Monday, 19 April 2010

EDINBURGH ..........

I'm definitely not having a good month ! What with the oyster incident. I went to give my neighbour the key, as we were going away for a few days, and fell flat on my face onto the brick drive !! I cut the inside of my mouth, thought that I might have broken my wrist, which fortunately was just a bad sprain, bruised my nose, had black and blue eyes, grazed my face and have a bruised knee !!!! We were going to Edinburgh the next day. The following morning, I was getting ready. I was sitting on the toilet when I came over rather faint and thought, I must get to the sofa and lie down with my feet above my head. I ran down the hall with my trousers round my ankles (knickers had been pulled up, thank goodness!!) and fell over in the hall !!!! Mr.Home came running down the stairs and immediately rang the ambulance but, I told him that I was O.K. We finally made it to Kings Cross Station and began our journey to Edinburgh. Not the best start to a few days away !

Anyway, enough of my woes. The train is the nicest way to travel to Edinburgh. It runs along the coastline and has some wonderful views. I took the next few photos through the train window so they aren't very good but, you get the idea.

St. Giles Cathedral, with its famed crown spire, stands on the Royal Mile, between Edinburgh Castle and Holyroodhouse.

I got told off for taking this one !! I didn't know that you weren't supposed to take photographs inside !! Naughty me.

In Scotland, a window tax was imposed by William Pitt, The Younger, in the 1780's, in the financial district of Edinburgh and, to this day, ' Pitt's Pictures' ( blacked-out windows with white painted cross frames ) can be seen in Charlotte Square. It is said that the phrases, ' the pitts ' and 'daylight robbery ' originated from this tax.

This is the Scottish Parliament building, which was supposed to have cost £50 million but, ended up costing £500 million !! I wasn't overly impressed with the architecture of the building.

We were allowed to sit in on Parliament, debating the volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano and knife crime in Scotland.

Next, we visited Holyroodhouse, the official residence in Scotland of Her Majesty The Queen, which stands at the end of Edinburgh Royal Mile. The Palace is perhaps best known as the home of Mary, Queen of Scots, and as the setting of many of the dramatic episodes in her turbulent reign. She was married there and witnessed the brutal killing of her secretary, Rizzio, by her jealous second husband, Lord Darnley, in her private apartments.

In the grounds of Holyroodhouse are the ruins of the Augustinian abbey, Holyrood Abbey, built in 1128. It is the site of many royal coronations and marriages. The roof collapsed in 1768 leaving it as it currently stands.

A few views of Edinburgh.

The rock on which Edinburgh Castle stands, has been lived on as long ago as 850 B.C. There has been a Royal Castle since the reign of David 1st in the 12th century.

The Governor's House.

Standing within the walls of the castle is the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. It is St. Margaret's Chapel, which dates from the early 12th century.

You can be married there today fro the rather exorbitant price of £1,000 but, the chapel only holds twenty people.

The castle is now in the care of Historic Scotland. There is still a military presence at the castle, largely ceremonial and administrative. It is also the backdrop to the annual Military Tattoo.
There is also a great deal more to Edinburgh Castle but, I don't want to bore you.
We also visited Gladstone's Land, where you experience what life was like in the Old Town before the New Town was built. Then it was over to the New Town to experience The Georgian House.

If you ever get the chance to visit Edinburgh, please do not hesitate to go. It is a beautiful city, full of history, great food and wonderfully friendly people.
We had a great time, even though my hand was in a support and, I looked as if I'd been ten rounds with Mike Tyson !! .......... and, did you see the blue skies in the photographs ? We had the most glorious weather.



  1. Oh, your spill sounds awful, I do hope you are alright! Even after all that you can still take amazing pictures. Just gorgeous!

  2. love, love love to go there some day!

  3. Sorry about your multiple tumbles Jackie....and happy to hear it didn't interfere with your enjoyment of Edinborough. Thanks for the background on your wonderful trip, arm cast and all. What a trouper! Much love XO

  4. I hope you're feeling better now! Your pictures ar beautiful ,even the ones from the train. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Jennifer:)

  5. Sorry to hear that you took a tumble, I hope your bruises are healing. I adore that train journey to Edinburgh the scenery is breathtaking, wonderful photographs you have captured Edinburgh's essence perfectly.

  6. Oh you poor thing! What a week to have! Good thing you managed to get your knickers up though. I hope that you are much better now. Love all the pics of Edinburgh. What a beautiful place. One day we are going to have to go there and to Tipperary. Edinburgh always reminds me of the Bay City Rollers! How I loved them when I was younger. They replaced Donny Osmond as I outgrew him.

  7. Dear Jacqueline, What an absolutely awful start to your holiday but at least it did not prevent your getting away. You certainly must have welcomed a break from all your misfortunes.

    Edinburgh is for me too a magical city with so much of interest and a superb cultural centre. I still remember to this day a most delicious meal in Indigo Yard, a name I thought perfect for a garden area, although as it is now several years ago I wonder if it is still trading.

    I am so pleased that you had a most enjoyable time.

  8. I hope you are on the mend, Jackie. I feel so bad for you. I am happy though, that you were able to take you trip and give us wonderful pictures. How beautiful Edinburgh is!


  9. Oh Jackie, poor girl!!! hope you feel better now. I'm happy that you anaged to go to Edimburg and I am a bit shocked about the total blue sky. When I've been last summer it has raine for 48 hours....!! But I was nevertheless very fascinated by this beautiful city.

    A warm hug from me, dear friend! Zaira

    Ps. We both won on Modern Country giveaway, how lucky are we?? ;)

  10. That's the attitude!!
    I'm so proud of you for picking yourself up and not missing this great getaway with your hubby.
    (I think black eyes are kind of cool by the way)
    So glad you are on the mend.

  11. Beautiful pictures! Love your blog. Jacqueline

  12. Oh, Jackie, this post brought back such vivid memories for me of the time I spent in Edinburgh ten years ago! I've been wanting to return ever since, and you have sealed it for me; I must as soon as I can! I traveled there by train, too--what a beautiful ride. Thanks for all the gorgeous photos, including the beautiful "illegally" snapped one!!

    I am so, so sorry to hear about your tumbles! Ow! I hope you were on the mend quickly and that your injuries didn't get in the way of your trip too much! Mr. Home was such a gallant knight, calling the ambulance right away. What a wonderful guy. xoxo

  13. Oh you poor thing...hope you are feeling better now.

    Your photos of Edinburgh look so much merrier than mine when we went a few years back. Full of grey skies and rain. I will go back again and hopefully be lucky with the weather as you have been. We travelled by train from Newcastle and I agree...its the only way to go! Take it easy, Lucyxx

  14. Oh, you poor thing....
    I feel really sorry for you =(.
    I hope you´re better now, and that the trip was free from accidents like those you had before you left....

    The images you show us from Edinburgh,are amazing!!! I love that place just by looking at the photos!
    It seems you visited lots of wonderful places.
    Thank you for taking us along and welcome back! We´ve missed you!
    Have a nice evening!

  15. YOu poor thing. So sorry. Feel better.

  16. Poor thing, I hope your brusies go down quickly! I'm always getting myself injured and ending up in hospital - my husband hates taking me because he gets funny looks from the nurses as I'm there so often!

    At least you had a good time in Scotland and won yet another prize, you lucky thing!


  17. Oh you poor thing! I hope you're on the mend and feeling much better!!! I'm glad you didn't have to cancel your all looks sooooooooooooooo beautiful!!! It's the same kind of gorgeous old buildings that I loved so much in Paris!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  18. Hi Jackie, ho my you poor thing, are you fully recovered ?, you showed true grit for carry on and heading for Edinburgh, did you hide behind big sun glasses,i bet you still look glamourouse!I lived in Fife for four years and used to go to edinburgh loads, I love the old part, think its called the hey market. Clarrisa Dickson Wright( 1 of the fat ladies) had is some beautiful houses , very expensive, do ya ken jimmy!! glad to have you back, bestest wishes,Linda.x

  19. Oh No! I hope you're healed by now. Just the kind of thing I would do.

    Lucky you though taking a holiday to Scotland. This has always been my dream. I think I lived there in another life. Beautiful snaps, and I am glad you could have a great getaway inspite of the accident.

    Take care and watch your step,


  20. Dearest Jackie,
    My goodness ~ let's just hope you are through with all this 'bad luck' for a while! And leave it to you to NOT cancel your travels - thatta gal!
    We were in Edinburgh 5 years ago, and we loved every single moment of that trip! Went for a friend's wedding, and we hope to go back and visit again soon.
    Feel better!

  21. Oh Jackie - you poor darling - hope you managed to do all your sightseeing without pain or more injury! Edinburgh looks delightful especially in the wonderful spring sunshine! So glad you had a great time.....x

  22. Hope you are feeling better now! Glad you love Edinburgh and the train journey north of Newcastle -my closest station is Berwick and I love the journey north. Love your blog too :)

  23. Hi Jackie,

    What an unfortnate thing to have happened. Luckily you were going to Edinburgh, where nobody knows you :-)! I enjoy looking at your photos. It's been 25 years since I have last been there. It was the first trip I made with my husband. We had a great time camping near Arthurs seat!

    Lieve groet,


  24. that stone, the blue sky, the glass mullioned windows - all beautiful. What a horrible fall, isn't it funny how you can fall in such a way as to hurt so many bits. I did something similar once - broke my big toe two days before we were leaving to go trekking in Thailand - I went anyway because I felt we couldnt' cancel and it was fine!! Relatively! xoxo

  25. Bonjour Jackie,
    My goodness, sorry to hear about all those painful tumbles. What a trooper you are to head off to Scotland anyway. SO glad you had a great trip, fabulous images. Now that you are home again, be careful!
    Wishing you a happy (and safe) week,

  26. Hopefully you are felling better soon and that you have a good rest of the month! :) Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing! :)


  27. Jackie oh..Jackie, can hardly believe what I just read. I feel HORRIBLE for you starting out your adventures in Scotland in such a fashion. I impressed that you still went. Many would of given up & laid flat not to move for several days!! I'm happy that the skies were blue & the sun was out to greet you to this beautiful city. I do think god felt like he owned you that one. I hope this week is not quite as eventful and take much care. Sending you hugs and wishes for quick healing. Lovely post, really great to see all your pics & so much I didn't know.
    Luvs xx

  28. hey at least in England you can afford to go to the hospital!! yOur photos were beautiful and Ed..looks like a glorious place to visit..

  29. Oh Jackie, I'm so sad to hear of your tumbling escapades. It must've been the 'pitts!' I reckon you should wear more skirts ... I once wore a pair of boots with pompoms on the front of each. Running after one of my children one day I narrowly missed a great fall when the two pom poms entwined themselves in each other and knotted my boots together while I was in motion. I can only imagine your pain :(

    Hope you heal well and quickly


  30. I hope you feel better now, good lord, you might well have killed you my friend.Nice trip you've been to, wonderful pictures of old buildings.
    lots of hugs / Ingela.

  31. You are a brave traveller Jackie....poor you. I am sorry you had such a nasty fall but I am happy that you enjoyed Edinburgh. I haven't been for many years and your photographs have really enthused me. Look after that sprain and those bruises, xv.

  32. Oh my goodness, Jackie - I am glad to hear that you are ok after your terrible fall...(I am extremely clumsy and that is something that would happen to me on any given day..)

    Your trip sounds and looks fabulous - thanks for taking us all with you!! It was a beautiful adventure! xxoo :)

    What a wonderful post it is so interesting,
    You will laugh at my post I just posted.
    I wish I would have gone to Scotland when I was over there. My Loss.


  34. Oh, you poor lamb. What a dreadful fall. Or should I say, Falls! Kudos to you for not letting it deter you from your trip to Edinburgh. And my, what weather you did have for your visit. I loved the photographs! St. Giles... Hollyrood Abbey... the most atmospheric places.
    Welcome home.... and be careful!

  35. Lordy lady, I leave the blog world for a few months & you become a klutz extraordinaire but I know you still were your fabulous self through all the bumps, bruises & blood.
    Edinburgh is a must go city of mine & you just made me move it up a few places on list.
    I'm thinking a new pair of shoes should make you heal faster..pass it on to Mr. Home.

  36. I am so sorry about your mishaps, Jackie - poor thing! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. xo

  37. i could not believe how friendly the people were there. we had so much fun .
    i admire your dedication to photograph while injured.

  38. My dear Jackie,
    I feel so bad for you.. I hope you are feeling better now darling. Lovely post as always! I am so glad you had a great trip.
    Take care ..
    Hugs XXX

  39. What glorious pictures you've taken..especially the one you got told off for...that's my favourite! So sorry to hear about your multiple mishaps. We haven't known each other long, so tell me..are you always this accident prone? Should I avoid even the thought of travelling with you? (don't worry, I'm not about to lob!!) Thanks for taking me back to's been a long, long time!

  40. Hopefully this is the last of your woes! Your photos of Edinburgh are wonderful - so glad you had a lovely time there. Leigh

  41. Hope you have a lovely time away. You poor thing - hope your bad luck ends! xxx

  42. I hope your were able to enjoy the weather! The photos are gorgeous!!!!!

  43. Not the best way to start your trip, but you gave such a visual description of your mishap in the toilet it made me laugh out loud (with you and not at you). Wow Edinburgh looks amazing! Love your photo's and hope you are on the mend xx

  44. Oh darling Jackie ... you really have had a rough trot!
    At least your time in Scotland was wonderful! Great photos btw.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy this splendid weather we're having.
    Sending you hugs ...

  45. Should we start to call you "Gracie"?? Your fall just sucks ~ no other way to put that!! The trip sounds wonderful and the pictures are gorgeous! I love old architecture ~ the church makes me swoon. Welcome home! xo

  46. Jackie....just wonderful...and Im so glad that your holiday got better as it went on...hope you have recovered ok now x

  47. How well you've presented Edinburgh, which I like so much for its particular mix of graciousness and grittiness. The Scottish side of my family lives near there, so it's a regular destination, though I still don't know the difference between a 'wee tickie' and a 'wee tickie tickie'. Maybe 3 minutes? I hope you're a lot better!

  48. WOW! That wasn't a good start was it?! I hope you're much better now? Mind you, wasn't Edinburgh the Haunted City? Or is that Glasgow? Anyway, if so, bet many people thought you were a ghost when they saw you roaming the streets... ;P Take care!

  49. hey you! what is this all this strange things happening to you... hope you will feel better now, watch yourself lady! looks like it is the week of bruises.. I felt from a chair yesterday ... never use those cute bistro chairs to change a bulb! Vat went crazy whilst I yelled falling down and took a run through the room where all things were on the floor because of some changes.

    Lets hope we are still in one piece by the weekend ;P

  50. Hi Jackie...
    Well, I wouldn't advise you of late to stand on any ladder let alone one on a counter! I haven't had the bad luck you have been having lately.
    Your post was sooo interesting and I loved the tour! Beautiful country...
    Many blessings to you and I hope you are healing nicely from your fall.

  51. Gorgeous photographs! Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip! Now...I think you should rest! Take it easy and slow down! Whew! You had me worried!
    :) Laura

  52. I hope you are feeling better and staying on your feet. I am sorry to hear about your falls. Last year I had a black eye after colliding with my dogs head, and you should have seen all the looks my husband got from women whenever we went out in public. lol I hope Mr. Home didn'y get too many of those looks.
    Your trip looks as if it was a dream.

  53. Well Jackie hope you are all mended now. sounds like a case of disaster waiting to happen.. or like something I'd do...

    Well Edinburgh looks just wonderful.. your photos are great.. I especially like Holyrood Abbey photos.... might have to get thee to Scotland one day.. Glad it all turned out ok and you enjoyed your time... xx Julie

  54. Hello my sweet...well at least as you say your knickers were up..too bad about the trousers. Jac's you are going to have to slow down and stop falling over honey, cannot have you black and blue all the time! Seriously I hope you are not in any pain.

    I so enjoyed my trip with you, thanks for letting us tag along. Just loved your photo's, and yes I did notice the stunning sky!

    hugs Deej

  55. Dear Jacquiline,
    What can I tell you but wow and then wow again. Thank you so much for becoming a follower on my blog. I have been reading yours since I first started this adventure(Feb.13) and have admired you so much. Your style of writing, your life style , the entire package really. I never thought that a person such as yourself would be interested in me.. You are in a different class...I can only aspire to be someone as interesting and talented as yourself. That being said, I am now feeling hopeful that I too can raise myself up to be something more, to acheive something more. You are so beautiful and gracious...I can only imagine your beautiful home, clothes, shoes...but, your mind and your ability to draw in other women is what is really sets you apart...Again, thank you.

  56. Dear Jacqueline, What an absolutely awful start to your holiday.I hope you are feeling better now.
    Edinburgh looks just wonderful.. your photos are great..!!!

    Take care of yourself and enjoy this splendid weather.
    Sending you hugs ...
    xx Hetty

  57. i have wanted to go to Scotland forever!!!
    great shots.

    but darling, how is your face and your wrist coming along?
    how scary and horrible.
    xxx hugs

  58. jackie... you truly are one of the bravest women i know.
    after that tumble i would have crawled under the covers.... you brush yourself off and you go on... and what a holiday.... BRAVO sweet girl.

  59. Oh dear Jackie...does not sound like a good start but good on you for carrying on. Very English of you I must say!! It's the Jackie way :)

    We are going to Scotland in August and now I can't wait. Thank you for this inside is wonderful. Yes, I see the blue skies, is this unusual for Scotland too??

    Thank you for the beautiful tour...I hope you are resting well, drinking lots of heavenly tea and have your keyboard close at hand. Always lovely to hear from you :)

    Jeanne xo

  60. ohhh, and you are so sweet and extremely nice to me, Jackie! Thank you over and over for your wonderful, warm comments! Everyday I send you a huge hug in my thoughts. I´m so happy you exist!
    And thank you for all inspiration and interesting reading, I love it!

    My hugest hug and lots of love to you, from me...always!

  61. O my goodness Jackie that was not a good starting off your little trip.
    I hope you are fine again.
    I love your trip pictures, the look lovely.
    Take care my friend.
    Hugs Gerda

  62. So sorry about all your troubles before heading away on this wonderful trip...your images are amazing..I so want to visit this city soon!!!

    Take care and hope all heals soon...extra hugs being sent your way. xoxox

  63. Hola Jackie, so many arquitectural wonders you have the privilege to see and walk through, how nice!!!
    When I see this wonders I can´t but think about all our old buldings, historic treasures of my country now on the floor, turned down by the huge 8.8 earthquake....
    Maria Cecilia

  64. Oh Jackie - not a good start to the holiday at all. I hope a few medicinal drams might help with the recovery. Your pictures are beautiful. It is so long since I've been to Edinburgh and you have reminded me how stunning it is and so full of history. Hope you're feeling a little less bruised and battered. Take good care. Amanda xx

  65. Ok, I have just one question - how on earth have I not known about your beautiful blog before now??? I cannot believe I've been missing out for so long! I've just found you via my good blog buddy Kerry over at A Tranquil Townhouse, and I just wish I'd found you earlier.
    Sorry you had such an awful start to your holiday, you poor thing. But you must have recovered well because you've taken some drop dead gorgeous photos. Lovely.
    Kerri (with an 'i'!) xx

  66. Oh Jackie, sorry,sorry, SORRY!!!! I have no idea how I missed this post!!!!!!!!!!!!I had no idea you were back.

    I know we spoke before but what a fall you had, ugh! And then the next day.....poor you, bet you gave your husband quite a fright!

    Edinburgh looks AMAZING....I took the train up there once years ago and I do remember the train journey as being lovely, especially the part where it runs right along close to the coast. I was heading somewhere further north though so never got to look around Edinburgh. Your photos are wonderful, sounds like you had a great time.

    I loved the photos of Holyroodhouse especially, isn't it beautiful?

    Hope you have now recovered, walk carefully please :) xoxo

  67. You poor thing! I hope the bruises are not too bad! These images are just incredible!

    Love your blog...

  68. Oh my, you poor thing what a way to start a trip....opps bad pun. Hope you're healing up ok.

    Your trip was so interesting and that shot that you got yelled at looked like a postcard. You take great're always so worried about them ...they're great! and hello! that sky almost had me think it was photoshopped in..hahaha. The trees with the castle was just gorgeous. I love the silouette of the bare trees....big part of what I love about winter. I know I'm weird:))
    Thanks for sharing someone like me who never goes anywhere it's even a bigger treat. gee what a goober I am!


    Ok off to work again.


  69. opps now my name is Carol3...oh my...I must be tired.

  70. Gosh, not a good start at all to your vacation! Glad to hear you weren't horribly hurt, I hope you are healing well.

    May I recommend pulling the pants UP next time you make a mad dash while already inebriated with lightheadedness...? lol! Just teasing of course ;)

    These pics are stunning, you really captured the architectural qualities and beauty with these shots.

    The train really is the best way to travel. I travel by train all over Europe and Canada when I am bitten by the travel bug.

  71. What a truly inspiration place, Jackie, and I am so glad that you got to go, after all your pre-troubles so to speak! You took marvellous pics - so genuine..and I get tickled pink when I hear about the origin of words and expressions - "the pitts" - I love it!! By the way, my favourite episode of Black Adder is the one about Pitt the Younger - I think I have seen it a million times and I still laugh out loud - and of course "House" is in it (Hugh Laurie) and that is an added bonus. Have a super weekend, Jackie, I hear the weather has improved for you a little ...I will be mucking about in the garden and also with chalkboard paint (as you know) - biiig huugg!! AJ

  72. Hope your feeling better, what a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing, Have a sweet day!

  73. Some of my fondest memories will always be from studying abroad in Edinburgh. It's a great place to be and renew!

    Hope :) xx

  74. Hi Jackie i have just found your blog through
    Marua, Dreamy Whites, i love Edinburgh, in fact Scotland is my favourite place in the world, i was there for Hogmanay 2 years ago, and i just love scottish people they are sooo friendly, i had the time opf my life, Amanda

  75. i lived in edinburgh for a year, and these photographs made my nostalgic for the cobblestones streets i called home! your blog is beautiful! xoxo.

  76. oh. Jackie. Thank you so very much for the beautiful photos I am remembering beautiful memories while I was travelling Scotland. Julie xx

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  78. Hi Jackie, I came across this image ( via Pinterest, I am wondering if it yours? I'm writing my masters thesis at the moment on Scotland and I would love to use this on the cover, I just want to make sure I cite the owner properly! Many thanks, Jemma