read about his travels. Thanks so much Michael for the brilliant suggestion of La Chiesina. We all loved it as much as you said we would.

Next, we explored the most beautiful and haunting town of Lucca. Everywhere that you look is a photo opportunity. I have spared you ALL of the hundreds that I took and have just given you a little taster !!

Shutters absolutely everywhere ..........

Iron verandas ..........

Street lamps galore ..........

Beautiful little architectural details ..........

Charming little alleyways ..........

Views to die for ..........

Balconies of flowers ..........

Tiny but beautiful little roof gardens ..........

Well, there is just a tiny taste of our holiday and you can be sure that you will be seeing some more over the coming posts !!!!
I shall be over to see you all just as soon as I've finished the ironing !!!!



  1. What a wonderful holiday for you Jackie! You can't possibly bore us with your trip photos..............for one the photos are great and you never bore us in any post. We love traveling along with you and I am craving some lobster ravioli now. Catch up whenI get back. Much love XO

  2. FANTASTIC photos Jackie....WOW!!! Love the shot of the beach at Viareggio :)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time....we had a fabulous time in France too :)

    Nice to see you back :) xoxo

  3. Jacqueline, you're back! Blogtopia took on such a cold chill without you. But the ironing, of course, is important; we cannot countenance a crumpled role model.

  4. Welcome back Jackie!! Glad you've enjoyed your staying in Italy so much!! and your photos are awesome, especially the ones to balconies. Tuscany is a magic place.

    Have good ironing xx

  5. Dear Jacqueline, You have, during your absence, been greatly missed but to return with the details of, very clearly, such a wonderful holiday is well worth the time spent without you!

    First, the retaurant, La Chiesina. How utterly delightful it looks from your picture and how very atmospheric, and Italian, housed in a former church. The food sounds to have been delicious - I should have been at one with you over the lobster ravioli. Most likely the same on each evening. It is such fun when one discovers a restaurant one really likes and is able to return on several occasions.

    As for Lucca. Enchanting. And you have picked on so many interesting and attractive things and, rather tantalisingly, left us wishing for more. How is it that a small, Italian town can have so much to delight the eye whereas, so often in Britain, towns appear dull and uniform? There are exceptions, of course, but I am sure that Lucca is just one of many jewels in the Tuscan crown.

    Oh, I nearly forgot. The beach. Brighton, Bournemouth - eat your heart out!! I look forward to, no long for, your next posting.

  6. Welcome Home Jackie! Oh my, Italy looks like a dream! I've always wanted to go and your amazing pictures make we want to get on a plane now! I've heard so many things about Lucca and so nice to see photos. Can't wait to see more of your holiday. Glad it was fun. BTW, great photography! XX Lynn

  7. Hooray you're back safe and sound! Lovely photos, I especially like the one of the village through the stone arch.

  8. Welcome back Jackie! Can you hear me sighing at your stunning photos. How I love Italy, and I remember that beach at Viareggio with all the umbrellas. Can't wait to see more, and it is lovely to have you back in blogland.
    Make sure you enter my giveaway!
    Amanda xx

  9. Jackie, welcome back!! I was thinking about you only this morning wondering where you were and being incredibly jealous thinking you'd been in Italy all this time...with good reason I see!! So glad you had a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing a lot more photos...bring it on!!

  10. Hi Jackie!
    I LOVED Lucca when we visited last October....so, so beautiful! Where did you stay there? Did you visit with Vale and Paola from Les Cotrions? Your photos are just fabulous and I can't wait to see more!!!

  11. Welcome back!
    Fantastic images.
    Makes me want to travel;)

  12. So wonderful that you just had such a great holiday. Your pictures are perfect! loved seeing all the details, the colors, I really felt the mood, the warmth...i only went to Tuscany once for my friends's wedding (they are from Florence and were married in the grand mother "grand" house"s little church).I promised myself that i would return and alas...still yet to go back. Seeing you pictures, i realize what i am missing...

  13. Welcome back Jackie. OMG .. I love, love all the images. They are so gorgeous. I would love have them print and framed for my living room(smile)

    Julie xx

  14. Welcome back Jackie - you missed all the rain - lucky you! Beautiful photos - looking forward to more of your wonderful trip! x

  15. You are killing me! I love it! So glad you are back and thanks for sharing all the beautiful views

  16. You post such beautiful photos! Makes me want to get there all the more.

  17. Welcome HOME!! I missed you Jackie :) and I must say, I am not sure how you think I would be 'bored' looking at your photographs, and hearing your adventures in food and life!!
    all the pictures are stunning - and I'm just going to live vicariously through your life for awhile - through all your pictures!!! bring it on!

  18. Hello,dear Jackie;-)*

    Those images are SOooooooo gorgeous,SOoooooo graceful and SOooooooooo lively,just beautiful!!!
    When I see it,I wish I can be there...dreamly nice!

    Thank you for share,

  19. WELCOME HOME!!!! Your trip looks amazing...you lucky girl you...oh how I want to be wisked away to this magaical place. Hugs and love. xoxoxo

  20. Hello Jackie,
    Welcome home!
    ARe you kidding??? Bore us... No way. I love all of your photos. I felt like I was there. So inspring!!! We do not have architecture like this in the states. I could look at your images all day long!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Sending you a big hug from California!

  21. If just we would have some sunshine, we could have these same wonderful holiday-impressions in our own country!! :D
    Beautiful pictures which make me feel a little bit sad... we didn´t have a real Summer this year unfortunately in Belgium.
    Best regards, Marjolijn

  22. bore us???? TRY ME!!!;)...
    So....that means I can start my ironing to??? If you have as much laundry from your vacation as I have.....see you SOMEWHERE later this week ;)!

    Sweet greetings!


  23. Hi Jackie!!!! and welcome back!!!! How hard is to come back to normal life, isn't it? ....
    ....and I can perfectly understand you.....when you come back from holidays, the first memory of your vacation is all that washinbg and ironing!!!!

  24. Love the photos they are so evocative. Shame about the ironing though! Look forward to seeing more.
    Jill x

  25. Welcome back dear Jackie. I love Lucca too - I remember the tree in the tower? Or was that a dream I had? And I am like you with restaurants when travelling - if I find a good one we go back and back . xoxox

  26. Glad you're back safe and sound! Wow, wow, wow!! Your trip sounds fabulous and your photos are out of this world gorgeous! Our trip next summer is to Spain, Italy and France, so looking forward to it especially since seeing these photos! P.S. Loved your London - it was so much fun!! xxoo :)

  27. Welcome back lovely lady! You were missed but I can see why you stayed away as long as you did as these shots are truly fabulous!! xo

  28. hi jackie...
    i love them all... esp those fabulous umbrellas!!!!!! so happy you are back ... xx pam

  29. You call this boring??? Well then, I can't wait to be bored out of my pants!!! Jackie your photos are stunning. There is so much beauty in every one.

  30. Welcome back, my dear Jackie, i have missed you..........the pictures are wonderful and so romantic........i love the Tuscany!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely week,

    Hugs Jade

  31. Such gorgeousness! How did you ever leave??
    All those blue and white beach umbrellas.... perfection.

  32. Jackie,
    That was a treat. You take great photo's. I'd like to paint that balcony
    the curved one it it's OK with you. I am glad you had a great trip and got home safe,


  33. HI Jackie and welcome home ! It looks like you had a fabulous time in tuscany. I am looking forward to gracing this lovely country side. x

  34. Hi Jackie,

    Good to have you back! Your pictures make me long to go on holiday once more. They are so beautiful! Especially the one with the green shutters and the chandelier in the background. So romantic! You certainly won't be boring me with the rest of the pictures!!!

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  35. W
    E HOME!!!!
    Your post is amazing , and such beautiful photos, that makes me dream even more about going there =)))!

    You could never bore us, so keep on posting!!!
    I can´t wait to see =)!

    So nice to havde you back, missed you!

  36. First welcome home I've missed you! and your quick wit!
    and secondly I could never get bored with these pictures. You could show 10,000 of them and I'd be drooling over all of them. Remember I'm the one that never gets to go ANYWHERE!!!
    and oh how I miss seeing shutters that actually have a function unlike the ones in the US. What a joke!
    I was a bit spellbound by that color on the walls of that restaurant....so tuscan makes me rethink the idea of painting my foyer...my gosh will I ever make up my mind???

    keep it coming girl....I need to live vicariously thru you!

  37. What beautiful photos, thank you for sharing and looking forward to seeing more!!

  38. Welcome back! Stunning photographs too! xx

  39. wow its been 3 years since i was last in italy and im thinking its WAY too long.
    i will enjoy the trip down memory lane
    ~laura xx

  40. All of Italy holds such a special place in my heart. Your photos are fantastic!

  41. Jackie...these photos are magical as I am sure your holiday was....thank you for the lovely message today, xv.

  42. glad You had a great time in Italy.

  43. Ohhhh, Jackie. My grandfather was from Lucca so your photos just take me away; those colors, the gardens, flowers. And, the people. I love the Amalfi Coast the most, but Italy has my heart & spirit. Cannot wait to see more. xx's Marsha

  44. Oooohhh Jackie, tank you very much for this wonderful reportage of my Italy, your pictures are amzing!!!!
    Have a nice day.

  45. Jackie you were missed. I felt your absence everytime I sat down and looked at blogs..its not the same without you here...Your trip of course looks glorious. I have never been to Italy, but would love to go. My husband was born there but taken to England at one year old. So he claims”I’m Italian!” he is a lovely combination of both....Happy for you to
    have such a fabulous adventure..

  46. Welcome home! Your pictures are absolutely stunning! Having never been to Tuscany, I have only seen what the travel guides have to offer. Your post is just beautiful. And yes, I do love all those shutters and bright colors!

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing more, my friend!


  47. Hey Jackie
    I didn't realise you were back.. I have the most useless internet on earth at present and keep missing everything...

    So sounds like you had a wonderful time.. and good on Michael and his recommendations..... Now If only I could get myself back to Italy I'd be one happy chappy... think I could handle another 2 months travelling her entirety..... Glad you had a fabulous time..... look forward to seeing more.. xxx ciao ciao ... xxx Julie

    Hey pop over for my giveaway when you get a chance..

  48. Hello!
    Que j'aime l'Italie. Vos photos sont magnifiques. Et votre blog un enchantement.
    Amitiés de Fine.

  49. WELCOME HOME JACKIE! O.M.G.!!! These photos are amazing! Everyone is so so special! This trip should last you a lifetime of inspiration. You will carry this holiday with you for a long time~ Thanks for sharing it with us. I can't wait for more:)
    Big Hugs!

  50. Lovely, welcome back!
    Happy weekend to you Jackie.

  51. Cara Jacqueline!!! such a wonderful trip to La Toscana!!! I´m so happy watching your wonderful pictures!!!
    maria cecilia

  52. wow...
    this look scrumptious.
    what a holiday!!

    xx glad you are back, happy and safe

  53. Très FABuLOUS photos... would love to return to Italy!

  54. Have you finished ironing yet ;o) ?
    I can't wait to see more pictures!!!
    You had a fantastic holiday!
    Have a nice Sunday,

  55. Jackie, your pictures are divine; you were obviously so very inspired! So glad to hear/see you had a good time. And I'm so happy you not only enjoyed "La Chiesina" (I was hoping I hadn't promised too much!), but that you were able to capture the magic of the converted church in a single photo -- I'd like to think I'm quite the photographer myself, but I'm not sure I'd have done quite a good job; what an angle you chose, and what lighting! Excellent visuals overall -- your whole trip was magic too, quite obviously.
    So sweet of you to mention me. Thanks!

  56. I knew I was going to be jealous...but WOW...I'm reeeeeeeally jealous! Amazing photos!

  57. absolutely breathtaking! i'm so obsessed with italy, simply in love ;).


  58. What a lovely holiday, now that will set you up a real treat to face our nice wet windy autumn....looking at your beautiful pictures makes me want to rush out and buy a house there never mind a holiday ha ha xxx
    Hugs Lynn
    Please feel free to bore us with more fabulous pictures, I for one will not complain xx

  59. Bring on round II of the holiday in Italy photos Jackie as these were terrific. So glad your home but even happier that you all had such a marvelous holiday. You had me at Lobster Ravioli.

    Darn ironing anyway! Hugs to you & will pop you off an email here soon.

    Love to you x deb

  60. thank you for sharing!
    i have returned from Tuscany just one month ago...
    missing all of it!
    your photos are divine.

  61. I read "Tuscany" and was jealous, but then I saw pictures, and felt even more so. They're lovely.

  62. Hi Jackie, Your photos are gorgeous!! I'm sure you had a wonderful time and what better place to visit. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I have missed you.

    xx, Michelle

  63. What a gorgeous hols! Italy looks so, so lovely, so happy you had great fun! I love your little world, how have I not found you before this? So happy to be your newest follower!

  64. Jackie,
    Never fear you will bore me with your travel photos - they are always fabulous images and so interesting. My daughter is getting married in Italy in March, so I hope to see some fun places to visit while following your adventure.

    Thanks for leaving a note on my last post. You are such a faithful friend. Rita

  65. Beautiful photos! I can't beleive I still haven't been to Italy - it's definitely on my list. Bring on the photos - I'm lapping them up :0)
    B x

  66. Welcome back lovely! And you know you're not boring us, more like teasing us mercilessly! Looks like you've had a wonderful time, but we've definitely missed you. K xx

  67. Dear Jacki, what beautiful photos from the toscany! I´m back from italy , too!
    I adore your post!
    Have a great day,
    Big Hugs, yvonne

  68. Welcome back! You have been missed. Your pictures are stunning and I so look forward to seeing more. I also loved Lucca. So beautiful.
    You could never bore a soul with such gorgeous images.

  69. Welcome back Jac - looks like Italy was everything & then some! Your pics are glorious, I can almost hear Dino Martini singing 'Volare oh oh, Cantare oh, oh oh, oh!' in the background.
    Millie ^_^

  70. Oh my gosh, I feel so bad that I've missed a couple of your return posts :( sorry my honey, I'm just hopeless these days.

    Welcome back darling and thank you so much for your comments at mine...I miss it when my friends nick off for glorious hol's.

  71. Love, love, simply love ur travelimages, amazing. And so flattered that you read my blog! Live with love/ Maria-Isabel (Vintage & Morrhår)

  72. I recognised Lucca. I was there on the middle of July ! Beautiful area, isn't ?