Thursday, 20 May 2010


I love sleeping, so a lovely bed is a must. Here are a few seriously good ones :

Ever since I started blogging , I have found that I get such a kick out of finding beautiful images !! What is that all about ? Do you think that it means that I should get the new camera out and start brushing up on my photography ? It's definitely a thought.

I do have a bit of a 'thing' about iron beds....not so much the handcuffing to the bed type of thing !!... no , well, maybe !! haha no , the aesthetic look of them, I mean. I've loved them for years and we have three of them at the moment but, I would like another one in the fourth bedroom....or maybe I should keep the wooden bed in there. What do you think ? Am I going over the top with the iron bed's ?

I also have a bit if a 'thing' about lace panels....don't you just think they are so romantic ? They are not particularly trendy at the moment, but I love them.

A bit of a strange arrangement here, with the door. That table is definitely going flying when the next person walks in !! haha

I told you that I love sleeping !!

Where our daughter lives in London, there is a wonderful interiors shop called 'Of Special Interest'. I get many, many things in there. Well, they have now bought a cottage in Cornwall, which they rent out. It has been decorated beautifully with many things from their shop. The photograph above is the bedroom in the cottage......... I have that lamp, by the way...well, not that exact know what I mean.

Just a reminder to head on over to see Simone @ The Bottom of the Ironing Basket
She is having a week....YES, you heard me correctly.... a week of giveaways and, what giveaways they are. They are wonderful. I will say no more. You must go and see for yourselves.....and, if you have never been to Simone's blog, well....just wait and see. Simone is also doing a 5k run for the Breast Cancer Campaign so, please go and support her and this wonderful cause.

Also, my blogging buddy, Julie @ Being Ruby is having another giveaway of her beautiful photographs. Julie takes the most wonderful photographs and gives them her special and unique touch. I'm sorry but you HAVE to go over and enter her giveaway.....that's an order !!

Last but absolutely NOT least, there is another, just as wonderful giveaway from Ingela @ Inspiration i Vitt, a beautiful Swedish blog. You must go and see her beautiful blog and be taken away on a cloud of white and all things beautiful.
I'm not sure why I'm telling you all about these fabulous giveaways as, my chances of winning are getting less and less by the minute !!
Oh well, I guess it's because I love to share and spread the love !!!!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone and, get entering those giveaways.



  1. Your images are so beautiful! Made my morning:)
    Blog; Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Hello hello! You got a new look. It's lovely...very understated and elegant. Who knew what fun could be derived from sourcing the perfect image? I agree - I love it when I get one that is just right for the point I am making.

    I am also in complete agreement about bed - anything to do with it is a good thing in my book.

    Louise x

  3. I know what I will do this afternoon instead of cleaning my home and ironing all things...: visit blogs and enter all give-aways!! :D
    These images are all inspiring and pretty; as you might know I´m a bedlinen-addict and love all things beautiful :)
    And I do appreciate as well that there are so many gorgeous photographers working on the internet.
    Best regards, Marjolijn

  4. Bonjour Jackie,
    I'm with you on the lace panels too, and who cares if they're not trendy! So many beautiful beds, if you like the look go for another!
    Will check out all these lovely giveaways.

  5. Beautiful post! Lovely photography. The cottage in Cornwall must be beautifully decorated! Would love to see more of it.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  6. Hi Jackie, I have come to rely on your posts transporting me off to a beautiful romantic and so stylish dream land!!!! you have surpassed your self with this post, love every image ,I like you have a thing about old metal beds , I have three in our out buiding waiting to be painted I rescued them from a farmers hedge, been used to keep cattle in! specialy love the table in front of the door room, hope that doors locked! is the cottage for rent in Cornwall ? warm wishes,Linda. x x x

  7. Hi Jackie!
    I love beds too! I especially love nice sheets and wish I had more beds in my house so I could buy more! I also love all the dresses you chose; they're so beautiful! Jennifer:)

  8. I've always loved iron beds too. There's something so stately and royal about them. Lately though I've really had a thing for lower beds, like the one up there with the bare wood floors and hanging light. They feel so nest-like. Really beautiful post, and I think you should pursue your photography again!

  9. Oh, such a beautiful post Jackie! I love all of the images. We have an all white bed I love feeling I'm sleeping in a big marshmallow!

  10. Dear Jackie, One bedroom is more beautiful than the other! I do not even know what I like best!
    Have a nice evening,

  11. Ah, what a lovely reverie you have provided me this morning. Such beautiful photographs. I share your love of iron beds, although I have to have something to lean against when I read, and I tend to fall through the iron railing. My bed is a carved wooden four-poster with a canopy. Very Dickensian, I know, but I love it!

  12. Hi Jackie,

    Those bedrooms of yours make me long for my bed....just came home from a city trip with my mother :-)! We walked for miles....I wonder how she must feel!! You chose some beautiful bedrooms. Lik you, I love iron beds as well. Unfortunately we only have one in the house, but if it is up to me that will change in future!

    The bedroom in the cottage in Cornwall look very pretty. I hope you will go there on holiday and make lots of pictures. So that you can show them on your blog!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  13. Jackie,

    These beds are so dreamy and beautiful! I'm getting a new one tomorrow and this has inspired me a million times to create something so fresh and inviting.

    Wishing you all the best!

  14. Hi Jackie,

    You had me lmao about the table going flyin...
    Sometimes design makes no sense..funny.
    These images are beautiful, although I do think you should take a crack as your own photography. What fun!

  15. I don't see how you could ever go over the top with iron beds. I am on the lookout for two now. The first find goes to the oldest girl and the second goes to the bitty one. I figure about the time that she outgrows her toddler bed she will be ready for a big big girl bed. Think she will last til she is 16 in a toddler bed?

    Love all the images! I do have to say that you find the most exquisite images! Just beautiful! I think you should break out that there new camera and do a home tour of your house! I am dying to see it and if I wasn't so afraid of flying I would come over there and camp out on your doorstep til you let me in!

    Thank you for the sweet words in your last comment! Although in 1980 when Flamingo Road was airing I was graduating from high school! I don't ever remember seeing the show. Unless someone was being eaten by a zombie back then, I had no interest. Now zombie movies just gross me out!

  16. Gorgeous Jackie...all those delicious bedrooms, I love them all, xv.

  17. Oh Jackie ~ I have missed you terribly!! I adore this post as I love sleeping too ~ but they must be good sheets ~ I am a sheet snob you know. I absolutely love the 2nd last photo ~ it reminds me of a Canadian artist ~ Trisha Romance. I love it ~ I really do! Have a fabulous week-end girlie ~ and I hope those handcuffs have fur on them...

  18. I'm looking forward to winning all those giveaways. I feel this post is a SIGN that it'll be me who gets lucky this time. You wouldn't give me a misleading SIGN, would you, Jacqueline? And yes, beds have to be of iron. I spent so long on the quest for the perfect valance for mine (most have the wrong sort of slits) that my emotional investment in the bed is irreversible.

  19. Well that was just about the best post to get OUT of bed for I've ever seen. What a lovely thing to wake up to...but of course now I just want to jump back in to where I've just been! If that makes any sense at all?! Have a wonderful day/night...oh whatever it is...all I know is it's Friday here and the weekend is screeching out...I'm almost here, I'm almost here, and not a moment too soon!

  20. Hi Jackie!

    You are such a sweetheart, thank you for always putting a smile on my face :) And You also Inspire a lot!! I would never think of myself better than anyone else, that is just not in my nature. Now you know :) And I just had to tell you that I LOVE this post, the bedrooms are divine! So many goode Ideas.

    Have a wonderful weekend, lots of hugs

  21. Such a restful post Jackie. I love my bed too and the beauty rest that comes with it. Thank you for your lovely comments for my Dad, you are the sweetest blogger. Much love XO

  22. Oh how I wish I could have white linens. The hubs and the dude would slaughter them. HA!

  23. Ahhhhh night night... I am tired and ready to go dream now...For as long as I can remember, I loved to go to bed early. I figured, I would not have to talk, I could think and daydream for a long time just being in bed. Today, I still love shutting off the light for the day:) Thanks sweet Jackie for all the beauty.

  24. Hi Jackie
    Well I think sleep must the best thing in life.. if only I could get more of it!!! all these beds are delightful.. and I do quite like iron beds.. although I gave mine away to my nieces... The bronzed ruffled quilt in one of those images is just gorgeous!!! I want that too!! and all the beautiful white linen. It's the only way to fly... I find it hard here in Aus to find really lovely white linen.. that is affordable white linen... I may have to start shopping OS>..

    Thanks for the lovely mention and good luck to you and your readers.... Or should I just be saying good luck to YOU... so as not to lessen your chances.. hahaha Have a great sleep!!!! xxx Julie

  25. Hi Jackie,
    I love a beautiful bedroom and these are so all that! And the girls in white satin...well they are all that too. I love that you hunt down these amazing images and share them all with us. i could look at them all day.

  26. Oh Jackie,
    you´r the Queen of pictures........what a wonderful post again.........i´m soooooo in love with all those delightful makes my day so much brighter - thank you so much!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend,

    warm Hugs Jade

  27. gorgeous so gorgeous you are a sooooo romantic soul but with humour and a contemporary edge and i love your picture gallerys. I also agree with your idea of doing more photographs of your own I think you would be brilliant at it, with your eye for a good picture and it could end up a rather fab hobby. Here is to a sunny weekend
    Hugs Lynn xxxxx

  28. HiJackie
    I like you just love my bed, I would love clean crisp white sheets every night what a luxury!!love your photos they are all so special!
    hugs Jill

  29. Lovely, lovely, great post, so much inspiration!!

  30. Hi Jackie!!! I love iron beds too....The one I want for my room I can't find in Italy. So I'm thinking of ordering it from original bedsteads or another cheaper site and see if they sell and send to Italy!! But I also like the bed in the Cornwall cottage. Very shabby!!

    I hope you have a nice weekend my friend, I enjoyed our mails and I will write back soon.

    Hugs, Zaira xx

  31. beautiful everything jacqueline.
    i wish you a wonderful weekend. sleep sweet
    ~laura x

  32. Jackie
    I get such a kick out of your posts!!You have a talent of putting together the dreamiest images.. You know what, trends come and goes but I think beauty is forever and lace IS always beautiful my darling!
    Also..could you please let me know where this shop is in London?? I'm going back at the end of June (I can't stay aways for too long!!) and would love to pay a visit.
    Thanks for sharing and spreading love !
    Have a wonderful weekend

  33. cool new additions for you Jackie! I like the signature at the end of the post. You are one romantic love child I can see that. Some woman of our age are still in the 60’s in so many ways. Our love of Victorian because in the 60’s that’s the stuff we were finding in the charity shops and on flea market stalls. I loved it then and still love in...A bit of Bloomsbury in me.

  34. You can never have too many iron beds, Jackie...I adore them too and sadly have only one in my life at the moment! Loving all the gorgeous photos that you have here - so beautiful, so comfy, so dreamy....!! Have a fabulous weekend, Jackie! xxoo :)

  35. My goodness, these images are so gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing!

  36. Beautiful images Jackie! I love iron beds too....we still sleep in a gorgeous black iron bed with brass was in my husband's family and we received it as newlyweds! We have two other iron beds two! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care my friend,

  37. Hi Jackie I had an iron bed growing up remember how big they were in the 70s and I still love them but they are not so easy to come by. I also love the lace panels. Personnally I couldn't get away with that in my room but its good to dream! xoxo

  38. What a gorgeous, gorgeous collection of beautiful white things you've put together. The problem I'm finding with blogging is that there are just so many beautiful images to see that I'm afraid I'm becoming rather fickle about what I love best ... ah well, I'll just have to suffer! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Leigh

  39. I think you should buy yourself a camera, I´m sure you would make a great photographer. You get inspiration from so many places on the internet =).

    You say you have 3 beds...Hmmm,, I have one, haha.
    Well, I´ll have 2 soon...And it will be an iron bed...=).
    Follow your heart, Jackie, and do what ever feels right , with your wooden bed. I don´t know how it looks, but I´m sure it´s wonderful, and I would keep it.

    Have the most wonderful day, and thank you for believing in me!
    I´m moving on to the wonderful giveaways =D.

  40. I love a white the summer, I bring out my grandmother's hand embroidered white linens, my white cotton canopy brought back from Bali...there is no scent to compare to the one of bedlinen dried on the line on a sunny day... Run and get a camera...try a have such an amazing eye...cannot wait to see the resulting images...but please keep posting these beautiful photos, they are such a treat to the eye and i certainly would have no idea where to look for such images.
    have a great week end

  41. You have such an eye, Jackie! I also think that you'd be great with photography. Keep up the excellent work and have a terrific weekend. xo

  42. A wonderful bed is a very special thing. I love fresh clean white linen and have a thing for pillowcases.
    I have a theory about the table in front of the door. It is a connecting door and on the other side are two very handsome male guests. The mother of the house has placed the table in front of the door so that in the night, if the boys try and get into her daughters' room (which of course, is the one we see in the pic), they'll knock the table over and she'll know what's going on. (Of course, it could be female guests she's trying to keep out of her sons' room. Let's not be sexist about this!) xx

  43. Your posts are always so so beautiful...I love visiting you! Thank you for passing on the giveaways..will check them out. Have a great weekend my friend. xoxoox

  44. Hi Jackie, I'm not sure how, but I just came across your blog and I pleased beyond words that I took the time to read through all your previous posts. I feel like I've been swept away on a fabulous fairy tale adventure with all the beautiful places, stories and pictures you have shown ~
    I can't wait to follow along for more!

  45. This is a lovely post and I think you're wonderful telling about all the other ladies giveaways and featuring their blogs. I adore Simone (& some others). It makes me happy to be here right now. xx's Marsha

  46. 當我微笑時,世界和我一起微笑;當我快樂時,世界和我一起活躍。 ..................................................

  47. Dear Jacky, I just found your blog because of Luiza!!!And I love all your pictures in here!!!Wow!!best regards and have a great time!!!Anja

  48. Hahaha Jackie, thanks for spreading the love. Goes well with your bed post ... One can never be hand cuffed in too many rooms I say ;-) LOVELY pictures - the lamp's not bad either!!


  49. Oh Jackie, so many beautiful pics! And I'm with you, I have a real thing for lovely, chippy, vintage iron beds, so I say go for it! Sorry i haven't been commenting lately, I've just realised that your fab blog isn't showing on my blogroll for some reason, in spite of it being on my list. I'm having quite a few Blogger problems actually, but rest assured it will be fixed asap - I can't believe I've been missing your posts. Thanks as always for all your lovely comments, I'll have all the kitchen pics for you very soon! K xx

  50. Love these, satin wins all the time!
    How lovely is that cottage bed?

    Happy Monday to you.

  51. Hi sweets, what an adorable post, I am going to have to file a couple of these beauties.

    I love iron beds and am currently look for some for our house...fingers crossed.

    I always love the pictures you choose,
    hugs Deej

  52. Just gorgeous Jackie, every single one of them!
    It is so nice to see your posts...I always look forward to them.
    Hope you are enjoying all this sunshine. What a treat it has been!
    Best wishes for a wonderful week!


  53. Ah bed... I need more time for sleep!! Such stunning pictures! xx

  54. I know what you mean about finding the perfect image Jackie. The posts just don't seem right without them. Love those iron beds. Four doesn't seem too many for me. And those antique lace panels are gorgeous. Bet you're surprised that I love these as much as you!
    I so look forward to your posts Jackie. And just as much, adore your comments over at mine. Have a lovely week. Amanda xx

  55. JACKIE!!!! did you see Jenn's post on my farm sale? with the pictures of the "Dennis Severs" room??

    you can find more pics at my blog today - and on the sidebar is Sanctuary Arts (aka Jenn)

    Anne Marie

  56. Jackie, thank you for stopping by and great to hear you too are an All Saints fan, I think to myself where have I been all this time not to realise the wonderment of this store! You have a beautiful blog and I love your title pictures and your grey background. I have a huge passion for grey in interiors and apparel. x

  57. I don't ever get tired of looking at those beautiful gowns! Hi Jackie, I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog! Jennifer:)

  58. Hi Jackie,
    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! I just did over a bedroom with white quilts and down comforters. Its such a classic look. Now I'm looking for lovely headboards. I love wrought iron too.

    BTW, your link to "The Bottom of the Ironing Basket" goes to the wrong site. I'm surprised I'm the first to mention it.

  59. Jackie, these images are so wonderful. You missed your calling, should have been a set director. Beautiful post..yvonne

  60. Jackie you can never be over the top when speaking about IRON BEDS!! I say go for a 4th one for your number 4 bedroom. I love iron beds and you will see my daughters on my site in a queen custom made from old vintage castings.

    The first iron bed in your post is a Corsican out of LA. California, not to be fooled for the copy cats out there but if you want that bed I can get you the correct order numbers or you can send them the picture, they have an on going selection of paint finishes to choose from.

    I will be back to take in more beauty for sure.
    Interior Design

  61. Love all the beds gOOD bedding is my weakness!Btw i have a very first giveaway pls participate it will mean much to me~Love Deepali

  62. AAAAA Jackie, you are sooo wonderful, the generous and sweet person you are. I also love to sleep and is not a morning person and never will be.
    Your beds are so nice and old iron beds are always finest
    Many warm hugs to you / Ingela

  63. Hi Again Jackie...Just to say thank you for your beautiful and encouraging comment...always a delight to see your name on one of my comments...

  64. Just the post I needed Jac - normally a good sleeper, I've taken to a 4a.m. wander around the house of late. Not sure why, but it's driving me CRAZY!! I'm sure it will pass, any of these beds would lull me back there quick smart.
    Millie ^_^

  65. Oh wow, this is one of the best blogs I've ever seen - a visual sight to behold - love it, in fact, who needs to read magazines when you can come here and feast yourself on all these wonderful images!

    Could spend all day in here, in fact, I may well do!



  66. Followed the copy/trace tracking url for your 'Room to Think' image by Steve Hanks. Please be sure to attribute your image accordingly. Artist Steve Hanks - Greenwich Village Art

  67. Where did you find the bed Above the caption I have a thing about iron beds? So pretty!