Tuesday 28 February 2012


I love white .... and grey .... and beige and all colours neutral. I'm a bit of a colour phobic even with clothes. I wear black mostly with a touch of white or other neutral colour. Perhaps I need help, I don't know !!

I love this idea ..... a beautiful spoon or ladle used as a candle holder. 

This is just how I look when I pop out in the snow for a bottle of milk !!

Can you believe this building ? 

Just a few white images that took my fancy today. Hertfordshire is very mild for the time of year, little green shoots are appearing, the birds are singing and all's well with the world. Spring is definitely on it's way.

images 1 & 2; via inspiration lane, image 3: via keep me happy, images 4, 5 & 6: via love french bulldogs, images 7, 8, 9 & 10: via tumblr, images 11, 12 & 13: via umla, images 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18: via Zsa Zsa Bellagio, images 19 & 20: via beauty and grace, image 21: via dustjacket attic.



  1. What a Beauty !!! all shades of white.!!
    And that house!!! great

    greetings Karin

  2. Spring is on its way isn't it.....I have all my windows open right now, the birds are singing and I can see sunshine, I love it!! February has flown by and March is always such a lovely month :)

    Love all these photos....I too find myself wearing black and grey, any colour tends to be either a bag or accessories, I love grey especially.

    Hope you are well :) XXXX

  3. Wow, that made my morning. I love gorgeous photos and you found some really great ones. Thank you for sharing:)
    ~Debra xx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. i just love the idea of light bright white on white but even a white t-shirt on me attracts somebody elses ketchup.......a white cushion wouldn't last 5 minutes let alone a sofa.....I can just about work white bowls and plates!!

  5. Now that I am sporting grey hair I fancy grey shirts and sweaters with lots of white and black thrown in. The hunt for the perfect grey eye shadow was just ridiculous. I did find it.

  6. I love white! Thank you for so much inspiration! As a knitting designer I loved the photos with crocheted white garments.

  7. OOoohh beautiful...Pinterest pictures? there are a few that I haven't seen jet..
    And don't need help ☺

  8. I love everything you love !! Big stacks of folded white linens, piles of plates, and all the poshness of white. Cannot imagine anything but white sheets on my bed, preferably ironed by someone else. Beautiful post, J.
    (our blonde hair...dare we say out neutral hair?)

  9. I love seeing white in stylish ways.
    but I am learning to embrace color. It really has changed my mood and outlook on a day. Color has made me happy :)

  10. Speaking of white - I thought Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar dress (Tom Ford) was drop dead gorgeous..

  11. Hello Jackie:
    All these scintillating, snowy images.......if only it were not below zero outside and white stuff blanketing the ground....then we could really enjoy your dazzling white-out! perhaps we shall settle for the frosted icing on that most delicious looking cake!

    And, if that is how you dress when fetching a pint of milk inside, one can only imagine you at a white tie and tiara ball. Absolutely fabulous!

  12. Beautiful whites darling....spring is in the from

  13. What a beautiful pictures.All shades of white, I love it.
    It was a joy to be here.


  14. I love white too. I'd like to have at least one room. loved those knitted socks.

  15. jax

    you blow me away with your images...ALWAYS!!!
    that white house thingie is AMAZING!!


  16. The spoon candle holder is wonderful !
    The piece of cake has me making strange hungry noises.
    The mirror , the dishes on the shelves, they all make me excited about moving again and doing something different.

  17. Gorgeous images especially the candle holder. Spring has arrived here in Spain too after the coldest winter I can remember. Here's to warmer weather and sun-kissed faces for us all before too long ;-)

  18. Yes!!! it is great we both have a post in white.. actually I had one yesterday and will having posts in white for the whole week ;)

  19. Such a lovely collection of white photographs! Love those crochet stockings...I wear a lot of black and white too...not sure why! Oh yes, the black pants are slimming...or so I like to imagine!
    Wishing you well my friend,
    Laura :)

  20. Loving all these images...I also tend to wear alot of black, but I do put a splash of color in at times! Thanks for stopping by to wish my mom a happy birthday! Sending loads of love and sunshine your way! xxoo

  21. Hi Jackie,
    oh, for my I love all shades of white, but I also need a little bit of pale colors, together with some neutrals...
    this images are amazing, love the wonderful crochet stockings.
    Wishing you a wonderful week

  22. Most of my wardrobe is black and white, but today I'm splashing out with a red dress! I love that soup ladle candle holder...genius! And the white room with the surprising grey crochet throw. Autumn is settling in wisteria leaves are turning yellow :( xx

  23. I also like white very much. A few years ago I had a very white and bright house, but lately I start to like nature-colours more and more, but I will always like white.

  24. Wow.... beautiful pictures...! I love white and neutrals too. Sometimes with a touch of colour, especially powdery soft ones in spring... I love following your lovely blog! Hanneke

  25. Beautiful post!!! always.

  26. I don't think you need help my dear..the colours you like are the most beautiful!!And your blog...wonderful!!Your newest follower!!xoxo

  27. Oh beautiful white!!!! I feel so clean after reading your post today...and a wee bit cold after going to get the milk with you Jackie. You already know I LOVE white, but something you may not know is that I don't wear a lot of it...or black either. Can you believe it? Some how I think they make me look shorter! Funny huh? I hate it when I look shorter than my five foot two frame. I don't know why I think the color would be better for my height. Maybe I just think if I wear a lot of color people will notice that and not my short-ness :)
    Hope you are having a great week my friend.
    hugs from me....

  28. Love those white images Jackie ~ I have a few of these pinned myself ~ great minds do think alike! Glad to hear that spring is starting to creep in, in your little part of the world ~ here not so much ~ snow last night and again today but it's already the end of Feb ~ bring on April as I could skip right over March! Hugs to you dear friend. xo

  29. I love white also. It must be something about our personality. Love WHITE bed linins. Those socks are awesome.

  30. Such a beautiful collection...makes me want to hang onto the last days of winter! So magical and breathtaking!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  31. Lovely images Jacks! There is something so pure about white.
    I am a fan of the neutral palette, but colour makes me so so happy ... plus its been a huge trend (not that I'm a trend follower) for the last few years.

    We've gotta get you into some colour girlfriend! I can just picture you with a pop of red... ? lipstick maybe, if its nothing else ;) ;)

    Spring is definitely on its way ...
    hugs xx

  32. Hello Jackie

    Happy to hear all is well with you and that Spring is on its way.
    I love this post and that house is spectacular and of course you tempted me with the cake! AAH and I have not even had breakfast.
    Have a brilliant day in brilliant day

    Helen xx

  33. Magnificent post and I want a piece of that cake ! Now !

  34. Wonderful pictures!
    I really enjoy it .....

    Warm greetings

  35. Then I have the same illness as you Jackie, I´m also a colour phobic.
    Love your pictures!
    Hugs Gerda

  36. Loving the whites here Jackie!
    Herts just rocks this time of the year.

  37. What a beautifull blog! nice picture's ,i love de sock's and cake;-)...i follow you
    Have a nice evening!,greetz Manuela

  38. I love whites and greys and blacks and neutrals, too Jackie. They are my favorites, but I've been known to have a red kitchen or two! Love that ladle candle holder idea. Think I'm going to have to try it with one of my old silver-plated ladles!

    Thanks for your sweet comment over at The Magpie's Fancy. I think you did, indeed, win one of my very first giveaways! I'm so touched you still have the shells and sea glass.

    Thanks, as always, for inspiring me! xoxo Gigi

  39. It's the cake picture that did it for me!! so pure and it looks so delicious, Lovely pictures as always. Have a great week.

  40. Wonderful whites! I love the idea of the laddle candle holder!

  41. Hi Jackie, coming here is always a moment of pure joy for the eyes. I've been away for a while but I hope to be more present. Thank you for your messages of affection, I really appreciate it. Love, Zaira

  42. Jackie you always knock it outta the park with your pictures..Of course I will the try the candle
    idea and act as if i invented it. Those crochet socks! wow...
    thanks again for shooting this day with a shot of joy and awesomeness.

  43. Thank you for great inspiration!!!!!!

  44. You always find the most amazing photo's Jackie! I love the photo with the lace stockings and the beige shoes! I wouldn't mind having both of them myself.

    The weather in Holland is much the same as with you. It feels like spring. It's time to get my flip flops and sandals out of the cupboard again :-)

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  45. Jacqueline, you have me frantically nailing all my soup ladles to reclaimed wood. Where will it all end? How shall I serve soup?

  46. Oh how I love it all. I wish there was more of that outfit showing with the tattered white dress. It's what I'd love to wear but would feel silly with a half torn skirt. lol The laces on the shoes are so fun.

  47. I wish I could have more white in my house...Le toddler makes that pretty hard. HA!

  48. Jackie -- how wonderful to be a visitor to your blog again after far too long! And there couldn't be a more fitting theme: white! (Need I mention my affinity for the too-white Greek Isles...?) The photo of that silver ladle serving as a candle-holder would have been worth a visit here all by itself; never seen that one before! Nice.
    (And where is that white-and-silver temple? Breathtaking!)
    Hope this message finds you in wonderful spring spirits.

  49. Oh Jackie these are lovely. I so adore White but I am a colour girl too...I am always torn between the 2 looks...I think I need 2 homes!
    Hugs to you for a blessed and perfect new week. xoxoxo

  50. I try with the white but live with Mr. Clumsy MOTH, enough said. I swear he'll be buried with a bottle of industrial strength Domestos bleach, he'll need it in the afterlife to clean up the litany of spills & oopsies that beset him at every turn.
    Millie xx

  51. Oh Jackie,
    so glad I could't pay a visit to your blog today as I could really let let myself be inspired by the stunning photos you have shared.
    i love white too and couldn't imagine any other color for the decor of my home.
    The photo with the old ladle used as a candle holder is definitely one i'm going to put into practice. got to find one on my visit to the fleamarket this weekend!